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Pedestrian Bridge: The Latest Architecture and News

The Millenium Bridge / IBUKU

Courtesy of IBUKU Courtesy of IBUKU © José Tomás Franco © José Tomás Franco + 21

Abiansemal, Indonesia
  • Architects: IBUKU
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  70.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2011

DISSING+WEITLING Wins Competition for Scenic Pedestrian Bridge in China

Nearly a year after opening its "Xiamen Bicycle Skyway," DISSING+WEITLING Architecture has won another major infrastructure project in the Chinese city. The winning design, "Xiamen Footpaths," is set to be a 21-kilometer network of paths and bridges creating a large-scale network connecting the surrounding nature and the budding metropolis of Xiamen.

Much like DISSING+WEITLING's "Bicycle Snake" did for bicycles in Copenhagen, the "Xiamen Footpaths" will improve the traveling conditions and city experience for pedestrians in the bustling city of Xiamen.

How Bridges Evolved Into Signifiers of Urban Identity

Increasingly close collaboration between architects and engineers has caused an explosion in bridge design over the last few decades, resulting in structures that are both bold yet rational. As a result, cities have exploited bridges as great monuments of design, to foster pride in the residents and promote themselves as a destination for tourists. These ideas have inspired photographer Greig Cranna as he travels the world, capturing the elegance of today's bridge infrastructure.

Cranna has been documenting some of his stunning photography on Instagram, collating it over the past 20 months into a forthcoming book, Sky Architecture—The Transformative Magic of Today's Bridges. In capturing these entrancing structures, the photos show the impact of the bridges as an addition to the landscape and revel in their contemporary silhouettes and designs.

Sundial Bridge, Redding, Ca.. Image © Greig Cranna Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, Georgia. Image © Greig Cranna Bond Bridge, Kansas City, Mo. Image © Greig Cranna Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa, Fla . Image © Greig Cranna + 21

Preliminary Research Office Proposes Conical Sky-Bridge for Drone Observation in Shenzhen

Preliminary Research Office has recently been selected to design a pedestrian bridge in Shenzhen, connecting the two tower buildings, each 210 meters (689 feet) high, which will serve as their client’s future headquarters.

The bridge’s formal composition is the result of two intersecting conic masses, positioned about their common axis and directed towards the towers’ core. Perpendicular cones are split by these larger cones at two points on the bridge’s axis, extending to form observation platforms for flying and viewing drones, while also serving as meeting spaces.

© Preliminary Research Office © Preliminary Research Office © Preliminary Research Office © Preliminary Research Office + 31

3rd Skin Architects' Haghani Pedestrian Bridge Folds Over Iranian Highway

3rd Skin Architects has released the plans for the Haghani Pedestrian Bridge, which will connect the residential zone of Mirdamad, Tehran, to Abbas Abad over the Haghani Highway in Iran.