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Minimalism: The Latest Architecture and News

Firmeza Apartment / Pablo Pita Arquitectos

© José Campos Architectural Photography© José Campos Architectural Photography© José Campos Architectural Photography© José Campos Architectural Photography+ 23

12 Important Modernist Styles Explained

Modernism could be described as one of the most optimistic styles in architectural history, drawing from notions of utopia, innovation, and the reimagination of how humans would live, work, and interact. As we reflected in our AD Essentials Guide to Modernism, the philosophy of Modernism still dominates much of architectural discourse today, even if the world that gave rise to Modernism has changed utterly.

As we say goodbye to 2019, a year that saw the centenary of the Bauhaus, we have collated a list of key architectural styles that defined Modernism in architecture. This tool for understanding the development of 20th-century design is complete with examples of each style, showcasing the practice of Modernism that lay behind the theory.

Café L’Aubette/ Theo van Doesburg. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia user Claude Truong-NgocBarcelona Pavilion / Mies van der Rohe. Image © Gili MerinVilla Savoye / Le CorbusierVitra Design Museum / Gehry Partners. Image © Liao Yusheng+ 13

John Pawson on Making Calm, Simple Spaces

This article was made in partnership with Design Indaba, a website and annual festival that uncovers innovation for good. Click here to learn more about the annual event.

It took a few years and multiple failed career attempts for renowned minimalist designer John Pawson to truly enter the world of architecture. Though he’d cultivated an interest in design from a young age, he’d initially shied away due to his beliefs that he needed to be good at math and that design was an innate skill rather than something that could be taught.

Galeria Superficie / MNMA studio

© Naira Mattia© Naira Mattia© Naira Mattia© Naira Mattia+ 19

  • Architects: MNMA studio
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  1291 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018

Design - The Iconic Lesson Proffered by Vilanova Artigas

On March 1, 1967, João Batista Vilanova Artigas, Brazilian modernist architect, proffered at the College of Architecture and Urbanism of Sao Paulo University an inaugural lesson that marks his return to the university after the exile imposed by the Brazilian military coup. This lesson became one of the most influential concept to the next generation of Brazilian architects and we share here the entire speech.

Duplex Batataes / Atelier Branco Arquitetura

© Ricardo Bassetti© Ricardo Bassetti© Ricardo Bassetti© Ricardo Bassetti+ 11

House Luum / Pedro Domingos

Cortesia de Pedro DomingosCortesia de Pedro Domingos© Fernando Guerra | FG+SGCortesia de Pedro Domingos+ 36

Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Portugal
  • Architects: Pedro Domingos
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  250
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: BRUMA, Barreirinhas, Dae, Sigmetum

RIIA Designs Jewelry for the Minimalist In Us All

Courtesy of RIIA
Courtesy of RIIA

Are you in the market for a new set of minimalist earrings or a necklace inspired by the constructivist movement? You can now own all of this and more, with RIIA's line of minimalist-inspired jewelry. This Los Angeles-based jewelry designer is removing the overly decorative elements in jewelry and bringing to light the beauty of pure forms.

10-Square-Meter Apartments: Minimizing Living Space or Maximizing Profit?

The launch of a building in downtown São Paulo - Brazil was the talk of the town due to its surprising apartment sizes of only 10 square meters. This raised the debate about the market trend to produce ever smaller properties and the ability of these properties to meet the needs of its residents. 

There is no doubt that, this type of real estate is related to newest trends of family compositions. It is increasingly common for residences to be occupied by only one person, or at most two. According to data from the SEADE Foundation for 2010, in the State of São Paulo, almost 40% of households have these characteristic, 13% of which is made up of a single resident.

The Beauty of Minimalism: The Best Photos of the Week

Without a doubt, it is interesting to enjoy architecture from a new perspective. Minimalist photography, characterized by clean compositions where geometry and abstraction take center stage, is one of the most popular trends when it comes to documenting architecture. In celebration of this distinctive photographic style, we have selected 14 minimalist images by prominent photographers such as Joel Filipe, Sebastian Weiss, and Nelson Garrido.

