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UNStudio Reveals Recent Construction Images of Wasl Tower in Dubai

UNStudio, in collaboration with Werner Sobek, had designed a new high-rise for Dubai, expected to become one of the world’s tallest ceramic facades, once completed. Created for the wasl Development Group, the project is located along the famous Sheikh Zayed’s Road and directly opposite to Burj Khalifa.

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Sidewalk Labs Releases Prototype Mass Timber High-Rise Design

Sidewalk Labs have released their latest study, called Proto-Model X (PMX), investigating how tall timber buildings could work in cities. As a digital proof-of-concept for how to design and manufacture a tall timber building, the study follows the team’s announcement last June to design the world’s first all-timber high-rise neighborhood on Toronto’s eastern waterfront.

Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs, Michael Green Architecture, Gensler Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs, Michael Green Architecture, Gensler Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs, Michael Green Architecture, Gensler Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs, Michael Green Architecture, Gensler + 7

Ciel, the World's Tallest Hotel is Under Construction in Dubai Marina

Set to become the world’s tallest hotel upon its completion, Ciel is a high-rise currently under development in Dubai Marina. Designed by NORR, and developed by The First Group (TFG), the tower will reach a height of 360 meters and will house 1,042 luxury suites.

Pelli Clarke Pelli's Wolf Point East Topped Out

Wolf Point East, a 665-foot residential tower, part of the last remaining development along the Chicago River, topped off and is near completion. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and part of a master plan to redevelop the area, the east tower generates 700 rental units, 35,000 square feet of amenities, and 4,000 square feet of retail at street level.

UNStudio Designs Dubai Supertall with One of the World's Tallest Ceramic Facades

UNStudio, working in collaboration with Werner Sobek, have unveiled their designs for the Wasl Tower, a 300-meter tall skyscraper in Dubai. Centrally located along the main thoroughfare that connects the Emirates north to south, the Wasl Tower sits directly opposite the Burj Khalifa and, once completed, will feature one of the world’s tallest ceramic facades. Inspired by the movement of the city, the 300-meter supertall building takes on a "contrapposto" form, responding to the Sheikh Zayed Road along which it is sited.

Which Building Has the World's Fastest-Moving Elevator?

The targeted maximum wait time in office building elevators is 20 seconds—it just feels like 2 minutes when you’re in a rush. But how quickly are the elevators actually moving?

The fastest installed elevator reaches speeds of 67 feet per second (20.5 meters per second), or 46 miles per hour (73.8 kilometers per hour) in the Shanghai Tower. Not only does the Gensler-designed Shanghai Tower boast the fastest elevator, but also the longest continuous run of 1,898 feet of the 2,073-foot tower (578.5 of 632 meters), as revealed in a recent study by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). At these speeds, you can reach the 119th floor in 55 seconds.

via Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat via Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat via Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat via Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat + 6

Ultra-Luxury Tower in Toronto to be CetraRuddy's First Canadian Project

Since the site was acquired in 2016, New York-based architects CetraRuddy, known for the iconic Manhattan tower One Madison, have been working on what is likely to be an icon of its own, 64 Prince Arthur. The point where The Annex and Yorkville neighborhoods meet in Toronto marks Adi Development Group and Forgestone Capital’s newest project, as well as Adi's first in Toronto. The initial renderings of the project show the commitment by the development team and CetraRuddy to making a statement on the skyline, “an iconic legacy project."

Courtesy of CetraRuddy Courtesy of CetraRuddy Courtesy of CetraRuddy Courtesy of CetraRuddy + 6

EID Architecture Redefines High Density Mixed Use Development in Xi'an

After winning a recent international design competition, EID Architecture out of Shanghai aims to redefine high-density mixed-use development in Asia through their design for the OCT Xi’an International Center (OXIC) in Xi’an, China. The architects consider their approach an exploration of vertical urbanism; the project consists of a 320-meter tall tower for offices and a boutique hotel, a 220-meter tall apartment tower, and a 12-floor podium full of retail and entertainment spaces. Visualized as an icon and cultural landmark, the design is strategically organized horizontally and vertically to create a vibrant, permeable urban center.

© EID Architecture © EID Architecture © EID Architecture © EID Architecture + 20

Indications Suggest That Hundreds of Residential Towers in England Are Clad in Potentially Combustible "Reynobond PE"

"As a precaution," the British Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons today, "the [UK] Government has arranged to test cladding in all relevant tower blocks." This initial investigation ordered by the British Government following the devastating fire and loss of life at Grenfell House in London on June 14, have returned initial results which show that "three samples," according to the BBC, "are 'combustible'." Further results are expected to be made public over the course of the next 48 hours. The Prime Minister also declared that:

No stone will be left unturned. For any guilty parties there will be nowhere to hide.

C.F. Møller Wins Competition for Innovative High-Rise in Stockholm

C.F. Møller has been selected as the winners of a competition to design a community-focused highrise in the Stockholm neighborhood of Kista, a district known as the city’s tech hub that is in need of attractive, contemporary living options. Known as Geysir, the 15,000-square-meter building will provide 220 new units of varying size, as well as 2,000 square meters of retail space, helping to develop the urban quarter.

