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Zoomed In Virtual Photography and Architecture Festival Launches This Week

The new Zoomed In virtual photography and architecture festival has launched this week. Running from 21st - 24th of April, the festival brings together a diverse international selection of architectural photographers and cross-disciplinary creatives in a series of online talks and discussions, short film screenings, image galleries, and a charity print sale to raise funds for those most in need during the current pandemic crisis.

Courtesy of Zoomed In Festival Courtesy of Zoomed In Festival Courtesy of Zoomed In Festival Courtesy of Zoomed In Festival + 6

Free Architectural Photography Resources to Explore During the Lockdown

Architectural and fine art photographer Pygmalion Karatzas is presenting a number of free online architectural photography resources for readers to explore in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The selected resources include e-books, numerous interviews with renowned photographers from around the world, educational presentations (academic papers, lectures, workshops), and videos.

As author Jeremy Lent points out in a recent article, the phrase “social distancing” is helpfully being recast as “physical distancing” since this pandemic is bringing people closer together in solidarity than ever before, and we are witnessing a heartwarming rediscovery of the value of community, and humanity’s prosocial impulses like altruism and compassion manifesting across sectors and boundaries.

Empty Cities: Photographers Capture COVID-19's Urban Impact Around the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped urban life, and so too has it left many streets and buildings empty as people practice social distancing. From Times Square to the Place de la Concorde in Paris, photographers are capturing these "empty cities" in a defining moment across the globe. In turn, The New York Times recently published a piece dubbed "The Great Empty", showcasing a new side to urban life in these structures and streets. Now five photographers have been commissioned to photograph Rotterdam during the pandemic.

17 Bauhaus Instagram Feeds to Follow

Celebrate Bauhaus 100 through the world's number one visual storytelling platform, Instagram. An essential tool for designers, Instagram is a constantly growing digital database of market sharing and stimulation. Social media has changed not only how we gather precedents and market our designs, but also our designs themselves. "Instagram Culture" drives designers to create more shareable moments. As we continue to seek these dynamic encounters, let us not forget our forefathers of user experience design and the Bauhaus school.

The 50 Most Inspiring Architecture Photographs of 2018

Courtesy of JAJA Architects
Courtesy of JAJA Architects

© Mario Wibowo © Quang Dam Courtesy of Klein © Iwan Baan + 53

Because, for all the inspirational works across the world, we would be lost without the photographers dedicated to sharing this inspiration with us. Here we present to you the 50 most influential architectural photographs of the year.

Top 10 Architectural Photography Locations in Bogotá

If you're an architecture aficionado, the Colombian capital of Bogota should be high on your list. The city's architecture contains bits and pieces from throughout the country's history, from colonial structures to classical designs from the time of the Republic.

If you're a first time visitor to Bogotá —or a native tourist in your own city— we recommend this architecture guide for the top 10 locations to capture the city's best works.

Madrid's Forgotten Geometries Through The Lens of Joel Filipe

After the first series of photographs revealing Madrid's architectural geometries, Joel Filipe shared his work with us again; this time the Into the Fog series. In these photographs, Filipe presents, through a layer of mist, well-known projects featuring the skyline of the Spanish capital.

PwC Tower / Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther. Image © Joel Filipe PwC Tower/ Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther + Torre Cepsa / Norman Foster. Image © Joel Filipe Crystal Tower/ César Pelli and Ortiz & Léon. Image © Joel Filipe Space Tower / Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Henry N. Cobb, José Bruguera. Image © Joel Filipe + 12

Striking Overhead Images That Reveal the Inequality of Modern Cities

It is said that the world is increasingly developed when in fact it is, undeniably, more technological and globalized. However, it seems risky to talk about development when the advances do not appear everywhere or for all inhabitants.

In such an uneven picture, a select few of the global population enjoy these advances, while a huge number live below the poverty line.

Such contrasts often go unnoticed in the city's daily life, however, are set forth on a diptych relationship with the urban layout, being, at the same time the cause and consequence of deep marks in city design. In Brazil, for example, we have the slums and poor communities that contrast with the buildings and upper-middle-class homes architecture, designed and built with all the necessary resources.

Herzog & de Meuron’s BBVA Headquarters in Madrid Through Rubén P. Bescós' Lens

Completed in 2015 at the northern periphery of Madrid, the BBVA Headquarters by Herzog & de Meuron employs a complex network of passages, courtyards, and gardens to create a new corporate campus for the Spanish banking giant. Responding to local climatic needs, the building is recognized for its custom undulating brise-soleil along its facade and pebble-like central tower.

In this photoset, photographer Rubén P. Bescós turns his lens toward the new institutional landmark, capturing the building within its urban context.

© Rubén P. Bescós © Rubén P. Bescós © Rubén P. Bescós © Rubén P. Bescós + 157

These Striking Photographs Portray Berlin’s Post-War Housing Developments in a New Light

In this series, entitled Stacked, photographer Malte Brandenburg takes a closer look at the architectural merits of Berlin’s post-war housing estates. Captured against a flat blue sky, the images seek to strip away the historical and social burdens carried by the buildings, presenting them instead as pieces of pure architecture.

© Malte Brandenburg © Malte Brandenburg © Malte Brandenburg © Malte Brandenburg + 8