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Sculpture: The Latest Architecture and News

OMA Designs Miami Beach’s First Underwater Sculpture Park

OMA and Shohei Shigematsu have designed a proposal for Miami Beach’s first underwater sculpture park and artificial reef in Florida. Working with Ximena Caminos and BlueLab Preservation Society, the project will function as an artificial reef to protect and preserve Miami’s marine life and coastal resilience. Called ReefLine, the design will be a new 7-mile underwater public sculpture park, snorkel trail and artificial reef located off Miami Beach’s shoreline.

Courtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMA+ 6

Héctor Zamora Drops an Architectural Barrier on the Met’s Roof in New York City

Although deploying four months later than normal (due to an obvious, unforeseen roadblock), the Metropolitan Museum of Art has revealed its 2020 Roof Garden commission, tapping Mexican artist Héctor Zamora to drop a timely intervention across the New York City institution’s outdoor terrace.

Installation view of Héctor Zamora, The Roof Garden Commission: Héctor Zamora, Lattice Detour, 2020. Image © Anna-Marie Kellen, via Metropolitan Museum of ArtInstallation view of Héctor Zamora, The Roof Garden Commission: Héctor Zamora, Lattice Detour, 2020. Image © Anna-Marie Kellen, via Metropolitan Museum of ArtInstallation view of Héctor Zamora, The Roof Garden Commission: Héctor Zamora, Lattice Detour, 2020. Image © Anna-Marie Kellen, via Metropolitan Museum of ArtInstallation view of Héctor Zamora, The Roof Garden Commission: Héctor Zamora, Lattice Detour, 2020. Image © Anna-Marie Kellen, via Metropolitan Museum of Art+ 8

Million-Pound Sculpture at National Geographic Slated for Demolition

The MARABAR stone project by American sculptor Elyn Zimmerman is slated to be demolished at the National Geographic headquarters. Located in Washington D.C., it includes more than a million pounds of placed granite. Sited within buildings by Edward Durell Stone and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the publicly accessible plaza would be demolished to accommodate a new pavilion.

AaaM Designs Landmark Sculptures for Hong Kong Museum of Art's Reopening

AaaM Architects have designed a series of sculptures for the Hong Kong Museum of Art's reopening. Invited by the museum with lead artist and architect Billy Tam. the team set out to create a urban artwork for the reopening of the museum after four years of renovation. “Rediscovering Landscape” is located in Salisbury Garden at the end of Nathan Road, a major business street in the heart of Kowloon Peninsula and marks the entrance art square for HKMOA.

Courtesy of AaaM ArchitectsCourtesy of AaaM ArchitectsCourtesy of AaaM ArchitectsCourtesy of AaaM Architects+ 20

Call for Submissions: Poldra Site-specific Sculpture

POLDRA - Public Sculpture Project Viseu envisions to develop contemporary public art/art in public space proposals – with a significant focus on sculpture – created for selected spaces (site-specific) reinventing and reinterpreting them; while encouraging interactions between the visitors and the sites themselves. Through this dynamic, the work of art will be the kickstarter of a relation that it is hoped can exist beyond the act of looking.
I've been doing so for the past two years by exhibiting the works of Neeraj Bhatia (Canada), Pedro Pires (Angola), Elisa Balmaceda (Chile), Natalia Bezerra & Kaitlin Ferguson (UK), Steven Barich (USA),

Black and White Show

Grey Cube Gallery proudly presents the first Black & White Show for the month of February 2020. Contest is open to all artists worldwide over 18 years of age. Entries must include the black and white or shades of gray as the primary focus. All visual art mediums (except video and sound) are allowed. The Best of Show winning artwork will be displayed as the poster of the show. All wining artists ( Merit Award & Honorable Mention) will receive a digital award certificate. The application fee is $16 for the 2 images of artwork. You may enter more than

International Art Competition Landscapes

Contemporary Art Room Gallery is proud to announce their 1st “Landscapes” Online Art Competition for the month of January 2020. This is an international competition and artists from around the world are welcome to submit their work. The gallery invites all artists and photographers from around the world to submit ther best best representational and non-representational art related to the Landscapes theme. The Landscapes theme is considered to be any art with interpretation of natural elements such as mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, forests, farmland, trees, rivers, lakes, polar regions, rainforests, islands and tropical landscapes. All visual art mediums are

TOTEMY: Visualizing the Relationship Between Human and the Forces of Nature

© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy
© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy

Architects and designers, just like all citizens, have a responsibility to participate in global conversations regarding the environment. Their power, however, lies in the fact that they are able to make an impact through the conscious decisions they make with their projects, such as sustainable building materials or expressive artworks.

