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Hybrid Houses: 15 Projects that Explore the Variations of the Home Office

It's not uncommon to see housing complexes integrate commercial spaces at the ground level, but the challenge of mediating between the private and public realm on a smaller scale, especially with the rise of the home office, has forced architects to explore all aspects of the structure, from the topography it sits on, to the direction of light and wind, to the design and organization the domestic space. This interior focus explores different design solutions that show how architects and interior designers transformed their projects from a living space into a mixed-use typology, taking into account privacy, flexibility, functionality, and predefined spatial requirements.

Baan Priggang / BodinChapa Architects. Image © Witsawarut Kekina10M4D House / guga Urban Architecture. Image © Joonhwan YoonMultiple House / P+S Estudio de Arquitectura. Image © Imagen SubliminalHae-mut-je House and Office / Architecture Studio YEIN. Image © Joonhwan Yoon+ 28

Snøhetta Designs a "Forest of Knowledge" Library in Beijing

Following an international design competition win in 2018, Snøhetta and ECADI have been commissioned to design a new sub-center library in Beijing, offering visitors a contemporary space for learning and sharing knowledge while celebrating the rich cultural China and its capital. The library sets new standards for traditional library designs, featuring technology-driven designs and locally-sourced materials, as well as a glass enclosure of up to 16 meters, which will be China’s first self-supporting glass facade project.

Courtesy of Plomp/SnøhettaCourtesy of Plomp/SnøhettaCourtesy of Plomp/SnøhettaCourtesy of Plomp/Snøhetta+ 7

National Library of France Finally Complete After a 10-Year-Long Renovation

Formerly known as the Bibliotheque du Roi, the Richelieu site of the National Library of France near the Palais-Royal has finally completed construction after almost 10 years of renovations. The transformation of the 300-year-old site included facade restorations, installation of an interior garden, and facilities maintenances, promoting innovation, modernity, and openness to a wider public. The project, which is both a library and a museum, will continue to house a massive campus for the history of the arts and heritage, and provide visitors with a place for walking, discovery, and exchange. The site is expected to be open to the public in summer of 2022.

© Takuji Shimmura / BnF© JC Ballot / BnF© JC Ballot / BnF© Takuji Shimmura / BnF+ 12

The Library Stanbridge Mill / Crawshaw Architects

© Ingrid Rasmussen© Ingrid Rasmussen© Ingrid Rasmussen© Ingrid Rasmussen+ 42

Yeodamjae Library / Emer-sys

© Kyungsub Shin© Kyungsub Shin© Kyungsub Shin© Kyungsub Shin+ 38

  • Architects: Emer-sys
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  763
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2021

Matsubara Civic Library / MARU。architecture

© Kai Nakamura© Shinkenchiku-sha© Shinkenchiku-sha© Shinkenchiku-sha+ 27

Matsubara, Japan
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  2987
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2019
  • Professionals : Arup

Cobe Wins Competition for Gothenburg University Library with Book-Inspired Design

Cobe’s winning design for the new library of the University of Gothenburg proposes a light, clean volume, whose slightly curved facades are a nod to the pages of an open book. The Danish architecture studio translates the concept of knowledge as the heart of a library into the interior spatial configuration of the project, while the architectural image evokes the idea of a lighthouse. Featuring a transparent and open ground floor, the new repository of knowledge creates a strong connection with the surrounding park, becoming a mediator between the city and the university.

Courtesy of CobeCourtesy of CobeCourtesy of CobeCourtesy of Cobe+ 6

Nandalal Sewa Samithi Library / Anupama Kundoo Architects

© Javier Callejas© Javier Callejas© Javier Callejas© Javier Callejas+ 19

A Library in South Korea and a School in Mozambique :10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

This week’s curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture focuses on projects related to learning, research and culture submitted by the ArchDaily Community. From kindergartens to libraries and universities, the article explores how different spaces of knowledge around the world are designed to inspire their users.

Featuring an array of scales and architectural programs, the list of projects includes a circular library in South Korea, a bridge-like kindergarten in Poland, as well a university in Tel Aviv that creates a series of opportunities for unmediated interactions and unscripted learning. The following are architectural programs that cater to the dissemination of knowledge in all its forms and to all age and social groups.

