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Tiny Homes Can Make a Big Impact in How We Think of Housing

The issue of the housing deficit plagues virtually all countries today. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, 330 million urban families worldwide lack decent housing, or housing costs are so heavy that they need to forgo other basic needs such as food, heath care, and education for children. According to the WRI (World Resources Institute), it is estimated that 1.6 billion people will lack adequate housing by the year 2025.

Solving this problem is, understandably, complex. Having good housing means much more than simply having a roof over your head. Good housing is essential for physical and financial security, economic productivity, and human well-being. In addition to adequate comfort, it is essential that these houses are integrated with the city, jobs, infrastructure, and city services. For people living on the street, this issue is even more delicate. Among many other necessities, having a place to structure a life is essential to moving forward and prospering. One project that confronts this issue is Emerald Village Eugene (EVE), an affordable micro-housing community with a unique housing model structured to enable residents to transition from the streets.

15 Details of Metal Structures and Facades for Residential Projects

The use of steel in both the past and present is mainly associated with the success of grand industrial and civic structures. But due to the commercialization and standardization of steel profiles, its use in residential projects (thanks to its mechanical properties and fast installation) has resulted in complex and interesting solutions on a domestic scale.

Dive into these 15 construction details from residential projects that have made use of steel structures and cladding. 

Which Are The Most Used Materials in Social Housing?

Choice of building materials and the inherent continuous reflection about the reach and capabilities of architecture are an interesting alternative way to approach this issue. The materials used in social housing should address local and economic possibilities and the real needs for access to housing in the contemporary context.

In this article, we analyze different projects published on our site to identify some of the predominant materials used in social housing, both for the formation of structures or enclosures. The intentions of this are two-fold: firstly, to create a worldwide panorama of different case studies with different construction styles from a range of geographical locations, and secondly, to provide inspiration and tools to architects to make better social housing.

Below we present 15 social housing projects and their diverse materials and construction styles.

15 Projects of Steel Stealing the Show

The use of steel in architecture is considered as one of the most innovative construction developments in history, allowing architects to create structures in scales they never thought they could. Fast-forward a few centuries, and steel remains as one of the most crucial materials in architecture. But there is a lot more to the material than just tensile strength and durability, some architects were well-aware of steel's potential and transformed it into lighting fixtures, facades, decorative elements, and finishes.

Here are 15 projects where architects looked beyond steel as structural support and explored its diverse possibilities in architecture.

© Ket Kolektif© Markus Hattwig© Juan Alberto Andrade© Edmon Leong+ 16

Copper Cladding: A Glittering Room With Baroque Twists

This renovation project by Peter Ebner and friends ZT GmbH is about the history of a place and changing tastes and times. It is about not needing a large scale to radically improve the space around. It is about the beauty and character of the city with its reflected sparkling life, gloomy evening sky, raindrops and lights of passing cars. It is about people who are mostly in a hurry, but who still sometimes stop for a few seconds to take note of a special, glittering room.

© Paul Ott© Paul Ott© Paul Ott© Paul Ott+ 21

Slender Strength: The Mighty Grace of the Stainless Steel AIRTable

A sturdy featherweight table? Sounds... contrary to reason. But this contradiction was the very impetus for the design. Created for a research center that’s pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing using technology and science, the designers--AIRLab, in collaboration with DManD-- sought to dematerialise the typical structure of a table, creating a sense of instability with the visual counterpoint of a solid surface.

© Aurelia Chan© Carlos Banon© Carlos Banon© Carlos Banon+ 12

Oppenheim Architecture's Vast Star Metal Project Begins Construction in Atlanta, Georgia

Oppenheim Architecture has released an update of their proposed Star Metals development in Atlanta, Georgia. Spread over two schemes, the project seeks to “shift the paradigm of what’s possible for new urban environments” through a 1.36 million-square-foot masterplan.

The Oppenheim scheme consists of a 14-story “Star Metals Offices” building, accommodating offices, terraces, parking, and retail, and a nine-story “Star Metals Residences” building with over 400 residential units.

Street view of Star Metals Residences. Image © LuxigonStreet view of Star Metals Offices and Residences. Image © LuxigonTerrace view of Star Metals Offices. Image © LuxigonStreet view of Star Metals Offices and Residences. Image © Taller De Escalas+ 8

Shanghai WaiGaoQiao NO.1 Free Trade Area Industrial Park / DESHIN Architecture & Planning

© Feng Shao
© Feng Shao

© Feng Shao© Feng ShaoViews in the park. Image © Feng Shao© Feng Shao+ 33

Varia: A 6-Piece, Mix-and-Match Collection That Can Create Over 25 Pieces of Furniture

A table and a bench. A coffee table and a mirror? Perhaps it’s a stool and a cutting board.  

