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Dutch architectural office VenhoevenCS with its French partner Ateliers 2/3/4/ have won the competition to design the Aquatics Centre for the Olympics Games of 2024 in Paris. The innovative sports center, connected by a new pedestrian bridge to the existing “Stade de France”, will host competitions for water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming. It will also be transformed into a Boccia stadium during the Paralympics. Designed for multifunctional use, the only building to be built for the Games, will remain for the people in Saint-Denis, after the event. Located in one of the most problematic neighborhoods in France, the project is “an important investment in the future of Saint-Denis”. Comprising also of green public space and a new bridge that connects the stadium with the “Stade de France”, the largest stadium in France, the project will lead to a building that offers an innovative and monumental Aquatics center to the people in Saint-Denis: a place to learn how to swim, to practice sports, to relax and meet. Moreover, this proposal also creates a connection, with the new heart of the future Eco neighborhood of La Plaine Saulnier. View more View full description
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