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17 Hotels and Cabins Surrounded by Nature

Most of the world's population today live in large, vibrant, energetic and sometimes chaotic cities. This is why, usually, when we think of taking some time off from our responsibilities and daily routines we picture ourselves lying in virgin beaches, relaxing in a faraway forest, or immersed in a tropical jungle.

Hospitality architecture has a wide variety of solutions for all types of travelers and tourists. For those wanting to disconnect completely from daily city life while being closely connected to nature, a good option could be small scale hotels, cabins, and lodges set directly in these natural environments.

International Symposium of Design for Living with Water

In the days of witnessing the nature's responses to climate change and facing the risk of loosing basic life sources we are calling (inviting) all the academicians, designers, and all other interested parties to take a part in sharing their idea about the importance of ecofriendly, responsive and nature responsible design. We are curious to hear your opinions. We proudly announce the 2nd International Symposium of Design for Living with Water!!
It is our turn to take a part in responsibility toward water and nature!

Call for Submissions: Dichotomy Issue 25

Soil is the foundation of the Earth in which we all inhabit. We grow from it, prosper from it, build upon it, pollute it, and dichotomize it. Soil is an organic material providing a sustainable base for life. Yet, polarized as degrading and dirty. How is it that soil can unite nations, yet divide people? What power does it have in cultivating the built environment and defining its boundaries?

Dichotomy invites you to define what perspective grounds you in soil. Submissions should consider soil as a response to the growth, prosperous, developable, polluted, and/or divided earth that is the foundation

Vietnamese Houses: 20 Residences that Incorporate Nature

With a subtropical climate, high temperatures and environment favored by the rains, Vietnam has, as one of its main features, landscapes with vegetation in abundance, privileged by the fertile soil and the weather conditions. Ingrained in this scenario, Vietnamese architecture seems to embrace the nature as its protagonist increasingly, miming natural elements along with the rusticity of the concrete surfaces.

With this idea in mind, we selected 20 Vietnamese house projects already published on ArchDaily that incorporate natural elements into their façades and inside spaces. Check the list below!

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation will use Taliesin West to Educate about Living with Nature

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has used Earth Day, April 22nd, 2019, to launch a new initiative focused on educating the public about how sustainable practices are used in the conservation of National Historic Landmark sites, including the renowned architect’s Taliesin (Wisconsin) and Taliesin West (Arizona) residences. Taking place throughout the year, the Foundation’s efforts will aim to show how these practices can serve as examples for other facets of society.

Statie Stuifduin -a2o-architecten

In this book, Belgian architecture office a2o presents an investigative and connecting approach to architecture through an evocative reading of their latest project, crematorium Statie Stuifduin in Lommel, Belgium. This thoughtful yet radical design blends architecture and landscape in a succession of spaces that reveals a deep understanding of both the fundamental aspects of and changing attitudes towards death, burial and the journey of life. Rather than through explicit religious symbols, the sacral is represented by the universal power of nature and by Romantic notions of finding meaning in rediscovered nature. In doing so, Statie Stuifduin goes beyond the specifics

The Eco-Friendly Floating Cities of the Future

As the world population grows, designers look to develop the seas. Architecture and planning firm, URBAN POWER strategically designed nine man-made islands off the southern coast of Copenhagen to combat many of the city’s impending challenges. The islets, called Holmene, address demands for tech space, fossil-free energy production, flood barriers, and even public recreation space.

Semaphore: an Ecological Utopia Proposed by Vincent Callebaut

In a design proposal for Soprema’s new company headquarters in Strasbourg, France, Vincent Callebaut Architectures envisions an 8,225 square-meter ecological utopia. The building, called Semaphore, is described in the program as a “green flex office for nomad co-workers” and is dedicated to urban agriculture and employee well-being.

An eco-futuristic building, Semaphore is inspired by biomimicry and intended as a poetic landmark, as well as aiming to serve as a showcase for Soprema’s entire range of insulation, waterproofing, and greening products. The design is an ecological prototype of the green city of the future, working to achieve a symbiosis between humans and nature.

Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures + 23

Why Nature Should be a Co-Author in Architectural Projects

Dealing with the context of a project’s site is an essential part of architecture, be it by denying or incorporating preexisting elements and the environment’s conditions in the design. However, understanding what lies around as an active agent of the decisions and space organization goes beyond simply considering the good views, natural ventilation, solar orientation, etc; it is about seeing these conditions as co-authors.

These cases are most notable when practices think of the architecture's surrounding environment as an active agent. 

This Moss-Covered, Octagonal Micro-Cabin Combines Luxury and Rustic Aesthetic

© Madeline Lu
© Madeline Lu

Jacob Witzling may lack formal architectural training, but his passion for nature and cabin architecture has provided him with all the tools needed to both design and construct idyllic living spaces. Witzling’s cabins can be found throughout the United States; these structures are often sequestered to the woods, providing a remote escape from urban centers and suburban sprawl.

