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Restoration: The Latest Architecture and News

Interventions in Pre-existing Architecture: Adaptive Reuse Projects by Renowned Architects

Responsible use and consumption of natural resources and the impacts of the building industry have been ongoing concerns in the field of architecture and urban planning. In the past, concepts such as clean slates, mass demolitions, and building brand new structures were widely accepted and encouraged. Nowadays, a transformation seems to be taking place, calling for new approaches such as recycling, adaptive reuse, and renovations, taking advantage of what is already there. This article explores a selection of projects and provides a glimpse into interventions by renowned architects in pre-existing buildings.

Centro Cultural Caixa Forum Barcelona by Arata Isozaki. Image © Felipe UgaldeConvento das Bernardas by Eduardo Souto de Moura. Image © Luis Ferreira AlvesTransformation of 530 dwellings in Bordeaux. Image © Philippe RuaultTai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Art by Herzog & de Meuron. Image © Iwan Baan+ 9

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Frederick Bagley House Dodges Demolition and Will Be Restored

Less than two months ago, the future of an 1894 Dutch Colonial-style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t looking all that bright after it hit the market for $1.3 million in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale, Illinois. As of this week, however, the historic Frederick Bagley House, described by the nonprofit Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy as a “unique and irreplaceable” early work of Wright, has found a very happy ending—or, more aptly, a new beginning.

Chiayi Art Museum / Studiobase Architects + M.H.Wang Architects and Associates

© OS Studio© OS Studio© OS Studio© OS Studio+ 39

Notre Dame Update: Restoration Work Advances and US Students Rebuild One of Its Roof Trusses Using Medieval Techniques

With three more years to go until the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and the re-opening date announced by French President Emanuel Macron, Notre Dame's restoration work progresses. After a long safety phase and months of work interruption last year due to the pandemic, all burned timber from the roof has been removed, and scaffolding has been installed inside the cathedral. As a homage to the heritage structure and "the collective effort to rebuild Notre Dame", the Catholic University of America is building a replica of one of the cathedral's roof trusses in Washington D.C., using medieval techniques.

© Francoi Mori/APCourtesy of Handshouse Studiovia Shutterstock. ImageBy Wirestock Imagesvia Shutterstock. ImageBy UlyssePixe+ 5

Eileen Grey's Controversial E-1027 Villa is Restored and Open to the Public

Association Cap Moderne have announced that the restoration of Eileen Gray’s modernist villa E-1027, along with other projects on the Cap Moderne site, such as Le Corbusier’s Cabanon and Unités de Camping, and l’Etoile de Mer restaurant, have been completed and are now open to visitors. The site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered as one of the must-see places to discover in the region, welcoming more than 10,000 visitors a year.

© Manuel Bougot© Manuel Bougot© Manuel Bougot© Manuel Bougot+ 9

La Samaritaine / SANAA + LAGNEAU Architectes + Francois Brugel Architectes Associes + SRA Architectes

© Jared Chulski© Jared Chulski© Jared Chulski© Jared Chulski+ 56

Images of Tadao Ando's Bourse de Commerce Highlight the Newly Transformed Art Space

Tadao Ando’s transformation of the historic Bourse de Commerce interweaves past and present, introducing the minimalist aesthetic of a contemporary art venue within the prestigious heritage building whose history spans four decades. The defining architectural gesture in the building’s refurbishment is a circular concrete wall, a new space within the glass-domed rotunda of the former exchange building, which now displays the private collection of notable art collector François Pinault. Images by photographer Cyrille Weiner and photography atelier Think Utopia highlight Tadao Ando’s vision of “architecture within architecture”, showcasing an exemplary restoration accompanied by a highly contemporary yet timeless intervention.

