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Indoor Landscaping: 30 Projects that Bring Life into Interiors

Introducing elements of nature - such as water, vegetation, natural light, stones or even the use of wood - into interior design can provide richer and more complex compositions in the built environment. In these landscaping projects, the textures, silhouettes and, especially, the generated sensations, can establish new relationships of well-being and comfort for the user.

Call for Papers: International Conference "Sense of Past and Sense of Place. Designing Heritage Tourism"

In all its multiple meanings the word heritage refers to what we inherit from the past, both in material and immaterial sense.

Some authors speak about heritage as a sense of past, meant as a form of past self-awareness, as a collective experience and as an essential dimension of a culture. Some other authors believe that the idea of heritage deals with the ability to put the contemporary human signs into an historical perspective, so developing a sense of place, that is the place’s value and meaning.
Therefore, heritage can be intended as sense of past and sense of place together.
The heritage’s

Urban Design Challenge 2020: Student Ideas Competition for Canada’s Capital

The NCC’s Urban Design Challenge 2020: Student Ideas Competition for Canada’s Capital is now on.

Urban Design Challenge 2020 is a competition that invites students from across the country to come up with design concepts for important sites in Canada’s Capital Region. The competition is organized by the National Capital Commission (NCC), the federal Crown corporation dedicated to ensuring that Canada’s Capital is a dynamic and inspiring source of pride for all Canadians, and building a legacy for generations to come.

The NCC is challenging students to propose innovative planning and design ideas for two important destinations in the Capital Region.

2019’s Biggest Developments in Landscape Architecture

This year showcased how landscape architecture is shaping public life in the built environment. In the first two decades of the 21st century, landscape architects created vibrant resiliency plans, rehabilitation projects, and new urban parks. As these twenty years come to a close, 2019 embodied many larger ideas and trends that will continue to influence the next decade of landscape design.

Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.. Image © Ted Booth Music Center Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. Image © Tim Street-Porter Innisfree, Milbrook, NY. Image Courtesy of Innisfree Foundation The rehabilitated Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis, MN. Image © Elizabeth Felicella + 9

We Australia – Embracing Evolution through Architecture

To build a tourist village that helps visitors to learn about the history of human evolution which not only sensitizes, but spreads awareness about the changing relationship between nature, natives and the country of Australia.

Open Call for Proposals: Contrei live land art festival

Open Call for Proposals
Artists, (environmental) Architects, Designers & Makers

Semaphore: an Ecological Utopia Proposed by Vincent Callebaut

In a design proposal for Soprema’s new company headquarters in Strasbourg, France, Vincent Callebaut Architectures envisions an 8,225 square-meter ecological utopia. The building, called Semaphore, is described in the program as a “green flex office for nomad co-workers” and is dedicated to urban agriculture and employee well-being.

An eco-futuristic building, Semaphore is inspired by biomimicry and intended as a poetic landmark, as well as aiming to serve as a showcase for Soprema’s entire range of insulation, waterproofing, and greening products. The design is an ecological prototype of the green city of the future, working to achieve a symbiosis between humans and nature.

Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures + 23

Dirk Denison 10 Houses

Journalist Fred A. Bernstein's new book takes readers into ten extraordinary private homes designed by the Chicago-based architect and educator Dirk Denison, providing a must-read for anybody curious about the myriad elements informing custom residential design at the highest level. Bernstein devotes the centerpiece to a fascinating portrait of the architect as a young man. Here, Denison reflects on his childhood in the ascendant Detroit of mid-century and early encounters with Mies, both Saarinens, both Kahns, Yamasaki, Bunshaft, Libeskind and Gehry, as well as studies at Cranbrook, the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD)and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT),

Outros Territórios – International Call for Urban Intervention

Vazio S/A, Coletivo Aurora and Eduardo de Jesus have launched the open competition Outros Territórios – International Call for Urban Intervention.

Outros Territórios (Other Territories) is a suite of ephemeral interventions proposed for a hilly neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, Brazil called Buritis. The plan envisages an instantaneous transformation of the landscape through the simultaneous occupation of the many stilt systems propping up the hillside buildings.

