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AD Classics: Vitra Design Museum / Gehry Partners

22:00 - 18 October, 2018
AD Classics: Vitra Design Museum / Gehry Partners, © Liao Yusheng
© Liao Yusheng

This article was originally published on April 27, 2017. To read the stories behind other celebrated architecture projects, visit our AD Classics section.

Even at the Vitra Campus in Weil-am-Rhein—a collection of furniture factories, offices, showrooms, and galleries, many of which are the products of iconic architects—the Vitra Design Museum stands out as exceptional. With its sculptural form composed of interconnected curving volumes, the museum is the unmistakable work of Frank Gehry – an architect who has built a legacy for himself upon such structures. What may not be immediately apparent is the crossroads that this serene white building represents: it was in this project at the southwestern corner of Germany (close to the Swiss border) that Gehry first realized a structure in the vein of his now signature style.

© Liao Yusheng © Liao Yusheng © Liao Yusheng © Liao Yusheng + 10

Jay Pritzker Pavilion / Gehry Partners

11:00 - 11 April, 2018
Jay Pritzker Pavilion  / Gehry Partners, © Patrick Pyszka
© Patrick Pyszka

Courtesy of Gehry Partners © Patrick Pyszka © Patrick Pyszka © Patrick Pyszka + 20

  • Architects

  • Location

    Millennium Park, 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States
  • Category

  • Project Architect

    Manoucher Eslami
  • Project Team

    Reza Bagherzadeh, Chris Banks, Saffet Bekiroglu, Tom Besai, James Jackson, Leigh Jerrard, Kurt Komraus, Jason Luk, David May, Chris Mazzier, Frank Medrano, Sy Melgazo, Napolean Merana, Chris Mercier, Julianna Morais, Diego Petrate, Lynn Pilon, Birgit Schneider, Tensho Takemori, Karen Tom, Scott Uriu, Adam Wheeler
  • Design Partner

    Frank O. Gehry
  • Project Designer

    Craig Webb
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

DZ Bank Building / Gehry Partners

06:00 - 16 November, 2017
DZ Bank Building / Gehry Partners, © Nancy Da Campo
© Nancy Da Campo

© Nancy Da Campo © Nancy Da Campo © Nancy Da Campo © Nancy Da Campo + 27

  • Architects

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany
  • Category

  • Architect in Charge

    Gehry Partners
  • Area

    20000.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Biomuseo / Gehry Partners

00:00 - 30 October, 2014
Biomuseo / Gehry Partners, © Fernando Alda 
© Fernando Alda 

© Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda  + 23

  • Architects

  • Location

    Amador Causeway, Panama, Panama
  • Category

  • Architect in Charge

    Frank Gehry
  • Design Team

    Elmer Barco, Danelle Briscoe, Vartan Chalikian, Tina Chee, Denise Disney, Sam Gehry, Jose Gonzalez, Kerenza Harris, Jeremy Leman, Chris Mercier, George Metzger, Nathaniel Nacionales, Scott Natvig, Michael O’Boyle, Markus Sohst, Armando Solano
  • Exhibition Design

    Bruce Mau Design
  • Area

    4100.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Fondation Louis Vuitton / Gehry Partners

01:00 - 13 October, 2014
Fondation Louis Vuitton / Gehry Partners, © Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

© Todd Eberle © Todd Eberle © Todd Eberle © Todd Eberle + 24

AD Classics: Walt Disney Concert Hall / Frank Gehry

01:00 - 23 October, 2013
AD Classics: Walt Disney Concert Hall / Frank Gehry, © Gehry Partners, LLP
© Gehry Partners, LLP

Completed October 23, 2003, The Walt Disney Concert Hall celebrates its tenth anniversary today. Home to the LA Philharmonic, it has received wide acclaim for its excellent acoustics and distinctive architecture. In the decade since its opening, the hall's sweeping, metallic surfaces have become associated with Frank Gehry’s signature style.

© 2012 Carlos Eduardo Seo - Used with permission. © Matt Blanchard © Gehry Partners, LLP © 2012 Carlos Eduardo Seo - Used with permission. + 26

AD Classics: The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / Gehry Partners

01:00 - 1 September, 2013
AD Classics: The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / Gehry Partners, © Flickr User: RonG8888
© Flickr User: RonG8888

Set on the edge of the Nervión River in Bilbao‭, ‬Spain, the Guggenheim Museum is a fusion of complex‭, ‬swirling forms and captivating materiality that responds to an intricate program and an industrial urban context‭. ‬With over a hundred exhibitions and more than ten million visitors to its recognition‭, ‬Frank Gehry‮’‬s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao not only changed the way that architects and people think about museums, but also boosted Bilbao's economy with its astounding success‭.‭ ‬In fact‭, ‬the phenomenon of a city‮’‬s transformation following the construction of a significant piece of architecture is now referred to as the‭ ‬‮“‬Bilbao Effect‭.‬‮”‬‭ ‬Twenty years on, the Museum continues to challenge assumptions about the connections between art and architecture‭ today.

