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Snøhetta Creates Peace Bench Sculpture for the UN Headquarters

Commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway, and designed by Snøhetta, the installation entitled The Best Weapon, was first unveiled to the public at the United Nations Headquarters’ Plaza in New York City. This urban peace bench aims to honor “the past Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their efforts to bring people together to find effective solutions for peace”.

Cinematic Documentary Shows Journey of Landscape Healing

The various practices of mankind over the past decades have taken a huge toll on the environment. People of all nationalities, interests, and career backgrounds have been trying to find means to heal the wounded landscapes and shed light on the environmental crisis. 

The 7th Edition of the Oslo Architecture Triennale Kicks Off

Already in its 7th edition, the Oslo Architecture Triennale opened this week, exploring “the architecture of a radically transformed society in which cultural and ecological flourishing matter more than economic growth”. Under the title of Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth, the festival is questioning the damage caused to the environment by the constant economic growth.

Snøhetta Completes Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Located in Trondheim, Norway, Powerhouse Brattørkaia, the world’s northernmost energy-positive building, designed by Snøhetta challenges the traditional notions of construction and puts in place new standards for buildings that produce more energy than they consume.

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter Designs Vernacular Norwegian Mountain Village

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has unveiled details of their housing scheme in Hafjelltoppen, Norway. Designed to accommodate about 1000 people, Mosetertoppen is rooted in both tradition and innovation, with inspiration drawn from the cultural landscape and building art, and a rethinking in relation to sustainable architecture, and how to build in the Norwegian mountain landscape in the future.

Snøhetta Completes Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Snøhetta has announced the completion of Europe’s first underwater restaurant. Situated in Lindesness, on the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, the “Under” scheme serves as both a restaurant and a research center for marine life. Open to the public on March 20th, the half-sunken scheme forms a 34-meter-long monolithic break in the surface of the water, before resting on the seabed five meters below.

Ghilardi+Hellsten and Karres en Brands to Design Norway's New Stavanger Cultural Hub

Ghilardi+Hellsten and Karres en Brands have won the competition to design Norway's new Stavanger cultural hub. Dubbed ‘Three Houses and a Long Table’, the project will transform the historical Nytorget site in Stavanger. The team worked with engineering partner Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kosche AS to combine a youth cultural center, offices, shops and an art gallery around a multi-functional green space. The proposal aims to build upon the qualities with a design that's anchored in the city fabric around public space.

Snøhetta Designs Outdoor Retreats for Norway’s Largest Hospitals

Design practice Snøhetta has created a series of secluded wooden shelters for Norway's largest hospitals. Sited in the forest, the shelters were created on behalf of the Friluftssykehuset Foundation. Designed to make hospitalization easier for patients and their families, the outdoor retreats offer a physical and psychological respite from treatments and the isolation that can follow long-term hospitalization.

World's Largest Artifact to be Housed in New Norwegian Museum

Nordic engineering firm Peab will create the new Hurtigruten museum for the MS Finnmark. The ship will be housed in the facility in Stokmarknes in the northern part of Norway. Peab secured the $14.6m contract for Vernebygg in collaboration with Oslo-based LINK Arkitektur. The MS Finnmark was built in 1956 and is described by the museum as the world’s biggest museum artifact.

Norwegian Architect Reiulf Ramstad Shares What 'Designing for a Landscape' Really Means

In Louisiana Channel's latest video, an interview featuring Norwegian architect Reiulf Ramstad takes place in the city of Molde as part of the Utzon Center exhibition 'In the World of an Architect – Reiulf Ramstad Architects.' An interdisciplinary collaboration of architecture, landscape, and design, the firm has done several large-scale civic works to smaller projects along tourist routes amongst other commercial and recreational buildings.

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