The array of forgotten spaces, ignored for their unsightly strangeness, will be infused with city life through an event that posits an open field of study: the latent possibilities in the existing

Guangming Exhibition Hall of UABB / CUBE DESIGN

© Junwei Chen © Junwei Chen © Junwei Chen © Junwei Chen + 18

CF Møller’s Nature Park is Designed to Flood to Save the Nearby Town

CF Møller’s Storkeengen (Stork Meadow) is a landscape solution, bringing the town of Randers closer to the longest river in Denmark, the Gudenå River to prevent the threat of flooding. The storm protection uses the wetland meadows as an attractive nature park to handle the raised stormwater level, whilst a recreational pathway increases accessibility with the nature areas across the river.

Call for Urban Artists and Land Artists: 12. Arte Laguna Prize

Among the contest categories, the Arte Laguna Prize includes Land Art and Urban Art.

Kleinewelt Architekten and Citizenstudio Envision Moscow's Gateway to the Five Seas

Kleinewelt Architekten in partnership with Citizenstudio / Gorozhane Group, created a re-design proposal for the Northern River Boat Station Park, also known as the Park of Five Seas, in Moscow. Built in the 1930’s, the current park is supposed to act as the city’s gateway to the five seas: the White, Baltic, Black, Azov, and Caspian Sea. However, the park is removed from city life and separates Moscow from it’s historic waterways.

Courtesy of Kleinewelt Architekten bureau Courtesy of Kleinewelt Architekten bureau Courtesy of Kleinewelt Architekten bureau Courtesy of Kleinewelt Architekten bureau + 20

Call for Entries: The “International Landscape Design Competition for Han River, Da Nang City”

On 1st August 2016, the ‘Landscape Design Competition for Han riverfront, Da Nang city’ is officially launched. This is an International Competition decided by of which Da Nang People’s Committee is legal authority, Da Nang Department of Construction is ExecutiveAgency and the Vietnam National Institute of Architecture is the competition organizer. It is also under the auspices of Vietnam Association of Architects with proud. This competition seeks for best planning and landscape design ideas and solutions for the Han River in order to bring new vitality to the city and building up its core values of being in

2017 AZ Awards Gala

The AZ Awards for Design Excellence celebrates the finalists and winners at a gala celebration on Friday, June 23 from 6 to 10 pm. Join colleagues and designers from around the world as we celebrate the very best in international architecture, interiors and product design. For more information and to get tickets, please visit

SOM's Inclusive Riverfront Set to Revitalise Detroit

Chicago-based SOM’s plans for the redevelopment of the East Riverfront in Detroit, Michigan have been unveiled. The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, and City of Detroit Planning and Development Department will work together to deliver SOM’s plan to revitalize the former blighted industrial area. The framework plan involves improving community access to the riverfront, the design of a new riverfront parkland, and the conversion of a historic riverfront structure into a mixed-use development.

An upgrade of the urban landscape along the Detroit River will begin in 2017. Image Courtesy of City of Detroit The Historic Stone Soap Building will be upgraded to a mixed-use development, increasing density and activity along the riverfront. Image Courtesy of City of Detroit Nearly eight acres of land will be devoted to open green space. Image Courtesy of City of Detroit Protected cycle paths will link the riverfront with neighbourhoods to the north. Image Courtesy of City of Detroit + 5

Nature-Inspired Design Named Winner of Sylvan Theatre Competition

The Fallen Leaf, designed by Eric Rodrigues, has been named the first-place winner of the competition for the new Sylvan open air theatre in Cherkasy City Park, Ukraine. With a plan to demolish the old building, the new theatre is inspired by nature: it integrates into the landscape of the Cherkasy municipal park and uses only natural and locally sourced stone and wood. The form of the glue laminated timber roof is that of a falling leaf, whose organic slope helps to enhance the theatre's acoustics.

Courtesy of Eric Rodrigues Courtesy of Eric Rodrigues Courtesy of Eric Rodrigues Courtesy of Eric Rodrigues + 9

Call for Submissions: RFP Schematic Design for the Redevelopment of the Amethyst Lot

The City requests proposals from design service firms or teams of firms with experience with marine facility design and urban open space design. The City seeks to develop schematic designs and estimate costs for new facilities supporting redevelopment of the study area that implement existing policies and goals for the site as articulated in the Program Statement for the Amethyst Lot.