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Towers: The Latest Architecture and News

Paul Clemence Releases Images of Chicago’s Third Tallest Building, the St. Regis Tower by Studio Gang

In his latest photo series, Paul Clemence turns his lens towards the newest addition to Chicago’s famed skyline: the undulating shapes of St. Regis Tower, formerly known as Vista Tower. Designed by Studio Gang, the 101-story supertall skyscraper makes its mark as Chicago’s third tallest building. Despite its size, the volume appears slender due to the flowing rhythm that defines its three nested towers.

The tower aims to enhance rather than disrupt its surrounding urban fabric. Sitting between downtown Lakeshore East Park and the Chicago Riverwalk, the careful design of the lower levels allows for a porous connection between the two attractions. Innovative structural systems are implemented to achieve this by completely elevating the second volume from the ground.

© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence+ 24

Foster + Partners Reveals Design for JPMorgan Chase's New Headquarters in New York

© dbox / Foster + Partners
© dbox / Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners revealed the design of a new skyscraper at 270 Park Avenue that will host JPMorgan Chase’s New York headquarters. The 60-story tower is set to be the city’s largest all-electric tower with net-zero operational emissions powered by renewable energy sourced from a New York State hydroelectric plant and is designed around high standards regarding wellness and hospitality. The project’s morphology creates extensive ground-level outdoor space with green areas and a public plaza, accompanied by various amenities geared towards the neighbourhood’s residents. Under construction since 2021, the project replaces SOM's Union Carbide Building, which became the tallest voluntarily demolished building in the world.

© dbox / Foster + Partners© dbox / Foster + Partners© Foster + Partners© Foster + Partners+ 9

UNStudio Wins Competition for Mixed-Use Tower in Dusseldorf

Courtesy of UNStudio
Courtesy of UNStudio

UNStudio revealed a mixed-use high-rise building design in Dusseldorf integrated within the new Belsenpark masterplan. The tower, designed in collaboration with OKRA Landscape Architects, results from an international architecture competition held by private developer Pandion and features a diverse ground floor programme tied together by a pocket park. The project integrates prefabrication and modular design, thus reducing the building's environmental impact.

Courtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudioCourtesy of UNStudio+ 11

New Renders Reveal Interiors of OMA's Eagle + West Towers in Brooklyn

As OMA New York / Jason Long's Greenpoint Landing residential towers near completion, new renders have been released that showcase the amenities, interior spaces, and landscape of the project. Developed by Brookfield Properties and Park Tower Group, the Eagle + West Towers feature 745 units of mixed-income housing, 8,600 sq. ft. of retail space, along with recreational amenities such as a pool, lounge, gym, workshops, and test kitchen.

Courtesy of Brookfield PropertiesCourtesy of Brookfield PropertiesCourtesy of Brookfield PropertiesCourtesy of Brookfield Properties+ 13

OPEN Reveals Design for Yantai's New Landmark

Courtesy of OPEN
Courtesy of OPEN

OPEN recently revealed the design of Sun Tower, a new landmark structure for the Chinese coastal city of Yantai. The project echoes the area's characteristic Ming dynasty watchtowers and proposes a cultural facility that re-establish the visitor's connection with nature. Comprising a semi-outdoor theatre, an exhibition space, a library and an observation deck at the top referred to as the "phenomena space", the structure is intended as a place "of reflection and contemplation".

CHYBIK + KRISTOF's Ostrava Tower Set to Become the Tallest Skyscraper in the Czech Republic

CHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers
CHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers

CHYBIK + KRISTOF revealed the design of a skyscraper in the Czech Republic city of Ostrava. The project reframes the typology of the skyscraper as a dynamic social hub and activates public space in support of the post-industrial city’s reactivation and socio-economical transformation. Upon completion, the 235-metre Ostrava Tower will be the tallest building in the country.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCHYBIK + KRISTOF, Renderings of Ostrava Tower. Image Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers+ 10

Heatherwick Studio Updates Vancouver's 1700 Alberni Towers Design

Heatherwick Studio has unveiled an entirely new update for its 1700 Alberni Towers residential project in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new design features extended outdoor living areas with soaring views of the surrounding built environment and landscape, inspired by the province's strong connection with the wilderness, as well as the use of long-lasting, local materials.

© Narrativ© Narrativ© Narrativ© Narrativ+ 7

ODA Unveils Design of South Florida's Tallest Residential Building

ODA New York has revealed the design of "300 West Broward Blvd", its new residential tower in Fort Lauderdale, South of Florida. The 38-storey tower, which marks the firm's first project in that region, will serve as an urban gateway in the heart of the city, bringing together a diverse mixed-use program across 10 floors, topped by an all-inclusive residential program that will become an new landmark to the area's growing skyline.

© VERO Digital© VERO Digital© VERO Digital© VERO Digital+ 8

MVRDV Renovates Existing Building Complex and Designs Two New Towers in Munich

Courtesy of MVRDV
Courtesy of MVRDV

MVRDV revealed its plans to redevelop a challenging site surrounded by roads in the south of Munich through a design that combines the renovation of an existing building complex with the addition of two-stepping towers. Retaining six of the nine existing blocks, the project expands the current programme and creates a new landmark for the neighbourhood while placing a green plaza at the heart of the development.

Courtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDVCourtesy of MVRDV+ 7

Arup Designs Carbon Neutral Tower in Hong Kong

Arup reveals the competition-winning design for a 230m tall net-zero commercial tower in Hong Kong that embodies the city's aspirations to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Taikoo Green Ribbon blends technology and nature to create an urban ecosystem sustaining a new generation of workplaces. Featuring a façade of curved PVs, hanging gardens, algae walls and various renewable energy sources, the project is a high-performance building slated to achieve carbon neutrality in less than a decade after construction.

Courtesy of ArupCourtesy of ArupCourtesy of ArupCourtesy of Arup+ 17

Construction Begins on OMA/ Iyad Alsaka's Prestige Liberty Towers, a Mixed-Used Complex in Mumbai, India

Led by Iyad Alsaka, Adrianne Fisher, and Wael Sleiman, OMA’s latest project, the Prestige Liberty Towers, breaks ground in Mumbai, India. Expected to be completed in 2025, the mixed-used complex is the firm’s first venture in India, located in the historic textile mills at the heart of the city.

Courtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMA+ 6

Aedas Envisions a Fluid Design for a Tourist Resort Tower in Zhanjiang

Aedas has unveiled the design for a tourist leisure resort that takes the form of an organically-spaced 266-meter tower in the harbour city of Zhanjiang. Located at the intersection of three distinct urban areas, the Zhanjiang Yun Hai No. 1 Tower becomes a portal for the city and a symbol of its development. With a tower design inspired by the motion of koi fish, and a podium echoing the shape of waves, the project creates an allegory of Zhanjiang’s harbour culture.

Courtesy of AedasCourtesy of AedasCourtesy of AedasCourtesy of Aedas+ 15

MVRDV Begins Renovation of Shenzhen Tower

Work has begun for MVRDV's renovation of Shenzen Women & Children Centre, a mixed-use tower featuring an array of public functions, now in need of a comprehensive transformation. Constructed during the city's explosive growth following the Special Economic Zone designation in the 1980s, the building is one of the many nearing the end of their initial lifespan, and MVRDV's adaptive re-use project sets an important precedent for repurposing these buildings by bringing colour, greenery and a new layer of public spaces.


Büro Ole Scheeren wins the CTBUH Urban Habitat Award 2021 with DUO Twin Towers

Büro Ole Scheeren' DUO Twin Towers project has been awarded CTBUH's 2021 Urban Habitat Award, which acknowledges the design's significant contribution to its urban context. Completed in 2018, the project restructures a previously disjointed and neglected part of Singapore, creating a dynamic place that enables social interaction. The award confirms the studio's socially and environmentally responsible approach to design. New footage by photographer Iwan Baan captures the DUO's silhouette and elevated landscape, hinting at the project's careful consideration of its urban and civic context.

© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan+ 14

Morphosis' Hanking Centre is the World's Tallest Detached-Core Tower

With its Shenzen project, design firm Morphosis reimagines the skyscraper typology, maximizing the flexibility of the floor plan through a detached-core scheme that shifts circulation, services and amenities to the building's exterior. Using a pioneering structural system, the project's spatial configuration diversifies the interiors' functional possibilities while reshaping the circulation routes within the building, with glass sky-bridges and large-scale steel braces knitting the core to the tower's main body. Completed in 2018 with a gradual opening that continues into 2021, the 359.8-metre tower is currently the tallest detached-core building in the world.

© Zhang Chao© Zhang Chao© Zhang Chao© Zhang Chao+ 17

KPF Reveals Design for New Office Tower in Manhattan

After completing One Vanderbilt, the tallest office building in New York, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates has unveiled plans for a new skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. The 320-metre high office tower at 343 Madison Avenue makes the most out of its relatively small plot and the silhouette mandated by the New York City zoning laws, featuring a series of receding volumes that leave a way to gardens and terraces at different levels. When completed, the project will also create an important new transit entrance to the Long Island Rail Road and the Grand Central Complex.

World’s Second Tallest Tower to be Built in Russia

Scottish architecture firm Kettle Collective has revealed plans for a 703-metre skyscraper in St. Petersburg, making it the second tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The Lakhta Centre II will have the highest occupied floor, and while the exact site is yet to be confirmed, it will sit alongside Lakhta Centre, currently the tallest building in Europe and the headquarters of energy firm Gazprom.

© Kettle Collective© Kettle Collective© Kettle CollectiveLakhta Centre designed by RMJM (authoring team led by Tony Kettle). Image © Lakhta Center Multifunctional Complex+ 5

PLP Architecture Reveals Design for Residential Development in Singapore

PLP revealed its design for a luxury residential tower in Singapore, featuring a lush vertical garden inspired by the city’s greenery. The biophilic design that blurs the line between indoor living areas and outdoor spaces strives to redefine metropolitan living by promoting health and wellbeing.