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National Art Museum of China Entry / Gehry Partners

01:00 - 16 July, 2013
National Art Museum of China Entry / Gehry Partners, © Gehry Partners
© Gehry Partners

Gehry Partners have just released their highly anticipated proposal for the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in Beijing. Though rumors from last year reported Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel as the competition’s top contenders, with Nouvel taking the lead, a winner has yet to be confirmed.

Gehry’s design, which is intended to promote cross cultural understanding and appreciation for Chinese contemporary art, aims at setting a new standard for 21st century Chinese architecture. Perhaps the most defining element of the design is the “translucent stone” facade, a new type of glass developed by Gehry Partners that is said to have the qualities of jade.

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AD Classic: Norton House / Frank Gehry

01:00 - 28 February, 2013
AD Classic: Norton House / Frank Gehry, © Samuel Ludwig
© Samuel Ludwig

Designed in 1984 for artist Lynn Norton and writer William Norton, Frank Gehry’s Norton House is known for its eccentric form and eclectic materiality. Much like his own house in Santa Monica, the Norton House is a sculptural assemblage of everyday materials. The Nortons had in fact seen Gehry’s house in 1983 and obviously approved of his experiment. So, a year later, they commissioned him to design their house on a narrow, ocean-facing plot of land on Venice Boardwalk. With the commission, Gehry continued his exploration of creating architecture with everyday materials, low costs, and sculptural forms.

© Samuel Ludwig © Samuel Ludwig © Samuel Ludwig Courtesy of LA Times (Tim Street-Porter) + 6

In Progress: The Biomuseo / Frank Gehry

00:00 - 7 February, 2013
© Victoria Murillo / / Biomuseo
© Victoria Murillo / / Biomuseo

The Puente de Vida Museum, more commonly referred to as The Biomuseo, will be Frank Gehry's first design in all of Latin America. It is located in Panama in the area called Amador, which sits only a few blocks from the country's principal cruise port and is adjacent to Panama City. The mission of the Biomuseo is to "offer an impressing and educational experience about the biodiversity and emergence of the isthmus in Panama in order to motivate all Panamanians to get to know and to value this natural component of their identity, as well as to generate in all its visitors the need to protect the environment" (Biomuseo Website). The Biomuseo intends to explore the importance of Panama's biological systems and its emergence as a geological link between North and South America, both of which have had global impacts many are unaware of.

With these goals in mind, it quickly became clear that the museum design needed to be something very special to attract the international attention its founders desired. They wanted the museum to be a never-before-seen kind of design and to serve as a new architectural icon for Panama, much like the Eiffel Tower does for France or the Tower of Pisa for Italy. With the participation of Gehry Partners as well as the world-renowned landscape architect Edwina von Gal & Company, the Biomuseo began to take form: an extremely unique, Gehry-esque structure surrounded by an open botanical park that complements the exhibits within.

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Courtesy of Biomuseo © Victoria Murillo / / Biomuseo Courtesy of Biomuseo Courtesy of Biomuseo + 40

Update: New World Center / Gehry Partners

00:00 - 20 May, 2011
Update: New World Center / Gehry Partners, © Emilio Collavino
© Emilio Collavino

© Emilio Collavino © Emilio Collavino © Emilio Collavino © Emilio Collavino + 16

New World Center / Gehry Partners

01:00 - 27 January, 2011
New World Center / Gehry Partners, © Rui Dias-Adios
© Rui Dias-Adios

© Rui Dias-Adios © Rui Dias-Adios © Rui Dias-Adios © Rui Dias-Adios + 30

  • Architects

  • Location

    Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • Category

  • Design Partner

    Frank Gehry
  • Project Designer

    Craig Webb
  • Managing Partner

    Terry Bell
  • Project Architect

    Brad Winkeljohn
  • Project Team

    Curtis Christensen , Dan Sokolosky, Molly Forr, Lisa Cage , Shikha Doogar, Petar Vrcibradic, Leon Cheng, Vartan Chalikian, Armando Solano, Luciana Vidal, Rolando Mendoza
  • Project Manager

    Kristin Ragins
  • Area

    100641.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Gehry Residence / Gehry Partners

00:00 - 5 July, 2010
Gehry Residence / Gehry Partners, via

via © Liao Yusheng Courtesy of © Liao Yusheng + 21