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HENN Wins Competitions to Design the Brainergy Hub and the Language Forum in Germany

HENN has won two major architecture competitions in Germany to design the Brainergy Hub in Jülich and the German Language Forum in Mannheim. The office's Brainergy Hub proposal features a circular design dedicated to renewable energy research, whereas the Language Forum proposal stands as an inviting open space that promotes communication and interaction through unique learning experiences.

Brainergy Hub. Image Courtesy of HENNGerman Language Forum. Image Courtesy of HENNGerman Language Forum. Image Courtesy of HENNBrainergy Hub. Image Courtesy of HENN+ 6

LINK Arkitektur Designs a Rain-Friendly School Near Gothenburg

LINK Arkitektur has revealed the design of a school that integrates the local climate conditions and challenges within the educational process. Located in Torslanda near Gothenburg, Sweden, where it rains every other day during the school year, the project uses water as a resource for both play and learning, taking a disruptive situation and turning it into an opportunity for understanding nature and the state of the environment.

10 Houses with Sofas Built in to the Architecture

Implemented as a means to take full advantage of space, built-in furniture has grown in popularity as well as ingenuity as designers tackle the needs and tastes of a wide range of users. It's ability to adapt and integrate into architectural spaces allows it, through a variety of configurations and materials, to fulfill various functions; however, this poses an interesting question. Is it truly the furniture that adapts to our living spaces? Could it not itself become the protagonist and creator of the spaces that we project?

Marcel Breuer's Iconic Brutalist Building is being Transformed into an Eco-friendly Boutique Hotel

Marcel Breuer’s Pirelli Tire Building, a beacon of Brutalist architecture in the United States, is being reimagined as a hotel by development company Becker and Becker. After being abandoned for years, the structure was sold to architect and developer Bruce Redman Becker in 2020 with plans to transform it into a sustainable 165-room hotel. The sculptural concrete structure aims to be a model for passive design hotels using its unique architectural features and innovative adaptive reuse techniques.

© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker+ 22

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK and BC ARCHITECTS & STUDIES Design Centre for Drug Users in Brussels


The two Belgian practices BOGDAN & VAN BROECK and BC Architects & Studies are currently designing a care centre for drug users in Brussels, which would provide this vulnerable group with a safe and welcoming environment accessible 24/7. Featuring temporary residencies and community spaces, the building neighbouring the city’s port functions as a contemporary version of an inn, bringing a domestic character to an underwise sterile institutional program.


"I'm Convinced that Good Architecture Creates the Good Life": In Conversation with Dorte Mandrup

"Architecture encompassed my interest in reality and societal issues," says architect Dorte Mandrup, in an extensive conversation with Louisiana Channel, in which the founder and creative director of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter reflects on formative years and the values of her architecture practice. Four years in the making, the film takes viewers on a journey through Dorte Mandrup's architecture, with compelling footage telling the story of designs such as the Ilulissat Icefjord Centre, Jaegersborg Water tower, or Ama'r Children's Culture House. Through the portrait film, the architect touches on numerous topics such as sustainability and climate change, the relationship of the built environment with the landscape, and as well as the profession itself and its present transformations and challenges.

Headquarters, meeting facilities and offices. Image © Adam MørkThe Exile Museum. Image Courtesy of Dorte Mandrup ArkitekterWadden Sea Centre. Image © Adam MørkIlulissat Icefjord Centre. Image © Adam Mørk+ 7

Construction on Zaha Hadid Architects' Masaryčka Building is Underway

Construction on Zaha Hadid Architects' Masaryčka building in Prague has reached level three, with completed work on the retail levels on the ground and first floors, and ongoing work on the higher floors, which include cantilevered offices and terraced roof gardens. The 28,000 sqm project, which will replace an existing car park, is expected to open in 2023 with a structure that rises seven storeys towards its eastern section and nine storeys at its western end.

© Studio Horak© Studio Horak© Studio HorakCourtesy of ZHA+ 7

New Images Reveal EMBT's Timber Central Station in Naples

Barcelona-based Miralles Tagliabue - EMBT under the direction of Benedetta Tagliabue, has completed its construction of the Centro Direzionale di Napoli train station and subway, an underground central station that combines the city's natural volcanic geography with the site's 1970's-built master plan designed by Kenzo Tange. The design focuses on art, architecture, and archaeology, also known as the "Triple A", giving the site a highly recognizable identity that contrasts its surroundings and historical context.

