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Oscar Niemeyer's Itamaraty Palace Captured by Paul Clemence

In celebration of Oscar Niemeyer's birthday, on December 15, and to honor the work of one of the greatest modernists of the 20th century, American-Brazilian photo-artist Paul Clemence has released images of the architect’s iconic Itamaraty Palace. Housing Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters, the structure is also known as the Palace of the Arches.

© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence+ 26

Federico Covre Captures Barozzi Veiga's Swiss Projects: the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center and MCB-A

Federico Covre’s latest series of photographs showcases two of Barozzi Veiga's projects in Switzerland, the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center, and the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts. The Italian architectural photographer based in Italy and Sweden, who “seeks to achieve a balance between conceptual rigor and functionality” through his images, has captured both projects after a year of their completion.

Tanzhaus- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreTanzhaus- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreMCBA- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreMCBA- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico Covre+ 55

International Photography Awards Announces Winners of its 2020 Competition in the Architecture Section

The International Photography Awards has announced the winners of its 2020 photography competition. Showcasing some of the most outstanding photographic work from around the globe, this year’s contest gathered a total of 13,000 entries from 120 countries. Discover the selection of winners and honorable mentions from the architecture sub-categories: fine art, cityscapes, bridges, buildings, interior, historic, industrial, abstract, and other.

Sebastian Weiss_HM architecture_The Red Wall. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Paul Mark Sanders_HM architecture_homage Christo. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Silvia Steinbach_HM architecture_Tanks of cocoa beans. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Rami Yazagi_HM architecture_New York. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020+ 32

The Tragedies of Chateau Laurens Captured by Romain Veillon

Situated on the Mediterranean port of Agde, France, the eclectic Laurens castle holds a history as rich as its architecture. Emmanuel Laurens, owner and architect of the villa, gathered inspiration from countries all over the world to create his masterpiece. Photographer Romain Veillon visited the castle ahead of its renovation and captured the architectural collages present inside it.

Denmark's Innovative Public Projects Captured by Hufton+Crow: Copenhill by BIG, Tingbjerg Library and Køge Nord Station by COBE

Hufton+Crow has unveiled its latest series of images, capturing Denmark's recent and inventive projects, completed between 2018 and 2019. The photographs showcase CopenHill Energy Plant and Urban Recreation Center by BIG, along with Tingbjerg Library and Culture House and Køge Nord Station, both designed by COBE.

Copenhill. Image © Hufton+CrowTingbjerg Library. Image © Hufton+CrowKøge Nord Station. Image © Hufton+CrowKøge Nord Station. Image © Hufton+Crow+ 45

Architectural Photographer Edmund Sumner Takes Part in the Artist Support Pledge Initiative with Chandigarh Images

During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the lack of exhibitions and commissions, artists around the world started to struggle. The Artist Support Pledge, an initiative born in March of 2020 in response to this global crisis, seeks to support creative individuals, including architectural photographers. Founded by artist Matthew Burrows, the global movement connects communities in order to ensure “an equitable and sustainable economy for artists and makers of all countries, media, and ethnicities”.

Cinema in India designed by LeCorbusier. Image © Edmund SumnerDavid Chipperfield Inagawa (PM) 2018. Image © Edmund SumnerThe High Court of Chandigarh designed by Le Corbusier. Image © Edmund SumnerCinema in India designed by LeCorbusier. Image © Edmund Sumner+ 30

BIG's Twist Museum Photographed Through the Lens of Jacob Due

The new Twist Museum by Bjarke Ingels Group is open in Norway. Traversing the winding Randselva river, the inhabitable bridge is torqued at its center, forming a new journey and art piece within the Kistefos Sculpture Park in Jevnaker. The project was recently captured through a series of images by photographer Jacob Due. The photos explore the museum's formal approach and place the design in its larger natural context.

