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From the beginning of time human as a species dream, dream about better safety, better food and best roof over their head. These dreams which transferred to reality by some enthusiasts in humans from time to time, make us different, make us what we are now.
But the challenges in the beginning of the were safety from wild animals is gone but there come new challenges every day.
We as humans are constantly facing new challenges of

The Dwelling 2100



Dwelling (A House) remains the place where we all spent most of the time of our lives and experience architecture, learn connect to it through emotions. A dwelling represents our culture our backgrounds, ownership, safety. A dwelling is a place we all want to return where everyone finds comfort, despite how chaotic our lives are.

From the caves of the beginning of civilisation to the smart homes, we are improving the quality of our dwelling’s day by day with the development of various technologies, innovations in artificial intelligence and changes we are

Open Call: Building 4Humanity Design Competition


Winning Designs for Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower

Bee Breeders has announced the winners of the Abu Dhabi Flamingo Observation Tower competition. Situated in the Al Wathba Reserve, 40 kilometers southeast of Abu Dhabi, the competition site oversees five square kilometers of wetlands, salt flats, and fossilized sands and dunes.

Open Call for Finland's Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2020

Archinfo Finland is seeking exhibition proposals for the pavilion of Finland at the 2020 Venice Biennale. The exhibition will be situated in the Alvar Aalto-designed Pavilion of Finland in the Giardini Biennale Park.

Call for Submissions: Sport Citadel

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions launches “Sport Citadel”, a competition of ideas aiming to design a sport citadel near Turin, in one of the largest sport districts in Europe. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to winners selected by a well-renowned jury made of, among the others,​ Dang Qun (MAD Architects), Hitoshi Abe, Peter Eisenman, Andrea Maffei.

Chicago Prize Competition: Crossing The Line

The Chicago Architectural Club (CAC) is pleased to announce the 2018/19 Chicago Prize Competition: Crossing the Line. A call for entries for the 2018/19 Chicago Prize is taking place as of November 30th, 2018 with the announcement of the winning entries on February 28th, 2019.

The crossing of an imaginary line 100 years ago resulted in the death of an African-American teenager named Eugene Williams, inciting the Chicago Race Riot of 1919. This chain of events demonstrates the power of lines – conceptual and physical – in shaping places and lives. Whether material or immaterial, the lines of Chicago both


The BDA Prize, an annual design and ideas competition, exists to generate forward-looking ideas to better our community through design and dialogue.

Common Ruins

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Mothe Chandeniers launched “Common Ruins”, a competition of ideas aiming to breath a new life into an astonishing castle in France. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to winners selected by a well-renowned jury made of, among the others, Anish Kapoor, Rudy Ricciotti, Edoardo Tresoldi, Dagur Eggertsson, Alfonso Femia, Aldo Cibic, Marco Amosso (Lombardini 22), Luca Dolmetta (LD+SR architetti).

Call for Applications: Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant

Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant
Award: $20,000

Deadline: Thursday November 1st 5:00 pm (EST)

New York City’s Center for Architecture is currently looking for applications for the Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant, a $20,000 award. The grant seeks early to mid-level architects who wish to further their personal and professional development through travel. The travel scholarship was originally based on the idea of the Grand Tour, in which recent architectural graduates would travel through Europe experiencing art, architecture, and culture first-hand. The scholarship focus is less on academic projects than on self-directed education.

Eligibility: Applicants must be U.S. citizens with a professional

The Best Universities in Latin America That Have Architecture Programs

Times Higher Education (THE) revealed its ranking of the best universities in Latin America and the Caribean. The list is based on the same 13 indicators used in their global ranking, but with modifications that "better reflect the characteristics of Latin American universities," explains the organization. 

The 2018 edition of this regional ranking includes 129 universities from 10 countries rated in the following categories: teaching, research, citations, international outlook, industry income. It should be noted that this measurement is global at the university level and does not measure each academic concentration separately, as QS does in its annual ranking.

Dominated by universities in Brazil, we present the 10 best Latin American universities for architecture, according to Times Higher Education (THE).

