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Hotel: The Latest Architecture and News

Studio Gang and Urban Villages Design First Carbon Positive Hotel in the United States

To celebrate Earth Day, real estate developers Urban Villages and Studio Gang have unveiled and broken ground on "Populus", the first carbon positive hotel in the United States. Set to open in late 2023, the 265-room hotel in Denver features a rooftop restaurant and bar, designed as a significant milestone for the future of sustainable travel that meets the needs of travelers, the community, and the environment.

© Studio Gang© Studio Gang© Studio Gang© Studio Gang+ 6

BIG Reveals Design of Treetop Hotel Room Wrapped in Bird Nests

BIG revealed the design for a treetop hotel room wrapped in 350 bird houses created for the Treehotel in Lapland, Sweden. Designed in collaboration with ornithologist Ulf Ohman, the 34 square-metre Biosphere room seeks to enhance the surrounding biosphere by providing a habitat for local birds while allowing guests to be immersed in the surrounding forest. The project is the latest addition to the hotel's series of individually designed rooms created by some of Scandinavia's most renowned architects, such as Snøhetta, Rintala Eggerstsson, and Tham & Videgard.

Courtesy of Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group+ 25

PokoPoko Club House / Klein Dytham architecture

© Brian Scott Peterson© Nacasa & Partners© Nacasa & Partners© Nacasa & Partners+ 25

2021 Prix Versailles Awards Global Winners Announced

After the announcement of the selected projects in the categories of Airports, Campus, Railway Stations and Sports, followed by the announcement of the 70 Continental Winning Projects of the Prix Versailles 2021 in the categories of Shops, Shopping Centres, Hotels and Restaurants, there turned out to be a total of 94 new projects competing in the 2021 Prix Versailles World Final.

Oppenheim Architecture Unveils Design of Nature-Integrated Mountain Resort in Saudi Arabia

Oppenheim Architecture and Saudi developers The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) have unveiled the design of a new mountain resort nestled in the wadi vistas of western Saudi Arabia. Titled Desert Rock, the project draws inspiration from the surrounding geography, allowing guests to connect with the nature and the local culture of the region through a fully nature-integrated architecture.

© Luxigon / Oppenheim Architecture + Design© Luxigon / Oppenheim Architecture + Design© Luxigon / Oppenheim Architecture + Design© Luxigon / Oppenheim Architecture + Design+ 12

Saudi Arabia is Converting an Oil Rig into the World's First Offshore Extreme Amusement and Leisure Park

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund has announced that it will convert an oil rig into a 150,000 square meter amusement park and resort located in the Arabian Gulf. Titled "THE RIG.", the project is expected to be the world's first touristic destination built on offshore oil platforms, featuring three hotels, eleven world-class restaurants, roller coaster rides, and extreme sports and activities like bungee jumping and skydiving, all accessible via a ferry, yacht, cruise, or helicopter.

via CNN Travel / Public Investment Fundvia CNN Travel / Public Investment Fundvia CNN Travel / Public Investment Fundvia CNN Travel / Public Investment Fund+ 6

Marcel Breuer's Iconic Brutalist Building is being Transformed into an Eco-friendly Boutique Hotel

Marcel Breuer’s Pirelli Tire Building, a beacon of Brutalist architecture in the United States, is being reimagined as a hotel by development company Becker and Becker. After being abandoned for years, the structure was sold to architect and developer Bruce Redman Becker in 2020 with plans to transform it into a sustainable 165-room hotel. The sculptural concrete structure aims to be a model for passive design hotels using its unique architectural features and innovative adaptive reuse techniques.

© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker© Becker + Becker+ 22

Oppenheim Architecture Reveals Luxury Hotel & Residences on Albanian Coast

Oppenheim Architecture have unveiled the design of the Jali Hotel and Residences, a new luxury complex on Albania's southern coast. The project will nestle in the site's picturesque landscape and seaside, and provide visitors and residents with a public square, recreational amenities, and access to a vibrant beachside club that pay homage to traditional Albanian coastal structures.

