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Etherea, Edoardo Tresoldi’s Wire Mesh Installation for Coachella 2018, Arrives in Rome

Etherea, the installation conceived by Edoardo Tresoldi for the Coachella festival in 2018, has landed in Rome for "Back to Nature”, an exhibition project curated by Costantino d’Orazio. The large transparent mesh sculpture will dialogue with the trees of the Parco dei Daini, in Villa Borghese, until December 13, 2020.

© Roberto Conte© Roberto Conte© Roberto Conte© Roberto Conte+ 14

AR Penthouse / Carola Vannini Architecture

© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti+ 22

‘T’ Space’s New Exhibit Celebrates the Overlooked History of an Influential Female Architect and Educator

Architect and educator Astra Zarina wasn’t just the teacher of Tom Kundig, Ed Weinstein, and Steven Holl (who designed ‘T’ Space); she was also an advocator for public spaces, cohesive urbanity, and the communities that these attributes fostered. ‘T’ Space’s newest exhibit Rome and the Teacher, Astra Zarina celebrates Zarina’s life and teachings in the context of recognizing overlooked pedagogical figures, particularly women. A recent article by Metropolis Magazine describes this exhibit in detail and with it, Zarina’s own life story.

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of the Rome Collective Living Challenge

Bee Breeders has revealed the winners of the 2019 Rome Collective Living Challenge competition. Teams were asked to to propose solutions for collective living in Italy's capital city. Participants were tasked with designing a concept for affordable co-living around affordability and community. Organizers sought ideas that could be implemented across Rome to increase the city's housing stock.

Call for Papers: Panteon #1 - Billboards

The topic of the call is "Billboards”

Panteon is an anachronistic venture: anachronistic is the content, anachronistic is the product, anachronistic is its use.

The protagonist is the architecture of the city of Rome, all built between 1911 and 1989 within the GRA, our contemporary city wall, whose analogies are arbitrary and questionable.

Panteon aims to be a platform for architectural debate using the city of Rome as a pretext, as an infinite warehouse from which to draw answers to a potentially infinite number of questions.

Press Box / SET Architects

© Marco Cappelletti© Marco Cappelletti© Marco Cappelletti© Marco Cappelletti+ 22

  • Architects: SET Architects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  16
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2017
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: AutoDesk

Topotek 1 and Labics Design Biomedical Campus Masterplan in Rome

Topotek 1 and Labics have won a competition to design the UCBM Masterplan for the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. The 90-hectare project encompasses urban design, landscape, and architecture, founded on the goals of addressing connectivity, openness, and accessibility, while also acknowledging and integrating elements from the surrounding context.

© Campus Bio_Medico SpA© Campus Bio_Medico SpA© Campus Bio_Medico SpA© Campus Bio_Medico SpA+ 8

Classica con brio / Filippo Bombace

© Serena Eller Vainicher© Serena Eller Vainicher© Serena Eller Vainicher© Serena Eller Vainicher+ 26

The Top 10 Inspirational Design Cities of 2018, As Revealed by Metropolis Magazine

In Metropolis Magazine's latest - and last - installment in their annual design cities review, the focus is not on output or culture but on cities themselves as the point of inspiration. For the designers surveyed, these were the cities that made their hearts beat a little faster; the ones that remained in their minds and wormed their way into their work.

8 Treasured Historic Architecture Sites That Have Hosted Huge Rock Concerts

Thanks to their loud, brash, and nocturnal nature, rock concerts are often held in dark bars and nightclubs designed to withstand the abuse of rowdy fans and guitar-smashing rockers. But as musicians earn a following, they eventually graduate from beer-soaked basements to prestigious theaters, outdoor amphitheaters, arenas, and stadiums. For performers and music fans alike, playing or attending a show in a space like Carnegie Hall, the Royal Albert Hall, Madison Square Garden or Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater can be a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that ties together the sublime power that great music and architecture can both evoke. As rare as these opportunities are, an exclusive group of iconic musicians have managed to reach an even higher level of prestige by organizing one-off performances amid humanity’s most treasured historical sites—from the Acropolis and ancient Mayan cities to the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower.

While these special concerts have given fans the chance to experience music history firsthand, many have also been mired in scandal as local officials and residents have raised concerns about potential damage to the sites or inappropriate commercial misuse of treasured cultural landmarks. Despite these legitimate and often justified concerns, these nine iconic sites have hosted some of the most ambitious concerts in the history of popular music:

Navona Penthouse / Carola Vannini Architecture

© Stefano Pedretti
© Stefano Pedretti

© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti© Stefano Pedretti+ 24

Apparently, All Roads Do Lead to Rome

The well-known saying “all roads lead to Rome” seems to be true--at least, that’s what Moovel Lab, a team from Stuttgart dedicated to urban mobility research, points out. Titled "Roads to Rome," the project has mapped out over-land routes across Europe that converge to the city.

From a grid of 26,503,452 square kilometers covering all of Europe, the researchers defined 486,713 starting points that were superimposed on the continent's street map. Then an algorithm was developed for the project that calculated the shortest route between each of the points and the Italian capital. 

VeloNotte at the Museum – 14 Cities on Earth

VeloNotte, international urban history startup on two wheels, celebrates its 10th anniversary of their nocturnal tours with an exhibition-workout in the Schusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow. Just a few steps from Kremlin, Velonotte converts the room of the 18th-century mansion into a cycling studio. Once you start to pedal the journey will bring you to one of the cities that the project explored so far with speakers like Richard Rogers, David Adjaye, Richard Burdett, Peter Ackroyd, Vladimir Paperny, Jean-Louis Cohen. The exhibition will feature amateur videos selected by curators from the posts of the more than 100,000 participants of Velonotte

Explore This 1:250 Model of Ancient Rome Which Took 38 Years to Construct

The city of Rome attracts millions of visitors each year to explore its ancient ruins and to learn about how the culture and architecture has transformed over thousands of years. Now, after many years of tedious construction, visitors will be able to see the city as it has never been seen before, through a 1:250 model of imperial Rome, known as the Plastico di Roma Imperiale. The plaster model, which was commissioned by Mussolini in 1933 and completed in 1971, depicts Rome as it stood in the 4th century under the reign of Constantine I.

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj Apartment Renovation / SUPERVOID

© Giorgio De Vecchi - Gerda Studio© Giorgio De Vecchi - Gerda Studio© Giorgio De Vecchi - Gerda Studio© Giorgio De Vecchi - Gerda Studio+ 20

  • Architects: SUPERVOID
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  190
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2017
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Tensocielo

Scholars' Prize in Architecture

THE SCHOLARS’ PRIZE IN ARCHITECTURE is an exciting and valuable opportunity for an early-career architect or post-Part II student of architecture to spend three months in Rome, and be a member of a vibrant residential community of architects, artists and researchers. It allows the winner to pursue and complete a creative, intellectually coherent and focused architectural project in and based on the city of Rome or its environs.

Architecture in Finland: From Alvar Aalto to New Generations

On the occasion of the centenary of Finland's Independence (Suomi 100), Rome’s Casa dell’Architettura is to host the “Architecture in Finland. From Alvar Aalto to new generations. Talk with Avanto Architects and Design Office KOKO3” conference on Tuesday 17th October 2017.