© C.F. Møller Architects © C.F. Møller Architects © C.F. Møller Architects © C.F. Møller Architects + 12

The Tallest Buildings in Each State of the USA

We all know that the skyscraper was born between Chicago and New York (depending on who you ask or what you consider a skyscraper, but that's for another discussion). But what about the rest of the US? How does each state stack up in the race towards the sky? This infographic by gives us a scaled approximation of the "height" of each state--with New York coming out on top and Vermont, well... Vermont's tallest building is an 11-story public housing project built in the 70s.

The infographic also breaks down the purposes of the surveyed buildings, revealing that nearly 2% of the tallest buildings in each state are churches! Another interesting factoid? Nearly 1/3 of these highrises are named after banks.  

Monocle 24 Pays Homage to the Role of Architecture in Film

For this edition of Section D, Monocle 24's weekly review of design, architecture and craft, the team turn their attention to the crossroads where design and architecture meet film. From a documentary about Pruitt-Igoe, the St. Louis housing project, to a new reading of the title sequence of Superman, this episode investigates the role of architecture in film – and visa versa.

BIG’s VIA 57 West Wins the 2016 International Highrise Award

BIG’s VIA 57 West has been unanimously chosen as the winner of the 2016 International Highrise Award (IHA) for the world’s most innovative highrise.

One of the world’s most important architectural prizes for tall buildings, the award is presented by Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) every two years to the project that best exemplifies the criteria of future-oriented design, functionality, innovative building technology, integration into urban development schemes, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

© Kirsten Bucher © Kirsten Bucher © Kirsten Bucher © Kirsten Bucher + 12

Five Projects Named Finalists for the 2016 International Highrise Award

Five notable projects have been selected as finalists for the 2016 International Highrise Award (IHA). One of the world’s most important architectural prizes for highrises, the award is given to projects that exemplify the criteria of future-oriented design, functionality, innovative building technology, integration into urban development schemes, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Led by 2014 IHA winner Stefano Boeri, the competition’s world-class jury noted the significant trend in high-rise development away from office buildings and towards residential towers, as well as the geographic dichotomy of the finalists.

“Asia versus America is an interesting conclusion at this point – they are the defining forces on the map,” commented jury member Ole Scheeren. “In Asia you can see the impact of the tropical, climatic and environmental consequences are very well translated into new types of residential high-rises. In New York the finalists all show some way of power-statement.”

See the 5 finalists with comments from the jury, after the break.

Exhibition: Garden City Mega City: WOHA Rethinks Cities for the Age of Global Warming

From commercial mixed-use to hospitality and social housing, Singapore- based WOHA reinterprets the skyscraper as a prototype for hyper-dense, green urban living. Their first major exhibition in the United States, GARDEN CITY MEGA CITY, opens March 23rd, 2016 at The Skyscraper Museum, and unveils twelve of their most recent vertical ecosystems.

Featuring architectural models, videos and renderings, the show contextualizes the firm’s towering endeavors as a stunning contribution to skyscraper design and a radical response to the Asian megacity. WOHA’s projects—in China, Bangkok, and Singapore, among others—address issues such as rampant population growth, preservation of tropical biodiversity, and the desire for

In Residence: Ian Simpson in Manchester's Beetham Tower

In the latest installation of NOWNESS’ In Residence series, British architect Ian Simpson describes how was told by his careers teacher "not to set [his] sights too high" when he decided that he wanted to become an Architect. Here, he discusses the design intentions behind his home – the tallest residence in the United Kingdom's second city: Manchester. For Simpson, "home is [only] forty seconds away by lift."

© Nowness © Nowness © Nowness © Nowness + 7

Kengo Kuma Breaks Ground on Luxury Rolex Tower in Dallas

Kengo Kuma & Associates and developer Harwood International have broken ground on a twisted, seven-story tower for Rolex in Dallas' Uptown district. The luxury watchmaker intends on using the 136,857-square-foot building as a new office space. It will rise adjacent to Rolex's original building on Harwood Street that was built in 1984.

According to Kuma, the building "fuses nature and architecture," and will feature a tiered Japanese-inspired garden. 

425 Park Avenue / Foster + Partners + Adamson Associates

Norman Foster attended the recent groundbreaking ceremony for 425 Park Avenue, which will be the first full-block high-rise office building to be built on New York City's Park Avenue in the past 50 years. Foster+Partners, in collaboration with Adamson Associates, designed 425 Park to be a new icon in the Manhattan skyline, featuring a tri-blade, sheer wall top. In addition to its LEED Gold certification, the 560,000m² tower will be the first in New York to be WELL certified.

Premium Office Space. Image © DBOX for Foster + Partners 425 Park Avenue. Image © Visualhouse for Foster + Partners © Visualhouse for Foster + Partners 425 Park Avenue in Local Context. Image © Visualhouse for Foster + Partners + 15