© Joel Filipe© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG© Sebastian Weiss© Maíra Acayaba+ 14

I.M. Pei’s Inspiration: A Comparison of Masterful Architecture with Minimalist Art

Today, April 26th 2017, marks I.M. Pei’s 100th birthday. The occasion offers a wonderful opportunity to take a retrospective look at one of the most significant and productive architects of the past 100 years, with many organizations hosting events, celebrations, and symposiums to talk about Master Pei and his notable projects. However at these events, just as throughout I.M. Pei’s career, there is unlikely to be much intellectual conversation about Pei’s architectural legacy. The main discussion around I.M. Pei is still focused on his design talent and intriguing narratives about the charisma he used to convince clients to continue through tough projects.

Though I.M. Pei himself has never talked at length about his design theory or the intellectual basis of his projects, these simple narratives leave certain questions unanswered: Where does I.M. Pei’s inspiration for architectural form come from? How did his architectural design affect his peer group of architects and artists, and contribute intellectually to the contemporary art world?

Think You Know Swiss Architecture? Think Again.

In one of his 1922 travel essays for the Toronto Star Ernest Hemingway wrote, in a typically thewy tone, of “a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways and all stuck over with large brown hotels built [in] the cuckoo style of architecture.” This was his Switzerland: a country cornered in the heartland of Europe and yet distant from so much of its history. A nation which, for better or worse and particularly over the course of the 20th Century, has cultivated and become subject to a singularly one-dimensional reputation when it comes to architectural culture and the built environment.

Smarch / Project: Trash Gap - Compos(t)ition / Location: Bern (BE). Image © Smarch. Courtesy S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum / Swiss Architecture MuseumBayer Klemmer / Project: Drying Tower Burgweiherweg / Location: St. Gallen (SG). Image © Christoph Hurni. Courtesy S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum / Swiss Architecture MuseumAtelier Archiplein / Project: Gneiss Quarry /  Location: Tessin. Image © Stefano Zerbi. Courtesy S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum / Swiss Architecture MuseumBaserga Mozzetti / Project: Stable / Location: Valle di Blenio (TI). Image © Giovanni Buzzi. Courtesy S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum / Swiss Architecture Museum+ 17

20 Photos Selected as Winners of EyeEm's Minimalist Architecture Photography Mission

Global photography community and marketplace EyeEm has announced the winners of their Minimalist Architecture Photography Mission to find photos that best highlight “the beauty of minimalism in architecture.” Organized alongside art and design blog We and the Color, the competition saw photographers from across the globe submit over 45,000 images focusing on the color, lines, shapes, and compositions of contemporary, minimalist architecture.

From the entries, 20 images were selected as winners with a top 3 was chosen by German minimalist photographer Matthias Heiderich. Read on to see the full list of winners.

Photo by EyeEm user Giovi G. Image Courtesy of EyeEmPhoto by EyeEm user Jeremy Walter. Image Courtesy of EyeEmPhoto by EyeEm user Arthur Ruiz. Image Courtesy of EyeEmPhoto by EyeEm user Arno. Image Courtesy of EyeEm+ 21

Archiposters Feature Minimalist Representations of Contemporary Architecture

Bergamo, Italy-based architect and artist Francesco Ravasio has launched Archiposters, a series of minimalist architecture posters, on Kickstarter.

Drawn from his own point of view and style, Ravasio has utilized graphic design to represent architecture from 1931 through 2013, featuring buildings like I.M. Pei's Louvre Pyramid and Zaha Hadid's Riverside Museum.

The Archiposters project is not only comprised of A2 sized posters, but also includes A5 sized postcards. 12 buildings are featured on the designs:

How Donald Judd's 100 Shimmering Aluminum Boxes Light Up the Chinati Foundation

Completed in 1986, Donald Judd's 100 aluminum boxes offer one of the most exciting locations to study the grace of minimalism. His vision at Marfa in Texas has transformed a piece of military history into a peaceful and unique environment for art and architecture. Here, the shimmering material transcends the formal strictness of plain patterns and the narrow concepts of minimalism. The multiple reflections of light and space create an illusionary atmosphere beyond ascetic ideas.

Oscar-Nominated Film Captures Life with Modernist Architect Parents

Minimalism has its challenges and for this seven-year-old sibling of two, it’s not for children. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 87th Academy Awards, Me and My Moulton captures the unconventional life and struggles of three kids with modernist architect parents. Watch the trailer above and see what director Torill Kove believes are five sure signs your parents were architects, after the break.