© Jacob Due© Jacob Due© Jacob Due© Jacob Due+ 8

Fernando Higueras’ La Corona de Espinas Through the Lens of Zisko Gómez

Madrid-based architectural photographer Zisko Gómez captures the recently-growing interest in Spanish architect Fernando Higueras with his photo series of Higueras’ “La Corona de Espinas,” or “The Crown of Thorns.” The building is currently headquarters to the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute and contemporary art foundation ICO recently organized an exhibition in Madrid of Higueras’ work.

© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez+ 42

Gallery: Chinese Blue by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Chinese Blue

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Beijing

Year: September 2018

Bumps / SAKO Architects. Image © Sebastian WeissCCTV Headquarters / OMA. Image © Sebastian WeissNational Centre for the Performing Arts / Paul Andreu. Image © Sebastian WeissMandarin Oriental / OMA. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 20

Gallery: Monolicious by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Monolicious

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Milan

Year: 2018

Sheraton Hotel Malpensa Airport / King Roselli Architetti. Image © Sebastian WeissUniversita Luigi Bocconi / Grafton Architects. Image © Sebastian WeissChiesa di Maria S.ma Immacolata di Longuelo / Giuseppe Pizzigoni. Image © Sebastian WeissPalazzo Mondadori / Oscar Niemeyer. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 12

Kengo Kuma and Associates's Yangcheng Lake Tourist Transportation Center Through The Lens Of Zheng Shi

From Chinese architectural photographer Zheng Shi comes imagery of Kengo Kuma's Yangcheng Lake Tourist Transportation Center in China. Architecture aimed to build a topographic structure as a large hill by randomly placing aluminum extruded materials with single-sized sections. Inside is designed as the assemblage of slanted floors, in order to maintain the same landform both in inside and outside that create some random yet ambiguous state.

Gallery: City of Light by Sebastian Weiss

Name: City of Light

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Lisbon

Year: March 2019

Hospital de Santa Maria / Hermann Distel. Image © Sebastian WeissGare do Oriente / Santiago Calatrava. Image © Sebastian WeissNational Archive of Torre do Tombo / Ateliers Associados. Image © Sebastian WeissChampalimaud Center for the Unknown / Charles Correa Associates. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 17

Three Defining Movements in Architectural Photography

From the first experiments carried out by the French Joseph Niépce in 1793, and his most successful test in 1826, photography became an object of exploring and a resource for registering lived moments and places of the world. Within the broad spectrum of photographic production throughout history, architecture has frequently played a leading role on the records, be it from the perspective of photography as an art, document or, as it was often the case, an instrument for cultural construction.

Having great autonomy as a practice and of particular debate inside this theme, architectural photography has the ability to reaffirm a series of expressive features of the portrayed works, create tension in their relation to the surroundings, and propose specific or generic readings of buildings, among other investigative possibilities.

Chasing The Light: Marvin Rand's Photographs of Mid-Century Modern California

Welton Becket & Associates, Capitol Records, Hollywood, 1956. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin Rand
Welton Becket & Associates, Capitol Records, Hollywood, 1956. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin Rand

Images of Los Angeles present an limitless city, whose roads sprawl far into the horizon and whose lights never seem to dim. But there is also intimacy to be found in the urban sprawl, not to mention a cutting-edge catalogue for design and architecture. In the new book, California Captured, authors Emily Bills, Sam Lubell, and Pierluigi Serraino show this side of Los Angeles through the lens of photographer Marvin Rand. Rand's spare and understated images of architecture helped define and spread the distinctive Californian mid-century modern style across the world - and introduced viewers to a Los Angeles beyond the lights. Read an excerpt from California Captured here after the break:

Welton Becket & Associates, Equitable Life Building, Los Angeles, 1969. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin RandEdward Durell, Stone Stuart Pharmaceutical Company, Pasadena, 1958. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin RandPereira & Luckman, LAX Theme Building, Los Angeles, 1961. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin RandWelton Becket & Associates, Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, 1963. Image Courtesy of the Estate of Marvin Rand+ 7