Steven Holl Architects, Studio Libeskind Among Finalists for University College Dublin's Campus Makeover

After receiving 98 entries from teams based in 23 different countries, the jury for University College Dublin’s Future Campus project has selected six proposals for their shortlist, putting each selected firm’s design on display to the public on the project’s website. The finalists include the American firms Steven Holl Architects, Studio Libeskind, Diller Scofidio + Renfro and John Ronan Architects, as well as the Dutch firm UNStudio and Irish architects O’Donnell + Tuomey.

The project will include two major changes to UCD’s Belfield campus, located about 5 km from Dublin’s city center: a major update to the campus’ entry precinct along Stillorgan Road, as well as a new 8,000 square meter Centre for Creative Design, which will house UCD’s design studios.

These Competition-Winning Drawings Explore the Meaning of Island Utopias

Architectural print studio Desplans in collaboration with Library Illustrazioni have published the results of their architectural drawing competition titled “The Island: Between Utopia and Metaphor for Reality.” The competition asked participants to submit drawings and text interpreting the meaning of islands and utopias, considering “the double value inherent in the utopia” between aspiration and limitation.

The entries were judged by a jury of figures from Library and Desplans, with one winner and 12 honorable mentions selected. The winning entries were chosen with attention given to the relevance of the theme, dialogue between text and image, graphic research, and quality of reflection.

The institution of the Void / Olivier Jauniaux. Image © Olivier Jauniaux Insula in mari nata / Valentina Merz . Image © Valentina Merz The Floating Island / Arianna Boccalatte. Image © Arianna Boccalatte Dystopia / Michai Pecko. Image © Michai Pecko + 14

Winning Concepts for Zoo of the 21st Century Competition Announced

Archstorming have announced the winning projects of "Coexist: Rethinking Zoos," their recent competition to design a concept for the zoo of the 21st century. The call for entries asked participants to redefine the traditional zoo and transform the space from something that is not only an exhibition of animals, but also an educational tool, and a place for research and conservation. The team of international jurors selected three winners from more than 40 countries that submitted ideas.

The site for the proposal was the zoo in Barcelona, which has committed itself to prioritizing the welfare of its animals. To promote the well-being of the animals and nature, the winning teams designed imaginative alternatives to the traditional zoo methods of interaction, such as non-intrusive paths and even 3D virtual animals. The winners show that there are new ways for visitors to understand animals that are both ecologically friendly and sustainable.

Check out the winning submissions after the break.

Benoy Wins Design Competition For The Yuqiao Science Innovation Centre in Shanghai

International master planning and architecture specialists, Benoy won the bid for Shanghai's 367,000 square meters Yuqiao Science Innovation Centre. This technological hub will work towards Shanghai's goal to be a world-class city by 2040.

Heinle Wischer and Partner Awarded First Place in Małopolska Science Center Competition

Heinle Wischer and Partner’s design for a triangular shaped building has been awarded first place in a competition to design the Małopolska Science Center in Krakow, Poland. The competition brief, which called for a design which would be both iconic and innovative, was responded with a proposal by the team that creates a new landmark for the Malopolska region of Poland.

Read about their winning design after the break.

Art Prison: Call for Entries

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YAC – Young Architects Competitions – and the Municipality of Favignana, in cooperation with the Italian Government, launch “Art Prison”, an architectural competition to refurbish a breathtaking fortress on a scattered island in southern Sicily. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to the winners selected by an internationally-renowned featuring Daniel Libeskind (Studio Libeskind), Manuel Aires Mateus (Aires Mateus), Felix Perasso (Snøhetta), João Luís Carrilho da Graça (Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos).

Call for Ideas - Pocket Seat Design Competition 2018

In today’s crowded world, the aspect of finding comfortable seating in a public arena is a major part of one’s daily activities. A comfortable seating in public helps one relax and reduce fatigue. This social activity, however, may vary with each individual and the kind of space he/she occupies. Most importantly, the nature of the seat ought to cater to every individual irrespective of their age, size or gender. The act of seating is an opportunity for many to boost inter-personal communication and encourage social and cultural bonding between individuals.