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Bjarke Ingels Group: The Latest Architecture and News

How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Design by 2050

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we design and build. By 2050, the effects of AI adoption will be widely felt across all aspects of our daily lives. As the world faces a number of urgent and complex challenges, from the climate crisis to housing, AI has the potential to make the difference between a dystopian future and a livable one. By looking ahead, we're taking stock of what's happening, and in turn, imagining how AI can shape our lives for the better.

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Construction Begins on BIG's CityWave Urban Regeneration Project in Milan

Work on Bjarke Ingels Group's gateway for Milan's CityLife district has officially commenced. The new-generation office building marks the completion of the CityLife area in the Italian city, an urban regeneration project that has been restored to provide a livable environment characterized by sustainability, improved quality of life, and all-inclusive services. The structure is set to "stand as a new paradigm for the offices of the future, as the outcome of a new idea of workplace based on innovative design solutions that put quality of life at the center and redefine the concept of sustainability".

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Construction Advances For Vestre's Furniture Factory Designed by BIG

Construction is underway at Vestre's new facility designed by BIG, set to become the world's most sustainable furniture factory through carbon-neutral fabrication processes and the use of renewable energy. Called the Plus and placed within the Norwegian forest, the project will be an example of efficient manufacturing, using Industry 4.0 solutions, while also developing Magnor as a tourist destination through its attractive design.

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UNStudio and BIG Invest in Virtual Design Platform SpaceForm

UNStudio and Bjarke Ingels Group have partnered up with Squint/Opera to develop SpaceForm, a virtual, cloud-based platform that facilitates design, review and collaboration processes for architects and developers. The new virtual workspace explicitly developed for the architecture and construction industry aims to fill a gap by creating a viable and sustainable way of collaborating and designing remotely across global teams, thus reducing the need for travel.

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BIG's Latest Publication Formgiving Explores the Architecture of Turning Fiction into Fact

If we ever wonder what the future could look like, all we have to do is take a look into our past, and observe how far we have come since thousands, a hundred, or even ten years ago. Life was radically different back then and it will be just as different in the future. And since we are well aware that the future merely resembles the present, we have the possibility to shape our future the way we want to. TASCHEN's latest BIG book installment Formgiving. An Architectural Future History explores the past, present, and future, drawing a timeline of the built environment from taking shape to giving form.

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BIG's Västerås Travel Centre Creates a New Transport Hub Under One Roofscape

Bjarke Ingels Group has unveiled the final design for Västerås Travel Center, a transport infrastructure hub bringing together multiple travel modes within one cohesive architectural object. The project's defining feature is a light, undulating roofscape unfolding across the various complex elements of the program that make up the urban node, creating a new landmark for one of Sweden's largest cities.

Courtesy of PLAYTIME and Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of PLAYTIME and Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of PLAYTIME and Bjarke Ingels GroupCourtesy of PLAYTIME and Bjarke Ingels Group+ 21

Bjarke Ingels Group and The Metals Company Design Next-Generation Robotic Mineral Collecting Facility

Award-winning architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group has collaborated with lower-impact battery metals developer The Metals Company to reimagine a traditional metal production facility in a new contemporary and sustainable context. The firm designed a circular zero-solid-waste metallurgical plant that includes manufacturing, processing, and storage facilities, along with offices, visitor centers, and innovation facilities.

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Paul Clemence Captures BIG's Spiral Skyscraper in New York City

Paul Clemence has just released recent photos of Bjarke Ingels Group’s Spiral skyscraper, an under-construction 1,000 feet tall tower with a series of stepped landscaped terraces. Set for completion in 2022, the highrise that topped out in February of this year, is located at Hudson Yards in New York City.

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Bjarke Ingels Group to Design Mega-Sustainable Infinity Loop on the Hangzhou Horizon

Nestled in the heart of Yuhang District, Bjarke Ingels Group’s design for the new OPPO R&D Headquarters, China’s largest smartphone company, combines aesthetics and innovative technology in a building that will be an environmental, economical, and socially sustainable hub for innovation.

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BIG's Spiral Skyscraper Tops Out in New York City

The new "Spiral" skyscraper by Bjarke Ingels Group has topped out at Hudson Yards in New York City. Rising 66 stories, the project towers over 1,000 feet tall with a series of stepped, landscaped terraces that wrap the building. With over 2.8 million square feet of office space and ground floor retail once complete, the tower will feature open floor plans with views across the Financial District and the surrounding cityscape.

Sou Fujimoto Unveils Images of Public Pavilion for Haikou's Waterfront in China

After MAD’s Wormhole Library, the city of Haikou revealed a pavilion by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Scheduled for the end of spring, the ribbon-like white pavilion with an accessible roof will be one of the first public waterfront interventions to be completed in the spring of 2021. Shaping the future of Haikou city and Hainan Free Trade Port, the master plan of 16 permanent destinations re-imagines the future of coastal living.

Sou Fujimoto. Image Courtesy of Sou Fujimoto ArchitectsSou Fujimoto. Image Courtesy of Sou Fujimoto ArchitectsMAD- Wormhole Library. Image © SANMAD- Wormhole Library. Image © SAN+ 12

Pegasus, BIG and KILO's Hyperloop Travel System, Carries First Passengers

Making history, Virgin Hyperloop’s Pegasus pod carried its first passengers in the Nevada desert. Designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and Kilo Design, Pegasus or XP-2 is a new vehicle typology for an autonomous transportation system to achieve hyperloop travel at the speed of over 1,000km/hour, the fastest form of land-based travel.

Courtesy of Virgin HyperloopCourtesy of Virgin HyperloopCourtesy of Virgin HyperloopCourtesy of Virgin Hyperloop+ 10

BIG Selected to Design a Socially Engaging Hub for the Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has selected BIG to design its new Student Center, regenerating the heart of its campus and reviving the social experience, from a shortlisted list of 4 offices, after a months-long international competition. Entitled “The Village”, the proposal is an “open, modern, and welcoming facility envisioned as a social engagement hub for all members of the Hopkins community”.

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Henning Larsen Designs New Masterplan for Wolfsburg, Germany, Home City of Volkswagen

Creating new standards for a more connected and livable city, Henning Larsen has designed a New Masterplan for Wolfsburg, Germany. The new prototype for urbanism across the European continent diffuses new energy in the city center. Selected to design the project in a competition in 2019 that included competitors UNStudio and Bjarke Ingels Group, Henning Larsen’s proposal for phase 1 is expected to reach completion by 2023.

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The Red Planet: Design on Our Race to Mars

Space has long captured our imaginations. Looking to the ocean above us, writers, scientists and designers alike have continuously dreamed up new visions for a future on distant planets. Mars is at the center of this discourse, the most habitable planet in our solar system after Earth. Proposals for the red planet explore how we can create new realms of humanity in outer space.

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