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Latest news in Switzerland

Swiss Pavilion at the 2021 Venice Biennale Explores the Political and Social Implications of the Country's Border

Titled Oræ -Experiences on the Border, (oræ, Latin for “borders”) the Swiss contribution to the 17th Venice Biennale explores the spatial and political dimension of the country’s border, investigating the social implications of this inhabited territory. Created by a Geneva-based team of architects and artists comprising Mounir Ayoub and Vanessa Lacaille from Laboratoire d’architecture, as well as filmmaker Fabrice Aragno and artist sculptor Pierre Szczepanski, the exhibition details a series of participative processes performed along the Swiss border that investigate the frontier and its inhabitants, revealing the poetic character of the space.

Architecture as a Heterogenous Practice: What is to be an Architect Around the World

Although architecture itself is universal, the day-to-day practice still varies across the world, influenced by a wide range of factors, from the professional requirements and responsibilities of an architect, the local environment, history and building customs, to local priorities and challenges. In a hyper-connected world, where architecture seems to become more uniform, how do local contexts and characteristics shape the built environment? This article taps into the commonalities and the variations within the architecture profession.

Foster + Partners Imagines an Innovation and Community Center in the Swiss Alps

Foster + Partners has revealed images of InnHub La Punt, a new center for innovation in the heart of the Engadin valley, in the Swiss Alps. The 6,000-square-metre project, set for completion in 2022, is comprised of a 3-story building encompassing work and seminar spaces, sports facilities, retail shops, and a restaurant. Based on the idea of the ‘third place’, the intervention creates a space for collaboration and creativity.

3XN and IttenBrechbühl Win International Competition to Design Wooden Tower in Lausanne, Switzerland

3XN and IttenBrechbühl have been selected to design Tilia Tower, an 85-meter-tall mixed-use wooden building that includes apartments, retail, and a hotel. Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the project also encompasses the transformation and renovation of two existing buildings, as well as the implementation of new public spaces, bringing vitality to the neighborhood.

Medieval Brutalism: The Entrance of Switzerland's Castelgrande Captured by Simone Bossi

Situated on Ticino's rocky peaks are the historic Medieval Castles of Bellinzona: Montebello, Sasso Corbaro, and Castelgrande. And while all three castles and their fortifications have become part of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, it is not only the ancient walls that leave visitors enchanted, but the gateways that leads to them.

Federico Covre Captures Barozzi Veiga's Swiss Projects: the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center and MCB-A

Federico Covre’s latest series of photographs showcases two of Barozzi Veiga's projects in Switzerland, the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center, and the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts. The Italian architectural photographer based in Italy and Sweden, who “seeks to achieve a balance between conceptual rigor and functionality” through his images, has captured both projects after a year of their completion.

TAMassociati Designs a Future-Proof Urban Plan in the Swiss Alps

TAMassociati has designed a new “future proof” regeneration plan for the Officine industrial site in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Working with sa_partners and Franco Giorgetta Landscape Architect, the team created a proposal for the large-scale masterplan that explores gradual development in the Swiss alpine city.

The Value of an Address: How Cities Around the World Utilize Street Names and Building Numbers

In cities across the United States, an address is more than just a street name or a building number- but a brand that translates directly into a symbol of wealth and prestige. Take the tallest residential tower in the country, 432 Park Avenue in New York City, which doesn't actually sit quite on park avenue. Instead, it’s neighboring lot to the east sits on Park Avenue, and this mega structure actually faces 56th avenue- a significantly less iconic street. However, this inflated valuation doesn’t happen everywhere. Cities in other countries don't place the same weight on an address and refer to buildings or locations as landmarks or by their appearances, which doesn't force a high monetary value based on an address or a marketing scheme alone. How do places in the world differ in how they brand buildings and streets in cities, and what does that tell us about their urban culture?

From Architecture as a Civic Task to an Interest in Materials: 4 Emerging Practices in Europe

Four emerging architecture studio profiles from Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Poland were chosen by New Generations, a platform that analyses the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the exchange of knowledge and confrontation, theory, and production. Since 2013, New Generations has involved more than 300 practices in a diverse program of cultural activities, such as festivals, exhibitions, open calls, video-interviews, workshops, and experimental formats.

Herzog & de Meuron Create Third Roche Tower Along Rhine River in Basel

Herzog & de Meuron have created a new proposal for a third tower in the Roche development along the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland. Designed for the biotech company, the updated plan combines green open space along the riverbank with a reception building and the third office tower. HdM developed a proposal for two buildings on the southern plot; a low-rise to sit within the park and the high-rise to reach a maximum height of 221 meters.

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