© Think Utopia© Cyrille Weiner© Cyrille Weiner© Cyrille Weiner+ 25

Terrace House near Demachiyanagi / atelier Luke

© Yohei Sasakura© Yohei Sasakura© Yohei Sasakura© Yohei Sasakura+ 36

  • Architects: atelier Luke
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Grohe, Ikea, Lixil Corporation, Cielo ceramica, Gotoh Lighting Furniture, +8
  • Professionals: Matsuhiko Construction

David Chipperfield Reveals Plans to Restore Belgium's Iconic former Grand Hotel in Nieuwpoort

David Chipperfield Architects has unveiled his restoration plans for the Grand Hotel in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. Started in 2019, the project converts the structure into a residential building, while seeking to reinstate its landmark status. Becoming “The Grand residential building”, the architecture will also take on an extension that underlines a “sensitive understanding of heritage value and entails reinterpretation and invention as well as restoration”.

© VDD Project Development© David Chipperfield Architects© David Chipperfield Architects© VDD Project Development+ 5

Louis Kahn's Dormitories for the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Saved from Demolition

As reported in The Times of India, the board of governors for the Indian Institute of Management, in Ahmedabad, India has canceled the proposal to demolish Louis Kahn’s buildings on campus and replacing them with new structures, after a worldwide pushback from the international architecture community.

Dormitories Built by Louis Kahn, Part of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, Set to be Demolished

The board of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (IIMA) has announced that the dormitories, built by Louis Kahn and part of the overall campus design, will be demolished and replaced. In fact, the administration plans to “bring down at least 14 of 18 dorms which were built between 1968 and 1978" for showing "problems of leakages from the roof, dampness in walls, leakages in toilet walls, slabs, etc.”, according to the Indian Express.

© Dave MorrisCourtesy of Wikimedia Commons© Laurian Ghinitoiu© Laurian Ghinitoiu+ 8

“BEFORE/AFTER”: An Architectural Documentation of Urban Changes in Hutongs

“BEFORE/AFTER” documents the drastic changes, both physical and psychological, which took place during the renovation of Beijing’s Fangjia Hutong in the months between April and September 2017. In 2019, OPEN Architecture was invited to participate in “Unknown City: China Contemporary Architecture and Image Exhibition”, the opening exhibition of the Pingshan Art Museum, with their work “BEFORE/AFTER”.

Recycling Brick Constructions in the UK: 14 Building Restorations and Extensions

© Andrew Meredith© Nigel Rigden© Ben Pipe© Nicholas Worley+ 15

The use of brick plays a very important role in the architectural history of the United Kingdom. Construction techniques that involve brick and stone have been in constant progress. In fact, brick production improved over time, making the material the most popular one in the construction industry. From the 18th century onwards, brickwork was predominantly used in domestic and industrial architecture, but later on, it was introduced to the structure of warehouses and factories, as well as other various forms of infrastructure.

While many of these buildings are still operating to this day, it comes as no surprise. Refurbishment and reuse are highly recommended techniques, and in many cases, the only methods to maintain densely populated European cities. Therefore, the challenge lays in reusing these buildings and recycling the materials available, always trying to retain as much of the original structure as possible.

More Update on Notre Dame: The Spire Will be Restored According to the Original Design

The spire of the Notre Dame cathedral, destroyed during the fires of 2019, will be restored according to the original 19th-century Gothic design, as reported by French President Emmanuel Macron. Built in 1860, to replace the original structure removed in 1792, the spire, not exactly a medieval structure, was designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc who found inspiration in the original architectural epoch of the Cathedral.

April 2019. Image via Shutterstock/ By Martina Badini© Charles Marville / Library of Congressvia Shutterstock/ By UlyssePixelApril 2019. Image © Erieta Attali+ 5

Renovation of a Brutalist House in Brazil / Arquitécnika

© Edgard Cesar© Edgard Cesar© Edgard Cesar© Edgard Cesar+ 40

Brasília, Brazil
  • Architects: Arquitécnika
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  1968
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2019
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Jacuzzi, Knauf, Sherwin-Williams, Stobag, +22

Construction Begins on the Glass House Project, a New Take on Historical Preservation

Menokin Foundation has begun construction on its “Glass House Project”, a new initiative in the preservation of historic landmarks. Protecting what remains from the 1769 house, the intervention will replace missing walls, floors, and sections of the roof with glass. Designed by Machado Silvetti, in collaboration with glass engineer Eckersley O’Callaghan, and landscape designer Reed Hilderbrand, the project will be developed in phases, to be completed in 2023.