To shed light on the current climate crisis, artist Alicja Biala and architect Iwo Borkowicz have created Totemy, a series of 9-meter-tall sculptures that translate the state of the environment into an immersive architectural experience.

© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy© Alicja Biala and Iwo Borkowicz / Totemy+ 23

XTU Reveal Singapore Monument Inspired by Tropical Forests

XTU architects have published their competition entry for the Founder’s Memorial in Singapore’s Bay East Garden. Inspired by the mangroves and banyans of Singapore which stand tall along the coastal regions of tropical areas, the memorial dives its routes into the ground, before shooting skywards.

© XTU© XTU© XTU© XTU+ 17

The Landmark At Dubai Creek Harbour

Emaar Development is hosting an International Open Design competition for the Design of The Landmark at the heart of the ambitious new world-class mixed-use waterfront development Dubai Creek Harbour. The Development is a 5.6 Million sqm site and is expected to have 48,500 residential units with a population of 175,000 residents, when completed.

Sailing Castle / Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio

© Wei Chun LIN© Wei Chun LIN© Wei Chun LIN© Wei Chun LIN+ 38

17-Ton Steel Sculpture Finds a New Home in London

Artist Lee Simmons has unveiled a 17-ton, 50-foot sculpture in London’s Marylebone neighborhood. Titled Quadrilinear, the project is made of five layers of laser-cut steel standing four stories tall. The project is slotted through Schoen Clinic by ESA Architects, and was completed over a four-year period with Format Engineers. The stainless-steel column is based on deconstructed maps of historic Marylebone to engage the context, rhythm and fabric of the facade.

Quadrilinear. Image © Lee SimmonsQuadrilinear. Image © Lee SimmonsQuadrilinear. Image © Lee SimmonsQuadrilinear. Image © Lee Simmons+ 10

World's Largest Ice Sculpture Festival Opens in China with Chillingly-Cool Architecture

The world’s largest ice festival has opened to the public in China. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in Heilongjiang, North-Eastern China draws 18 million visitors, marveling at the festival’s spectacular castles and sculptures. In total, the 2019 edition saw 120,000 cubic meters of ice and 111,000 cubic meters of snow crafted by thousands of artists in temperatures as low as -35C (-31F) using swing saws, chisels, and ice picks.

Having begun as an annual tradition in 1985, the festival has gained accolades such as the Guinness Record for the world’s largest snow sculpture (250 meters long and 8.5 meters high). The 2019 festival sees more than 100 landmarks, and ice sculptures by artists from 12 countries.

The Harbin Festival will be open for one month, closing on February 5th. Below, we have rounded up our favorite images of the festival so far, demonstrating that red hot architecture can be cold as ice.

SOM Designs Kinematic Sculpture for Chicago Design Week

Architecture firm SOM has designed Kinematic Sculpture, an origami-like pavilion installation for Chicago Design Week. Exploring kinematics as the science of motion, the sculpture was formed as one of the firm's ongoing interdisciplinary research projects. As a test in integrated design, the structure aims to establish ideas that foster new architectural and structural solutions for pressing challenges in the built environment.

Kinematic Sculpture. Image © SOMKinematic Sculpture. Image © Benny ChanKinematic Sculpture. Image © Benny ChanKinematic Sculpture. Image © Benny Chan+ 8

Reddymade Wins the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition of 2019

Reddymade has been unveiled as the winner of the Valentine Heart Design Competition installation in Times Square, New York. The scheme is inspired by the “history of the iconic New York urban space and its presence in the eyes of the world as a byword for a thriving intersection of people, place, and culture.”

The winning team explored the tectonic possibilities of intersecting shapes, investigating what happens with two different planes intersect. The resulting sculpture created two converging planes merging together to create an iconic ‘X’ which, when intersected by a cylindrical volume, creates a heart-shaped space. 

Janet Echelman’s Moving Sculpture Creates a “Living X-Ray” of Philadelphia

Artist Janet Echelman has unveiled her latest site-specific work of public art, with the activation of the first phase of “Pulse” in Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park. Pulse seeks to reshape urban space “with a monumental, fluidly moving sculpture that responds to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight.

Inspired by the square’s history as a water and transportation hub, Echelman’s work traces the paths and trolley lines of the subway beneath, with four-foot-tall curtains of colorful atomized mist traveling across the park’s fountain surface in response to passing trains underneath.

© Sean O'Neill / Arup© Sahar Coston-Hardy© Sahar Coston-Hardy© Melvin Epps+ 14

Mountain / Zhaohong Zhang

© Li Zhou© Li Zhou© Li Zhou© Li Zhou+ 26