Courtesy of Oppenheim ArchitectureCourtesy of Oppenheim ArchitectureCourtesy of Oppenheim ArchitectureCourtesy of Oppenheim Architecture+ 13

Oasis-Like Hotel to be Built in Kuwait

Jasper Architects has recently won a competition to design an immersive hotel experience within the desert landscape of Kuwait. Featuring a curved structure echoing the surrounding dunes, the project is intended to recreate an oasis where visitors can fully observe the natural environment. Through its colors, textures, use of wood, and rammed earth, the concept emulates the surrounding. Reiterating the local topography, a circular roof rises and touches the ground, creating an array of alternating interior and exterior spaces.

© Jasper Architects© Jasper Architects© Jasper Architects© Jasper Architects+ 10

Ole Scheeren Reveals Hotel Design in the Philippines

Büro Ole Scheeren has unveiled its design for a hotel resort in Cebu, one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Taking inspiration from the island’s natural landscape and traditional architecture, the project brings together lush greenery, pools and waterfalls within a volume wrapped in arches reminiscent of local structures. The design team describes the project as “a journey through the rainforest”, where architecture, interior design and landscape converge into a multi-sensory experience.

Courtesy of Büro Ole ScheerenCourtesy of Büro Ole ScheerenCourtesy of Büro Ole ScheerenCourtesy of Büro Ole Scheeren+ 18

An Office Tower Turned into Housing in the US and a Circular School Design in Ethiopia: 10 Competition-Winning Projects Submitted to Archdaily

This week's curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights different competition-winning designs submitted by the ArchDaily Community. From large scale urban developments to small interventions in the landscape, from commercial projects to public spaces and urban planning strategies with an environmental focus, this article showcases a variety of design approaches, programs and scales. The proposals featured are the results of local and international competitions, either creative concepts or projects currently in progress.

The award-winning entries include a range of different projects, designed by both young architects and established firms. An adaptive reuse project for office towers in New York, the redevelopment of an industrial site in China, an abstract installation for a Russian festival, or a masterplan focused on climate resilience and ecosystems protection are a few of this week's highlights.

The upgrade of Pearl River - “Beer Cube” Cultural and Creative Park by IAPA. Image © IAPAAdapting Obsolescence - CASE: 550 Madison by Ahmed Helal. Image Courtesy of Ahmed Helal Theater and Concert complex "Tchaikovsky universe" by The Fourth Dimension. Image © The Fourth DimensionFishNest Island by GVL Gossamer & TJUPDI. Image Courtesy of GVL Gossamer+ 74

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building to be Regenerated as Modular Accommodation Capsules

After ongoing uncertainties about the future state of the The Nakagin Capsule Tower Building, Kisho Kurokawa Architects and Urban Design Office Chiyoda-ku, have decided to dismantle the iconic architecture and regenerate its capsules as accommodation units and museum installations across the world. The regeneration plan follows the initial concept of "Metabolism", re-configurating the elements instead of complete demolition.

Courtesy of Nakagin TowerCourtesy of Nakagin TowerCourtesy of Nakagin TowerCourtesy of Nakagin Tower+ 10

Building on the Past: Get to Know The Work of Carl Gerges Architects

Last year, Archdaily inaugurated its first edition of Young Practices, an initiative meant to highlight emerging offices that pursue architectural innovation. Carl Gerges Architects is a Lebanese practice whose body of work is a careful consideration of culture, context, and heritage. Villa Nadia and Batroun Boutique Hotel are two of the studio’s unbuilt projects that showcase the assemblage of architectural tradition and contemporary design, informed by a poetic sensibility and a deep understating of the local social, environmental and historical landscape.

Batroun Boutique Hotel . Image Courtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsCourtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsCourtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsBatroun Boutique Hotel . Image Courtesy of Carl Gerges Architects+ 42

Hotel Le Bouton / D1 Architectural Studio

Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio
Courtesy of D1 Architectural Studio

Courtesy of D1 Architectural StudioCourtesy of D1 Architectural StudioCourtesy of D1 Architectural StudioCourtesy of D1 Architectural Studio+ 32

Galleria Midobaru Hotel / DABURA.m Inc.

Courtesy of DABURA.m IncCourtesy of DABURA.m IncCourtesy of DABURA.m IncCourtesy of DABURA.m Inc+ 95

Beppu, Japan
  • Architects: DABURA.m Inc.
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  2991
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2020
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers :  Bolon, Toto, Kmew Solido, Nagae Ceramics, Nagai ECO FLEECE, +1