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Christophe Benichou Architecture Designs Minimalist Desert Residence

Christophe Benichou Architecture's recent project Sesame is solitary and monolithic. Located in a desert, its facades are split open and fragmented, leaving parts of the walls slightly ajar. In each of these cavities sit icons of domesticity, including a bed, table, bathtub, sink, and toilet. 

John Pawson on Making Calm, Simple Spaces

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It took a few years and multiple failed career attempts for renowned minimalist designer John Pawson to truly enter the world of architecture. Though he’d cultivated an interest in design from a young age, he’d initially shied away due to his beliefs that he needed to be good at math and that design was an innate skill rather than something that could be taught.

Beijing Area Three Art Museum / CUN Design

© Ting Wang, Jin Wang
© Ting Wang, Jin Wang

© Ting Wang, Jin Wang © Ting Wang, Jin Wang © Ting Wang, Jin Wang © Ting Wang, Jin Wang + 50

Museum  · 
Beijing, China
  • Architects Authors of this architecture project CUN Design
  • Area Area of this architecture project
    2300.0 m2
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