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M Pavilion: The Latest Architecture and News

MPavilion, Australia’s Leading Architecture and Design Event Announces 2021 Program

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has unveiled the 2021 MPavilion program, offering over 250 free events over the span of 152 days, its longest to date. Now in its 8th season, the event welcomes design enthusiasts from Australia and across the globe to celebrate the important contributions of the design community to cultural landscapes. This year's pavilion, titled 'The LightCatcher' is designed by Venice-based MAP studio, and will be installed in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens from the 2nd of December until the 24th of April 2022.

© Anthony Richardson© Anthony Richardson© John Gollings© John Gollings+ 6

Glenn Murcutt Unbuilt Projects, VR Tour

Did you know that a number of Glenn Murcutt AO’s designed projects have never—or not yet—been realised? Even so, thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) technology, you can now experience some of them in digitally rendered form—as close to finalised as they’ll get, at least for now. By this process, with Glenn’s full support and assistance, Sydney-based Sissons Architects are bringing two of his projects to life in extraordinary detail: the Donaldson House in Somers, Victoria, and a private house in Mount White, New South Wales.

Join Nick Sissons, director and founder of Sissons Architects, whose multimedia presentation of this venture will

Glenn Murcutt's MPavilion Unveiled in Australia

Glenn Murcutt has unveiled the design of the 2019 MPavilion as part of Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne, Australia. Known for environmentally responsible designs grounded in an Australian background, Murcutt's new project is his first civic city design. MPavilion 2019 is the sixth in an ongoing series of annual architect-designed summer pavilions for Melbourne.

MPavilion 2019. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2019. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2019. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2019. Image © John Gollings+ 8

Glenn Murcutt Unveils 2019 MPavilion Design

Glenn Murcutt’s design for the MPavilion 2019 has been revealed. The scheme relays Murcutt’s longstanding interest in buildings that make efficient use of the researched site and climatic conditions that relate to the Australian landscape. The scheme will strike a white, refined, minimalist design, and will be a milestone summer attraction for Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens.

© Glenn Murcutt© Glenn Murcutt© Glenn Murcutt© Glenn Murcutt+ 6

Glenn Murcutt to Design Sixth Edition of Melbourne's MPavilion

Image Courtesy of MPavilion. ImageGlenn Murcutt
Image Courtesy of MPavilion. ImageGlenn Murcutt

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has announced that the sixth edition of the MPavilion will be designed by Australian architect and Pritzker laureate architect Glenn Murcutt AO. Murcutt's announcement comes as the 2018 edition of the MPavilion, designed by Spanish architect Carme Pinos, closed after a record-breaking season that saw more than 133,000 visitors. Murcutt will be the second Australian to design a pavilion for the Melbourne-based program; Sean Godsell designed the inaugural pavilion in 2014.

© Anthony Brownell. ImageSimpson - Lee House / Glenn Murcutt© Anthony Brownell. ImageWalsh House / Glenn Murcutt © Anthony Brownell. ImageMange House / Glenn Murcutt© Anthony Brownell. ImageBoyd Centre / Glenn Murcutt+ 11

Carme Pinós' Designed 2018 MPavilion Opens in Melbourne

After a season packed with significant architecture news, Melbourne has announced the opening of the 2018 MPavilion designed by Carme Pinós. The pavilion is widely considered to be the southern hemisphere’s answer to the Serpentine Pavilion, and has featured designers such as Rem Koolhaas, Bijoy Jain, and Amanda Levete.

This year’s design, from Spanish architect Carme Pinós, takes its inspiration from origami, with wings opening out to welcome the city into the pavilion itself. The roof, made of two distinct halves, is perched upon three mounds incorporating public seating.