© Paolo Fassoli© Paolo Fassoli© Paolo Fassoli© Paolo Fassoli+ 45

A House on the Lake in Siberia and Floating Villas in the Netherlands: 8 Unbuilt Residential Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Designing residential projects has become nothing short of a challenge. Whether it being for the housing crisis and its repercussions, the heightened environmental awareness, or the fact that people are spending more time inside their dwellings, architects are now focused on building projects that look beyond the typical house and that provide answers to questions like: how can architects offer residents privacy and comfort while maintaining a connection with the outdoors? And how can these spaces cater to the spatial and functional needs of all family members, especially when the lines between work, play, and rest are blurred? 

From a Matrix-inspired housing compound in Saudi Arabia to the world's first steel 3D printed structure of modular houses in Sardinia, this round up of unbuilt apartments showcases how architects have reimagined the traditional residential typology, and looked into how these structures can cater to their users, the site, and the environment. This round up also includes projects from the Netherlands, Siberia, Sweden, and Italy.

LAM Residential Complex by MAS MX. Image © MAS MX ArchitectsRanco Luxury Apartments by Zein Engineering. Image © Zein EngineeringRobin Wood by Marc Koehler Architects, ANA Architects. Image © Marc Koehler Architects, ANA ArchitectsHouse by the Lake by Brusnika. Image © Brusnika+ 103

Adapting The Sacred To Be Profane

It is easy to show cool images of adaptive reuse. The contrast of living history and control over it makes for dynamic visuals. But there is a deeper meaning to adaptive reuse. Architecture embodies humanity and humanity changes, so our buildings change.

OMA / Reinier de Graaf and Buro Happold Reveal Autonomous Design for Health District in Qatar

OMA / Reinier de Graaf and Buro Happold have unveiled their design for the Al Daayan Health District in Doha, Qatar. The project explores the "potential of modularity, prefabrication, and automation in relation to the rapid changes in medical science" on a 1.3 million-sqm plot with low cost, cross-shaped modular units that are prefabricated on site. In addition to the prefabrication of the units, a local high-tech farm will supply food and medical plants for medicine production, and a solar farm will allow the district to function autonomously.

Courtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMACourtesy of OMA+ 12

The Galiasgar Kamal Tatar State Academy Theatre Competition Announces Finalists

The jury of the Galiasgar Kamal Tatar State Academy Theatre's open competition has announced its list of 8 international finalists. The competition called for the development of an architectural concept that takes into account sustainable development and Kazan's history, creating a theatre that blends harmoniously into its surroundings while becoming a new unique landmark.

V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma. Image Courtesy of Architectural Concept For Kamal Theatre CompetitionGuangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid. Image Courtesy of Architectural Concept For Kamal Theatre CompetitionAix en Provence Conservatory of Music by Kengo Kuma. Image Courtesy of Architectural Concept For Kamal Theatre CompetitionChangsha Meixihu International Cultural Center by Zaha Hadid. Image Courtesy of Architectural Concept For Kamal Theatre Competition+ 21

At Dutch Design Week 2021 A Building Made of Biobased Materials Illustrates The Possibilities of Circular Design

© Oscar Vinck and Jeroen van der Wielen
© Oscar Vinck and Jeroen van der Wielen

At the Dutch Design Week, a house created entirely from bio-based materials aims to illustrate that circular design is not only feasible but a scaleable construction method for the future. Featuring 100 types of sustainable materials, The Exploded View Beyond Building is a concrete example of the possibilities of creating a circular living environment, bringing together substantial research into high-quality components fit for disassembly and modular design.

© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein+ 12

The Power of Concrete: Twisted Tree-Shaped Supports and Beams

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The new headquarters of the building materials manufacturer HeidelbergCement consists of three interconnected building sections of different heights. The atrium of each building section provides plenty of light and luminance. The building was opened in June 2020 and provides up to 1,000 employees with a state-of-the-art work environment. The architectural firm AS+P Albert Speer + Partner based in Frankfurt was responsible for the project as a general planner, and carried out the design in collaboration with W+Architektur, with the latter providing the consulting office for the client’s project manager.

PERI, one of the leading formwork and scaffolding manufacturers worldwide - and the building materials manufacturer HeidelbergCement - combined their architectural and concrete expertise for the execution of this project. In doing so, the existing limits of PERI’s concrete construction offerings were pushed. The architectural highlights of the project were successfully realized using special PERI formwork elements.