From Paper Tube Shelters to Timber Innovations: Shigeru Ban's Complete Works Explored by Philip Jodidio for Taschen

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban stands out in the architectural world for his commitment to socially responsible design, his eagerness to respond to disaster-related emergencies, and his creativity in adapting solutions to local conditions. He pioneered the use of materials such as paper and cardboard, employing them to create high-quality low-cost shelters and even community amenities such as churches, containers for creating a Nomadic Museum, and mass timber to push the possibilities of responsible design. The works of the Pritzker Prize laureate are now explored in the latest monography by Taschen, “Shigeru Ban. Complete Works 1985–Today” led by author Philip Jodidio. The multilingual edition features texts in English, French, and German, and will become available on June 14, 2024.

Tadao Ando's MPavilion Announces Year-Long Extension in Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne, Australia, the tenth edition of the MPavilion, designed by Pritzker Prize-winner Tadao Ando, has been extended until March 2025. Marking the architect’s sole-built project in Australia, the extension presents an opportunity for Melburnians and visitors to enjoy the space and its diverse offerings. The pavilion welcomes guests daily, serving as a serene oasis, a communal gathering space, and a landmark architectural destination throughout the year.

A Look Back at the 9 Japanese Architects Honored with the Pritzker Prize

Last week, Japanese architect and social advocate Riken Yamamoto was announced as the 2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, becoming the 9th Japanese architect honored with the profession’s most prestigious award. Throughout the 45-year history of the Pritzker Prize, Japan stands out as the nation with the highest number of laureates. While geography is not a criterion in the selection of the laureates, Japanese architecture consistently impresses with its interplay of light and shadow, the careful composition of spaces, soft transitions between interior and exterior, and attention to detail and materiality. An ingrained culture of building also celebrates diverse designs and encourages global dialogue and the exchange of ideas and best practices. Read on to rediscover the 9 Japanese Pritzker laureates and glimpse into their body of work.

Watch 2024 Pritzker Prize Winner Riken Yamamoto Explain his Creative Process and Architectural Journey

Last week, Japanese architect and social advocate, Riken Yamamoto, was selected as the 2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, the 53rd honoree of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and the ninth architect from Japan to receive this recognition. With a body of built works that spans five decades, ranging from private residences to large-scale housing complexes, educational institutions, and civic spaces, scattered around Japan, China, South Korea, and Switzerland, Yamamoto's architecture is focused on building community and blurring the boundaries between the public and private spheres. In a series of videos produced by the Pritzker Prize, the architect goes back to the fundamentals and discusses the threshold system, transparency, community, and the landscape.

Who Should Win the 2024 Pritzker Prize?

After the Hyatt Foundation announced that the 2024 Pritzker Prize be revealed on March 5 at 9 am EST, speculation has ignited regarding which architect or architects will receive architecture's most prestigious award. The Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered to be "the profession’s highest honor," has been granted annually, since 1979, by a jury, to a living architect or architects with significant achievements to humanity and the built environment.

Pritzker Architecture Prize Ceremony Video Honors Sir David Chipperfield, the 2023 Laureate

The Pritzker Architecture Prize has released the ceremony video to honor of the 2023 Laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Prize, Sir David Chipperfield. Following the announcement from earlier this year, the ceremony was held on November 14th at the Ancient Agora of Athens, presented and sponsored by the Hyatt Foundation. It included the 2023 Laureate Lecture and Panel Discussion, where David Alan Chipperfield was joined by Francis Kéré, the 2022 Laureate, and Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, the 2021 Laureates.

The Center for Arts and Innovation Selects Renzo Piano to Design Boca Raton's Creative Campus

The Center for Arts and Innovation has just selected Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano to design its new creative campus. The campus is situated in the heart of downtown Boca Raton in Florida and aims to become a global hub for creative excellence. Ultimately, The Center is on a mission to transform Boca Raton into an internationally recognized destination for culture, arts, innovation, and technology.

David Chipperfield Architects Collaborate with Ester Buzkus Architeken to Design NOBU Hotel and Restaurant in Hamburg

David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, in collaboration with Ester Buzkus Architeken, has won the international competition to design the newest NOBU Hotel and Restaurant in Hamburg. In fact, David Chipperfield is also the architect for the entire Elbtower building, currently under construction, where the Nobu Hotel will occupy two of the three wings in the seven-story base of the tower. When completed, it should be the tallest building in Hamburg, at 230 meters.