MPavilion 2018 / Carme Pinos. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2018 / Carme Pinos. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2018 / Carme Pinos. Image © John GollingsMPavilion 2018 / Carme Pinos. Image © John Gollings+ 6

New Details Released of Estudio Carme Pinós' 2018 MPavilion in Melbourne

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has released images of the MPavilion 2018, designed by Barcelona-based architect Carme Pinós of Estudio Carme Pinós, and situated in Melbourne, Australia. The fifth MPavilion in an ongoing series, the Estudio Carme Pinós design seeks to invite interaction at an intersection between people, design, nature, and the city.

The first Spanish architect to design an MPavilion, Carme Pinós follows on from past MPavilion designers such as OMA in 2017, Studio Mumbai in 2016, and AL_A in 2015.

Courtesy of Estudio Carme PinósCourtesy of Estudio Carme PinósCourtesy of Estudio Carme PinósCourtesy of Estudio Carme Pinós+ 5

OMA's 2017 MPavilion to Be Relocated to Monash University in Melbourne

Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten / OMA’s 2017 MPavilion has found a permanent home at Monash University, Clayton, the Naomi Milgrom Foundation has announced. The news marks the fourth MPavilion to be gifted to the public by the Foundation.

“The relocation of Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten’s MPavilion to Monash University ensures it will continue to be a dynamic incubator, where ideas about architecture, design, and creativity are encouraged and nurtured. I’m extremely pleased that it will carry on inspiring our young practitioners,” said Naomi Milgrom AO, founder of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation.

Photograph by Timothy Burgess. Courtesy of MPavilionPhotograph by Timothy Burgess. Courtesy of MPavilionPhotograph by Timothy Burgess. Courtesy of MPavilionDavid Gianotten, Naomi Milgrom and Rem Koolhaas (from left). Photograph by Timothy Burgess. Courtesy of MPavilion+ 35

Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten Discuss 2017 MPavilion, Reveal Temporary Installation 'Swings'

Two months after the opening of the 2017 MPavilion in Melbourne, its designers, OMA’s Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten, have returned to discuss the commission and design process, as well as their reactions to its use thus far.

“The opening was an opening with many formal obligations and many excellencies, and that was exciting,” said Koolhaas about the pavilions opening events. “But frankly more exciting was this morning, when the thing performed really wonderfully spontaneously in terms of raising a lot of issues and having from the very first second a really animated discussion about a whole range of issues. And that’s exactly we intended it go.”

2017 MPavilion Designed by OMA's Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten Opens in Melbourne

The 2017 MPavilion, designed by Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of OMA, has opened to the public in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens.

Inspired by the design of ancient amphitheatres and embedded into a raised landscape of native plantings, the project represents OMA’s first-ever completed project in Australia. The 19x19-meter, aluminum-clad structure will feature a rotating grandstand to allow the space to be reconfigured for the variety of events planned for the summer MPavilion program, as well as a two-meter-deep floating roof structure to offer shade and provide support systems for the programming below.

© Timothy Burgess© John Gollings© John Gollings© John Gollings+ 11

OMA's Rem Koolhaas & David Gianotten Selected to Design MPavilion 2017

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has selected Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of OMA for the design of Melbourne’s 2017 MPavilion. The announcement comes after this weekend’s closing of the 2016 MPavilion, designed by Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai, which welcomed more than 94,000 visitors to over 287 free events in its 139 day run. Now in its 4th year, the MPavilion program invites architects who have yet to completed a project in Australia to design and construct their first structure in the country.

Bijoy Jain: “Architecture Is Not About an Image, It Is About Sensibility”

Bijoy Jain, the founder of Indian practice Studio Mumbai, has long been well-known for his earth-bound material sensibilities, and an approach to architecture that bridges the gap between Modernism and vernacular construction. The recent opening of the third annual MPavilion in Melbourne, this year designed by Jain, offered an opportunity to present this architectural approach on a global stage. In this interview as part of his “City of Ideas” series, Vladimir Belogolovsky speaks with Bijoy Jain about his design for the MPavilion and his architecture of “gravity, equilibrium, light, air and water.”

