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Competitions: The Latest Architecture and News

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Museum of Architecture launch the Treehouses at Kew Design Competition

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the Museum of Architecture (MoA) have launched a competition to find three exceptional designs to create three treehouses across RBG Kew's UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of a larger ‘Treehouses at Kew’ Exhibition. 

‘Treehouses at Kew’ will be Kew’s main exhibition running from April to October 2023, and provide one of the most unmissable visitor experiences of the 2023 London cultural calendar.

A' Design Awards & Competition: Call for Submissions

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The A’ Design Award was "born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well-designed products." The A' Design Award, recognizing the excellent and original talent from across the globe, is both a major achievement for designers and a source of inspiration for award-winning architects, brands, and design agencies. Entry and nomination are open to contestants from every country. Registration for the A' Design Award & Competition 2021-2022 period is now open. Register and upload your design here, and receive a complimentary preliminary score.

Meet the Winners for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Mosul's Al Nouri Complex

Last November, UNESCO, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, and the Iraqi Sunni Endowment jointly announced an international design competition for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the historical Al Nouri Complex in Mosul. One of the oldest cities in the world, Mosul ("the linking point" in Arabic) is beginning a recovery process following years of conflict, guided by an initiative aptly titled "Revive the Spirit of Mosul." The rehabilitation of the Al Nouri Complex, which dates originally to the twelfth century and has constituted a core facet of city life since, is a central part of this initiative, and is intended to signal the city's resilience, hope, social cohesion, and reconciliation in the aftermath of the conflicts. Six months after the competition was originally announced, winners have finally been chosen.

Last Chance: Enter Your Work in the A' Design Awards

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If you’ve been procrastinating, now is your last chance to enter your design for an A’ Design Award before the deadline on February 28. The international competition was "born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well-designed products" of designers, architects, and innovators from all design fields. Among other design competitions and awards, the A' Design Award stands out for its exceptional scale with over 100 design categories.

Last Chance: Enter Your Work in the A' Design AwardsLast Chance: Enter Your Work in the A' Design AwardsLast Chance: Enter Your Work in the A' Design AwardsLast Chance: Enter Your Work in the A' Design Awards+ 23

The Winners of Re-use The Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis

Piscina Mirabilis is a Roman reservoir built by Emperor Augustus in the 1st century AD, in order to feed with drinking water the headquarter of his western Mediterranean war fleet. It was dug out a tuff hill, and it is based on a regular grid of pillars and arcs. The vaulted reservoir is 15 meters high, 72 meters long, 25 meters wide and features 48 brick pillars. 

Future ShanShui City: International Urban Design Competition

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Future Shanshui City · Dwellings in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition aims to methodically construct a Shanshui city spatial framework in order to set a model image for this city typology, to create a new ShanShui city lifestyle, and to explore contemporary, sustainable urban planning strategies.

International Drawing Competition


Archue – A complete Architecture Platform presents ‘International Drawing Competition’.

Our first competition celebrating the talent of architecture and design students and young professionals through a single drawing.

This competition is in no way limited to architecture and we very much welcome those from other arts and design industries.

At Archue we truly believe in the power of a drawing to communicate and represent more than what you see on the surface and are excited to judge an array of innovative and high quality works.

You can submit any drawing be it an axonometric, Isometric, 3D render, Visualisation or Sketch. Drawings can be

Open Call to 24h Competition 34th Edition - Hope

IF it is an international platform for competitions that aims to connect ideas from different areas of society in order to help transform cities and make them increasingly self-sustaining, efficient and green.
We are looking for innovative ideas and new ways of thinking.
In a global emergency period, it is increasingly important that we think globally.
IF is the space
Here, you can try and experiment, everything is possible!

A place where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.
This contest aims to present 24-hour architectural responses to the problems affecting cities and society today and consecutively the

Call for Ideas: Transform an Italian Villa Into a Luxury Art Hotel

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Urban Up l Unipol launch “Hill of the Arts”, a competition of ideas aiming to transform an almost-neglected villa near Turin into a unique and luxury art hotel. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel made of, among the others, Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Daniel Libeskind, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Edoardo Tresoldi, Lukas Barry (Carmody Groarke architects), Paolo Danelli (DAP studio).



From the beginning of time human as a species dream, dream about better safety, better food and best roof over their head. These dreams which transferred to reality by some enthusiasts in humans from time to time, make us different, make us what we are now.
But the challenges in the beginning of the were safety from wild animals is gone but there come new challenges every day.
We as humans are constantly facing new challenges of

The Dwelling 2100



Dwelling (A House) remains the place where we all spent most of the time of our lives and experience architecture, learn connect to it through emotions. A dwelling represents our culture our backgrounds, ownership, safety. A dwelling is a place we all want to return where everyone finds comfort, despite how chaotic our lives are.

From the caves of the beginning of civilisation to the smart homes, we are improving the quality of our dwelling’s day by day with the development of various technologies, innovations in artificial intelligence and changes we are

Open Call: Building 4Humanity Design Competition


Winning Designs for Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower

Bee Breeders has announced the winners of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower competition. Situated in the Al Wathba Reserve, 40 kilometers southeast of Abu Dhabi, the competition site oversees five square kilometers of wetlands, salt flats, and fossilized sands and dunes.

Open Call for Finland's Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2020

Archinfo Finland is seeking exhibition proposals for the pavilion of Finland at the 2020 Venice Biennale. The exhibition will be situated in the Alvar Aalto-designed Pavilion of Finland in the Giardini Biennale Park.

Call for Submissions: Sport Citadel

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions launches “Sport Citadel”, a competition of ideas aiming to design a sport citadel near Turin, in one of the largest sport districts in Europe. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to winners selected by a well-renowned jury made of, among the others,​ Dang Qun (MAD Architects), Hitoshi Abe, Peter Eisenman, Andrea Maffei.

Chicago Prize Competition: Crossing The Line

The Chicago Architectural Club (CAC) is pleased to announce the 2018/19 Chicago Prize Competition: Crossing the Line. A call for entries for the 2018/19 Chicago Prize is taking place as of November 30th, 2018 with the announcement of the winning entries on February 28th, 2019.

The crossing of an imaginary line 100 years ago resulted in the death of an African-American teenager named Eugene Williams, inciting the Chicago Race Riot of 1919. This chain of events demonstrates the power of lines – conceptual and physical – in shaping places and lives. Whether material or immaterial, the lines of Chicago both