This is not a furniture identity crisis, it’s Varia, a six-piece, mix-and-match furniture collection that can create over 25 pieces of furniture, saving money, space, and time. The creators, Jamie and Laura Kickstarted their project after Jamie found herself constantly moving from one place to another, and in need of versatile material instead of having old, unnecessary furniture pieces. With just a couple of lightweight metal frames and solid hardwood accessories, the collection is ideal for compact urban living and can be transformed into different furniture pieces in no time.

In brief, this is Varia, and it is pretty much anything you want it to be.

Varia's Kickstarter ends on August 31, support Jamie and Laura's project here.

Translucent, Breathable Facades: 8 Tips for Incorporating Metal Meshes into Your Building

In buildings where openness, brightness, and outward views are highly valued by the users of our projects, glass predominates as an exterior cladding in cities all around the world. This forces us to look for options that can manage the excess of solar radiation and maintain thermal comfort in all seasons, without obstructing the views or darkening the interior spaces.

Prefabricated metal meshes provide certain qualities and flexibility that can work well in conjunction with glass; here we present 8 tips to work with this material and take advantage of its potential.

Connect Student Design Competition

Now in its sixth year, CONNECT highlights innovative design programs at universities throughout the country. Students, under the supervision of university faculty, have the opportunity to design environments that incorporate seating and lighting installations, with the intention of offering an intimate area on the show floor where attendees can sit, relax and "connect." Exhibits will be located throughout the show floor, providing SOFA CHICAGO's international audience an opportunity to experience the innovation and creativity of future designers.

Ateliereen Architecten Creates Playful, Permeable Structure Using Metal and Wood

Ateliereen Architecten has proposed a metal and wood configuration for an observation tower in Peize, Netherlands. Their plan is to construct a resistant, permeable and playful structure.

The project is designed so that people climbing up the tower will have unique viewpoints. This tower is also easily assembled from screws and bolts. 

© Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)© Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)© Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)© Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)+ 26

Boarding House for an Agricultural School / Technical University of Berlin / CODE Chair Construction + Design - Ralf Pasel

© CODE + Johannes Belz© CODE + Johannes Belz© CODE + Johannes Belz© CODE + Johannes Belz+ 50

Quillacollo, Bolivia

Call for Submissions: GAGA 2018

The countdown has begun to the annual GAGAs - Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards. Entry is now open for these highly regarded awards, which offer an accessible yet powerful way of establishing a reputation for design excellence, within the architectural community and beyond.

The GAGAs are open to all within the construction supply chain from clients, architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators. All that is required is a short project description and photographs. Any new building or refurbishment project completed after 1st June 2015 is eligible.

The event will be held in June 2018 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, where judges

10 Excellent Examples of Works That Adopt the Use of Containers

With the green premise growing in popularity across the globe, more and more people are turning to recycling shipping containers as a way to reduce the extremely high surplus of empty shipping containers that are just waiting to become a home, office, apartment, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter, or anything else. The conversion of shipping containers to living spaces is not a new concept.

Shipping containers have become a more common architectural tool over the past few years. Through clippings, insertion of external elements, coatings, and equipment, the container is adapted according to its future use and desired aesthetics. See below 10 examples of works that adopt the use of containers.

© Ramiro Sosa© Sergio PucciCourtesy of Maziar Behrooz Architecture© Leonardo Finotti+ 11

Method in Modular: 10 Floor Plans Using Shipping Container Architecture

Shipping container architecture has developed its own niche in both design and representation. Colorful or grungy? Economical or gentrified? Either way, you look at it, designing with shipping containers is a serious exercise in modular planning. The physical constraints of the object make designing projects with containers a complex task, which demands specific studies in spatial organization.

The responses using this element in architecture are great and diverse, so we have selected a number of different project plans, both helpful and inspirational, that rise to the shipping container-challenge of design.

Check out selection of 10 architectural project plans using shipping containers below:

10 Projects That Feature Striking Steel Trusses

Understanding the structural aspects of architecture is an inherent task of the architect; sufficient structural knowledge allows designers to propose ideas such as large structural elements which offer an interesting response to a project's needs.

Steel trusses are an example of such a response, which demonstrate an ability to define spaces and structures that are truly complex and interesting.

Below is a list of 10 inspirational projects that use metal trusses as an essential element of design.