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Call for entries: Revitalization and activation, Feroviar Park Cluj-Napoca

The aim of this competition is to make it possible to identify and implement an integrated urban remodelling concept that meets the complex needs of an area of significant size for the efficient functioning of the city of Cluj-Napoca.

The purpose of the competition is to provide the public administration with the most efficient solution of sustainable urban development of the Feroviarilor Park area. The reintroduction of Feroviarilor Park into the patrimony of public green spaces of Cluj-Napoca city is regarded as a significant victory for the entire community and at the same time as a huge opportunity to rehabilitate

Call for Ideas: Revitalisation of Charles Square Park

Charles Square is a public space of city-wide importance and one of the pivotal sites in the Prague Heritage Reservation. However, it need a complete reconstruction. The city has decided to announce so called procedure with competition dialogue. This entails interactive collaboration between the city and architects, which will provide for continuous consensus between all stakeholders on the form of the project.

Lecture: Atelier Bow-Wow, "Architects in Post-Disaster Reconstruction"

“I came to the conclusion that recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake should be compared to Japan’s recovery from the World War II.” —Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Co-founder, Atelier Bow-Wow and member of ArchiAid

Architects Momoyo Kaijima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, co-founders of the highly regarded architectural firm Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo, discuss the architect's role in post-disaster revitalization, and their findings from their work in Tohoku for the last six years.

Utopia Arkitekter Proposes an Architectural Gem to Start Stockholm's Transformation

Stockholm's Southeast Kungsholmen is slowly transforming. Veidekke and Utopia Arkitekter are preparing a redevelopment proposal for the town — and they're beginning by building an architectural gem. In addition to creating ambitious architecture, Utopia Arkitekter plans to add more housing developments closer to public transport. Their first project? The sector of Kungsholmen, Bolinders Plan, named after Jean Bolinder, who ran a mechanical workshop in the area.

Courtesy of Utopia ArkitekterCourtesy of Utopia ArkitekterCourtesy of Utopia ArkitekterCourtesy of Utopia Arkitekter+ 9

M Woods Entrance Revitalization / Vector Architects

© Xia Zhi© Xia Zhi© Xia Zhi© Xia Zhi+ 27

  • Architects: Vector Architects
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2016
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Anping County Guangjun Mesh Products, Tianjin Beijing Steel Trade