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Residential Architecture: The Latest Architecture and News

Framing the Landscape: Brazilian Houses With Stunning Openings

Designing houses in tropical climates, as is the case in Brazil, means paying special attention to openings, both in relation to the functioning and conviviality of the house, as well as in relation to issues of environmental comfort. In this article we bring you 16 Brazilian homes that take advantage of their strategic openings to create cozy, stunning, well-lit and ventilated environments.

Casa Rolim / Sabiá Arquitetos. Image © Manuel SáCasa NH / Atelier Daniel Corsi + Dani Hirano. Image © Nelson KonCasa CS / Estúdio Penha. Image © Fran ParenteCasa da Ponte / Leo Romano. Image © Edgard Cesar+ 16

C House / Studio Arthur Casas

© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG+ 29

  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  425
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2013
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: FireOrb, Valcucine, Aricanduva Caixilhos, Arthur Decor, Asia Pedras, +11

Heatherwick Studio Updates Vancouver's 1700 Alberni Towers Design

Heatherwick Studio has unveiled an entirely new update for its 1700 Alberni Towers residential project in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new design features extended outdoor living areas with soaring views of the surrounding built environment and landscape, inspired by the province's strong connection with the wilderness, as well as the use of long-lasting, local materials.

© Narrativ© Narrativ© Narrativ© Narrativ+ 7

Hybrid Houses: 15 Projects that Explore the Variations of the Home Office

It's not uncommon to see housing complexes integrate commercial spaces at the ground level, but the challenge of mediating between the private and public realm on a smaller scale, especially with the rise of the home office, has forced architects to explore all aspects of the structure, from the topography it sits on, to the direction of light and wind, to the design and organization the domestic space. This interior focus explores different design solutions that show how architects and interior designers transformed their projects from a living space into a mixed-use typology, taking into account privacy, flexibility, functionality, and predefined spatial requirements.

Baan Priggang / BodinChapa Architects. Image © Witsawarut Kekina10M4D House / guga Urban Architecture. Image © Joonhwan YoonMultiple House / P+S Estudio de Arquitectura. Image © Imagen SubliminalHae-mut-je House and Office / Architecture Studio YEIN. Image © Joonhwan Yoon+ 28

ODA Unveils Design of South Florida's Tallest Residential Building

ODA New York has revealed the design of "300 West Broward Blvd", its new residential tower in Fort Lauderdale, South of Florida. The 38-storey tower, which marks the firm's first project in that region, will serve as an urban gateway in the heart of the city, bringing together a diverse mixed-use program across 10 floors, topped by an all-inclusive residential program that will become an new landmark to the area's growing skyline.

© VERO Digital© VERO Digital© VERO Digital© VERO Digital+ 8

Dining Rooms: Their Importance and Possibilities in Plans

The word commensality refers to the act of eating together, sharing a meal. Much more than a mere function of essential human need, sitting at the table is a practice of communion and exchange. An article by Cody C. Delistraty compiles some studies on the importance of eating together: students who don't eat regularly with their parents miss school more; children who do not have daily dinner with their family tend to be more obese and young people in families without this tradition can have more problems with drugs and alcohol, in addition to poorer academic performance. Evidently, all these issues raised are complex and should not be reduced to just one factor. But having a suitable place to have meals, free from distractions, is a good starting point for at least one moment a day that is focused on conversation and food. This is where dinner tables come in. In this article, we review some projects to classify the most common ways to deploy these important pieces of furniture.

Noa* Network of Architecture Envisions Triangular Modules for Community and Culture Center

noa* network of architecture has unveiled a prototype of a Centre for Culture and Community (CeCuCo) questioning "what form flexibility takes, how nature can be embedded in the project and how far the role of the architect goes, in the belief that a project only works when people make it their own". The center is a research project that explores how to create flexible and multifunctional spaces without a fixed context, giving the community the chance to decide, act, and circulate within the architecture.

© noa* network of architecture© noa* network of architecture© Omega Render© Omega Render+ 11

Texas Design: Austin's Modernist Homes and Lakehouses

Few cities have a growing design culture like Austin, Texas. Ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, the city is experiencing a building boom in recent years. With a wide variety of residential styles, architects are continuing a legacy of modernist design. With an emphasis on craft and detailing, these new homes use simple geometry and forms as they open up to hills, lakes and the urban fabric.

© Casey Dunn© Casey Dunn© Brian Mihealsick© Casey Dunn+ 11

A Floating Home in Canada and a Private Villa in Egypt: 8 Unbuilt Houses Submitted to ArchDaily

Although the design diversity of private homes often relies on how each project responds to the topography, context, and material availability, the most significant factor of residential architecture is users and what they require in terms of spatial needs and preferences. This user-centric approach has long been practiced, Mies van der Rohe once explained that "the architect must get to know the people who will live in the planned house. From their needs, the rest inevitably follows".

This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights private residential projects submitted by the ArchDaily community. From a private family house nestled in the forests of Russia to a reinvention of Colombia's traditional courtyard typology, this round up of unbuilt projects showcases how architects design private spaces that combine nature, functionality, privacy, and locality. The article also includes projects from Kosovo, Spain, United States, and Serbia.