Pathways of Knowledge. Image © Abdelrahman Adel & Abdallah MekkawiAdaptation Centre for Deafblind Young People. Image Courtesy of ATRIUMAdaptation Centre for Deafblind Young People. Image Courtesy of ATRIUMThe Nature Gate. Image © OneArt studio+ 60

MAD Architects' Wormhole Library Tops Out in Haikou, China

MAD Architects has unveiled that the Wormhole Library, had topped-out in the city of Haikou, China at the end of January 2021. The curved multi-functional structure, cast of white concrete, is scheduled to be completed and operational in the Spring of 2021. Once ready, the project will allow visitors to read, enjoy the sea views and attend open-air performances.

Courtesy of MADCourtesy of MADCourtesy of MADCourtesy of MAD+ 21

Paul Clemence Captures Mecanoo's Renovation Works of the Mies van der Rohe-Designed MLK Library

American-Brazilian photo-artist Paul Clemence has just released the first images of the completed renovation and expansion works of Martin Luther King’s Memorial Library, originally designed by Mies van der Rohe in Washington D.C. Hoping to create a modern library that focuses on people while celebrating the exchange of knowledge, ideas and culture, Dutch design practice Mecanoo was commissioned the modernization of the structure back in 2014.

© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence© Paul Clemence+ 25

Cracks Threaten Oscar Niemeyer's National Library in Brasília

The Leonel Brizola National Library, designed by Oscar Niemeyer —a building that integrates the Cultural Complex of the Republic, a cultural center located along the Eixo Monumental, in the city of Brasília, Brazil— is covered in cracks. The lack of preventive maintenance has caused several cracks throughout the building, according to an article published in the newspaper Metrópoles.

The cracks were identified by local firefighters on November 19th and have spread all over the building, especially on the walls of the elevator machine room and the roof. The library receives an average of 102,000 visitors per year, and the building administration has been notified of the problem. An inspection was carried out to determine whether there is any structural damage to the building.

Adjaye Associates Designs the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library in Johannesburg, South Africa

Adjaye Associates has unveiled its design for a new historical center for African consciousness, the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library in Johannesburg. Named after the previous president of South Africa, the project is an opportunity to realize the dreams of Thabo Mbeki to advance and empower an African renaissance, according to the 2021 RIBA Royal Gold Medal winner Sir David Adjaye.

Courtesy of Adjaye AssociatesCourtesy of Adjaye AssociatesCourtesy of Adjaye AssociatesCourtesy of Adjaye Associates+ 11

Natural Swimming Pools and an Airport City Master Plan: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Focusing on diversity, this curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture showcases a multitude of functions. Submitted by our readers, the projects vary in scale, program, design, and representation. Coming from all over the world, many of these interventions are in progress, while others are still in conceptual phases.

Introducing innovative and out of the box ideas, this roundup includes a floating farm in the Netherlands, natural swimming pools in South Korea, a resort in Hungary, and a cascading museum extension in Armenia. Even more common functions such as a hotel in Vietnam, an infinity loop library in China, a mixed-use building in Iran, headquarters for Yandex in Russia, and a campus in Germany, present inventive approaches and intriguing imageries.

The Parasite. Image Courtesy of ARC- Ashkan Rafiey CooperationLIFE Hamburg. Image Courtesy of LAVAJamsil Hangang Park Natural Swimming Pools. Image Courtesy of 100 Architects + CarveSichuan Dayi Infinity Library. Image Courtesy of ARVA+ 56

Snøhetta Wins the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Competition in North Dakota

Snøhetta was selected as the winner of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Competition. Selected from three shortlisted proposals in the last step of the contest, including Studio Gang and Henning Larsen, the winning project “is informed by the President’s personal reflections on the landscape, his commitment to environmental stewardship, and the periods of quiet introspection and civic engagement that marked his life”.

Courtesy of SnøhettaCourtesy of SnøhettaCourtesy of SnøhettaCourtesy of Snøhetta+ 13