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The Safety of Light: A Short History of Light in Public Spaces

The simple activity of taking a walk in the evening can easily turn from a relaxing leisurely activity to a dangerous endeavor by removing just one element from the streetscape: public lighting. While not often recognized as defining aspect of urban environments, artificial illumination has played an essential role in defining the character of modern cities. Crime control, the appeal of nightlife, the rise of the shop window, revolutionary movements, utopias, and ideals of social equity are all concepts whose development is tightly linked to the history of public lighting. Technological advancements over the past centuries have continuously shaped the appearance and symbolism of streetlamps. Still, the this element has remains a constant throughout its history.

The Architecture of Countercultures: Utopian Movements in the United States and Berlin, Germany

The Law of Polarity holds good in relation to human society and cultures as well - everything has an opposite. Countercultures have erupted as condemnations of “the ways of the world”. A countercultural movement expresses the ethos and aspirations of a population during a specific time. As new lifestyles are explored, supporting architecture evolves to satiate the utopian ideals of new societies. Architecture is a product of the culture it is designed for.

Bucky Fuller’s Most Complex Invention May Have Been Himself

This article was originally published on Common Edge.

ICON and BIG Reveal Design for El Cosmico, a 3D-Printed Campground Hotel in Marfa, Texas

Hospitality expert Liz Lambert has announced a collaboration with ICON, the office that pioneered large-scale 3D printing, and BIGBjarke Ingels Group, to rebuild El Cosmico, a campground hotel in Marfa, Texas. The team plans to relocate the venue to a 62 acres plot, where new architectural approaches are made possible by including advanced technologies and 3D-printing elements such as domes, vaults, and parabolic forms. The innovative development will feature guest accommodation and new hospitality programming, including a pool, spa, and shared communal facilities. The project is expected to break ground in 2024.

UNStudio, HKS, and Gehl Selected to Lead a Major Expansion of the Public Transit System in Austin, Texas

The Austin Transit Partnership has selected UNStudio, HKS, and Gehl to lead the architecture and urban design of Project Connect, a major expansion of the public transportation system in Austin, Texas, in the United States. The project is set to become a transformative investment, including and integrating the light rail system, expanded bus routes, and connectivity with more services across the city. The initiative is also voter-approved. In November 2020, Austin citizens approved Project Connect, leading to the creation of the independent entity Austin Transit Partnership charged with implementing the project. The citizens of Austin are invited to continue to get involved and provide feedback.

Rafael Viñoly’s Amaris Condos in Washington DC, Captured by Paul Clemence

On March 2, 2023, Rafael Viñoly passed away at the age of 78, leaving behind a legacy of bold and imposing designs that shaped the skyline of cities across the globe. He is internationally recognized for works such as the Boston Convention Center, which redefined urban space in the American city, the new Carrasco Airport in Montevideo, and the controversial 20 Fenchurch Tower in London.

Populous Unveils Design for the Indy Eleven Stadium in Indianapolis, United States

US-based architecture firm Populous has unveiled the design of a new multipurpose stadium in Indianapolis, US, planned to serve as the new home for the Indy Eleven professional soccer team. The 20,000-seat arena is situated in the center of the Eleven Park neighborhood development, set to transform the city’s southwest quadrant by introducing office spaces, residential units, retail spaces, parking garages, and amenities such as restaurants, a hotel, and green spaces.

San Diego and Tijuana Chosen as the 2024 World Design Capital

The World Design Capital, a city project dedicated to promoting the design profession around the world, showcases a new capital every two years. The initiative recognizes cities for their constructive use of design to drive social, cultural, and environmental change and improve the overall quality of life. This week, San Diego and Tijuana have been named the World Design Capital of 2024, due to their human-centric design strategies and their cross-border collaboration. In previous editions, the World Design Organization had selected Valencia and Mexico City as design capitals of the world.

US and UK Sign Reciprocal Licensing Agreement for Architects

Architects’ registration boards in UK and US have reached an agreement that enables architects to benefit from a more straightforward process to get licensed in both countries. The Mutual Recognition Agreement results from a negotiation between the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) in the United States and its United Kingdom counterpart, the Architects Registration Board (ARB). This week, the two organizations announced that the agreement has been signed by both parties. It will become active on April 25, 2023, allowing architects to apply for reciprocal licensure in the US and the UK.

A Cultural Incubator in Indonesia and a Spiraling Gallery in South Korea: 8 Unbuilt Cultural Centers Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

This week's curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights cultural centers by the ArchDaily community. From a spiral- gallery symbolizing the Jinju culture in South Korea, a building devoted to Irish culture to a gallery to serve as a cultural incubator for Indonesia, this round-up of unbuilt projects showcases how architects, community, and institutions team up to promote culture, arts, history, and reflection.