Floating Pavilion by Space Love Studio. Image Courtesy of Space LoveHouse of Courts by Estudio Esmero. Image Courtesy of Estudio Esmero _ By Juan JofreHouse over the Lake by Omar Hakim. Image © Omar HakimHouse of Courts by Estudio Esmero. Image Courtesy of Estudio Esmero _ By Juan Jofre+ 62

Of.studio Designs a Residential Building Within the Zapata Palace in Argentina

OF.studio has unveiled the design of PZ Torre Residencial, a residential building within the Zapata Palace in Mendoza, Argentina, seeking to recreate the traditional courtyard of Cuyanas houses, a common style in northern Argentina.

© OF. Studio© OF. Studio© OF. StudioSketch. Image © OF. Studio+ 5

MVRDV Reveals One of Four Letter-Shaped Apartment Buildings in Mannheim

MVRDV has revealed "O", one of four letter-shaped apartment buildings that spell out the word HOME in Franklin Mitte, Mannheim. The 15-storey residential building features a brightly colored structure with 120 apartments, commercial spaces, and a terrace, and is part of Franklin Mitte's complete master plan transformation.

Courtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDV+ 13

UNStudio Designs Community-Oriented Residential Development in Moscow

UNStudio revealed its competition-winning design for K31 Courtyard, a residential complex in Moscow that fosters community-building in the context of a rapidly changing city. The proposal features a stepped podium and two towers and reinterprets Moscow’s typical courtyard block, aiming to create a new neighbourhood through various housing typologies, amenities, and outdoor spaces.

© MARTA.pictures© MARTA.pictures© ZOA 3D© ZOA 3D+ 17

MAD Architects Breaks Ground on New Residential Tower in Denver

MAD Architects has broken ground on One River North, a sixteen-storey residential tower which features a descending nature trail carved into its façade. The project is set to "blur the lines between the built and natural environments" with more than 13,000 sq. ft. of open-air spaces, a water feature, and trail-like walkways, echoing Colorado's rich terrains. The project is expected to be complete towards the end of 2023.

Courtesy of One River NorthCourtesy of One River NorthCourtesy of One River NorthCourtesy of One River North+ 6

Curb Appeal: Choosing the Right Residential Garage Door

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In residential architecture, the garage is a space that is mainly used for storage and car parking. Although the garage door is usually not a very thought-out part of the design of a residential project, it often occupies a large part of the front elevation of a house, and can play an important role in its general curb appeal.

The garage door is typically a large door that is opened manually or by an electric motor, and its size and design are determined by the vehicles that will need to pass through it. Raynor, a North American company that specializes in garage doors, describes several of the most important factors that go into choosing the right garage door.

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio to Design New Residential Development in Ecuador

© Tatiana BilbaoModel. Image © Tatiana Bilbao© Tatiana Bilbao© Tatiana Bilbao+ 9

Mexican firm Tatiana Bilbao Estudio has unveiled Botániqo, its new project in collaboration with the Ecuadorian firm Uribe Schwarzkopf in Quito, Ecuador. With over 12,000 km2, the project will cede 4,000 km2 to create a new transportation hub expected to service over 60,000 people per day, in addition to the creation of green space around the residential units.

BIG, Lennar, and ICON are Building the World's Largest Neighborhood of 3D-Printed Homes

Homebuilding company Lennar and construction technologies company ICON are collaborating with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group to build the largest community of 3D-printed homes to date. The 100-home neighborhood in Austin is expected to break ground in 2022 and will combine ICON’s innovative robotics, software, and advanced materials with BIG's designs.

Courtesy of ICON / BIG / LENNARCourtesy of ICON / BIG / LENNARCourtesy of ICON / BIG / LENNARBIG, NASA, and ICON Reveal 3D-Printed Research Habitats for Mars. Image Courtesy of ICON / BIG+ 4

A House on the Lake in Siberia and Floating Villas in the Netherlands: 8 Unbuilt Residential Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Designing residential projects has become nothing short of a challenge. Whether it being for the housing crisis and its repercussions, the heightened environmental awareness, or the fact that people are spending more time inside their dwellings, architects are now focused on building projects that look beyond the typical house and that provide answers to questions like: how can architects offer residents privacy and comfort while maintaining a connection with the outdoors? And how can these spaces cater to the spatial and functional needs of all family members, especially when the lines between work, play, and rest are blurred? 

From a Matrix-inspired housing compound in Saudi Arabia to the world's first steel 3D printed structure of modular houses in Sardinia, this round up of unbuilt apartments showcases how architects have reimagined the traditional residential typology, and looked into how these structures can cater to their users, the site, and the environment. This round up also includes projects from the Netherlands, Siberia, Sweden, and Italy.

LAM Residential Complex by MAS MX. Image © MAS MX ArchitectsRanco Luxury Apartments by Zein Engineering. Image © Zein EngineeringRobin Wood by Marc Koehler Architects, ANA Architects. Image © Marc Koehler Architects, ANA ArchitectsHouse by the Lake by Brusnika. Image © Brusnika+ 103