Witzling’s interest in cabins began at the age of 16. His father, an architect and engineer, provided him with a preliminary exposure to the world of designing and building. “I needed to exist in the woods, and even though I had never built anything other than a blanket fort, I knew that my passion to create would be sufficient,” says Witzling. “I remember pouring over the pages of my dad’s favorite book, 'Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art.' I would gaze at the pictures from inside my blanket fort and daydream about building one of my own.”

MAD Revitalizes Abandoned Japanese Mountain Tunnel with Elemental Art Trail

MAD Architects have completed their restoration work on the Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel in Japan’s Niigata prefecture, transforming the historic lookout tunnel into a trail of artistic spaces. The “Tunnel of Light” was opened as part of the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Triennale, cutting through 750 meters of rock formations to offer a panoramic view across one of Japan’s great landscapes.

MAD’s scheme seeks to “transform points along the historic tunnel through the realization of several architectural spaces and artistic atmospheres." Inspired by the five elements of wood, earth, metal, fire, and water, the scheme explores the relationship between humans and nature, and "re-connects locals and visitors alike with the majestic beauty of the land."

Periscope (Wood). Image Courtesy of Nacasa & Partners Inc The Drop (Fire). Image Courtesy of Nacasa & Partners Inc The Drop (Fire). Image Courtesy of Nacasa & Partners Inc Expression of Color (Earth). Image Courtesy of Nacasa & Partners Inc + 22

#MATTERS OF FACT - Design and Architecture Summer Workshops at Domaine de Boisbuchet

Fake news, alternative facts, virtual realities... Media that were meant to connect us are taking on a life of their own. They blur borders between the actual world and its image and they answer questions about true or false with the loudest voice or strongest image. Our workshops this year offer a reality-check. They dip your hands into matter, confront ancient knowledge with high-tech, engage you with innovative companies and let you connect to real people - here and now!

UNStudio’s Ben van Berkel Weaves an Immersive Pavilion for Revolution Precrafted Series

Continuing towards its goal of creating design-forward structures that are available to the public and installable anywhere, Revolution Precrafted's series has unveiled its latest pavilion design by Ben van Berkel, founder and principal architect of UNStudio. The limited edition Ellipsicoon (a portmanteau of Ellipse and Cocoon) is available now through Revolution Precrafted’s website, joining the selection of prefabricated pavilions and single-family home designs by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, and Daniel Libeskind.

Courtesy of UNStudio Courtesy of UNStudio Courtesy of UNStudio Courtesy of UNStudio + 8

A Studio Ghibli Theme Park is Coming to Japan in 2022

A Studio Ghibli Theme Park is Coming to Japan in 2022. New images released by Studio Ghibli and Aichi Prefecture showcase the park themed around the Japanese animation film studio, best known for its anime feature films. Located on a 200-hectare area of land previously used to host the 2005 World’s Fair, the park seeks to “inherit the philosophy of the World Expo to the next generation,” with an emphasis placed on leisure, walking, and history.

Courtesy of Studio Ghibli / Aichi Prefecture Witch Valley. Image Courtesy of Studio Ghibli / Aichi Prefecture 19th century gatehouse themed around "Howl's Moving Castle". Image Courtesy of Studio Ghibli / Aichi Prefecture Princess Mononoke Village. Image Courtesy of Studio Ghibli / Aichi Prefecture + 5

RIBA Announces Competition Shortlist for Innovative Nature and Wellbeing Center in Sevenoaks

The shortlisted schemes for the RIBA Competition to design the new Innovative Nature and Wellbeing Center, located in Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, are now on display to the public. The competition launched last October by Kent Wildlife Trust, in partnership with The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), as an open design competition "seeking worldwide architects and teams to put forward designs that promote learning, wellbeing, curiosity and nature" for a new visitor center at Sevenoaks.

Meditate In This Mobile Nature-Inspired Pinecone Gazebo

Designed by Czech designers Atelier SAD and distributed by mmcité1, this mobile, nature-inspired gazebo is a playground must-have for children and adults alike. 109 waterproof, plywood scales are treated with resistant glaze and connected by galvanized joints to create a self-supporting, sustainable structure.

Courtesy of mmcité1 Courtesy of mmcité1 Courtesy of mmcité1 Courtesy of mmcité1 + 45

Is This the Most Beautiful Ghost Town Ever? Drone Video Captures Chinese Village Reclaimed by Nature

As the shadows of the past loom around what’s left of the overgrown houses and pathways, videographer Joe Nafis has perfectly captured the rare charm of the abandoned fishing village of Houtouwan using his drone. From above, you can appreciate the extent of the foliage carpeting the walls, roofs, and openings. It was the promise of this unlikely setting that first led Nafis to visit the village as part of a fashion shoot.

© Joe Nafis © Joe Nafis © Joe Nafis © Joe Nafis + 25