Ahmedabad Residence, Ahmedabad, India (2014). Image Courtesy of Studio MumbaiCopper House II, Chondi, Maharashtra, India (2012). Image Courtesy of Studio MumbaiCarrimjee House, Kankeshwar, Alibuag, Maharashtra, India (2014). Image Courtesy of Studio MumbaiTara House, Kashid, Maharashtra, India (2005). Image Courtesy of Studio Mumbai+ 51

Bijoy Jain Designs Australia's Largest Bamboo Structure for 2016 MPavilion

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has released plans for Studio Mumbai founder Bijoy Jain’s design for the 2016 MPavilion, the Australian counterpart to London's wildly successful Serpentine Gallery Pavilion program. Continuing the concepts driving Studio Mumbai’s work, the pavilion will utilize a process Jain describes as ‘Lore,’ an exploration of handmade architecture and simplicity of building craft that centers on the relationship between making and human connectedness.

Courtesy of Studio MumbaiCourtesy of Studio Mumbai© Nicholas Watt© Nicholas Watt+ 23

AL_A's MPavilion Gifted to Melbourne, Relocates to Public Park

AL_A's MPavilion 2015 has been gifted to the City of Melbourne. It will be relocated from the Queen Victoria Gardens to a permanent site at Collins Street park in Docklands, says Naomi Milgrom, chair of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation.

“In its new permanent home, Amanda Levete’s MPavilion 2015 will continue to inspire and be part of our city’s cultural heritage as a public amenity of Melbourne. Amanda’s magical, forest-like structure joins a growing family of architectural masterpieces to be enjoyed by the people of Melbourne for years to come,” Milgrom said.

Studio Mumbai Founder Bijoy Jain to Design Melbourne's Next MPavilion

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has chosen Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai to design Melbourne's 2016 MPavilion. Following Amanda Levete's rendition of the unique commission, which closed its doors Sunday after hosting four months of free events, Jain will be the third architect to design the annual MPavilion.

"I’m honored to be commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation to design the next MPavilion in Melbourne. I want it to be a symbol of the elemental nature of communal structures. Like Naomi, I see MPavilion as a place of engagement: a space to discover the essentials of the world - and of oneself," commented Jain.

Amanda Levete's MPavilion Opens in Melbourne

AL_A has completed Melbourne's second annual MPavilion. The temporary installation, initiated by Naomi Milgrom Foundation, was unveiled today in Queen Victoria Gardens. For the next four months, the public is welcome to populate the artificial "forest canopy," whose translucent petals were developed using aerospace technology to demonstrate how an ultra-lightweight structure that can "sit lightly on the landscape and gently respond to the climate." "Each petal is fitted with LED lights that are activated by the sunset to give a light performance synchronized with music," says the organizers.

Amanda Levete's MPavilion Inspired by Forest Canopy

Images have been released of Melbourne's second annual MPavilion. Designed by British architect Amanda Levete of AL_A, the temporary structure will use the latest technology in nautical engineering to stimulate a forest-like canopy within the city’s Queen Victoria Gardens. A series of three- and five-meter wide petals made from ultra-thin translucent composite and carbon fiber will "sway" on top slender columns, mimicking the tree line to the site's east.

Amanda Levete to Design Melbourne's Second Annual MPavilion

British architect Amanda Levete of London-based studio AL_A has been selected to design Melbourne's second annual MPavilion. The temporary structure will be used to house talks, workshops, performances and installations in the "downtown oasis" of Queen Victoria Gardens starting this October.

"I’ve visited Australia three times in the past six years and without doubt Melbourne is my favorite city," said Levete, commenting on her commission. "It’s people that make a city creative – and that’s why I love Melbourne. The brief from the Naomi Milgrom Foundation is a great opportunity to design a structure that responds to its climate and landscape. I’m interested in exploiting the temporary nature of the pavilion form to produce a design that speaks in response to the weather."