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C40: The Latest Architecture and News

C40 and Arup Showcase Climate Action Initiatives from 11 Global Cities Within a Virtual Exhibition at COP26

This week, the C40 global network of cities and engineering and sustainability firm Arup launched a virtual exhibition showcasing examples of climate initiatives and resiliency strategies from 11 cities committed to addressing climate change. Given that cities account for more than 70% of global carbon emissions, the Global Cities Climate Action Exhibition aims to highlight the role of cities in reaching climate targets through local policies and urban development plans, achieving tangible emission reductions and increasing social equity.

Courtesy of Arup and C40Courtesy of Arup and C40Courtesy of Arup and C40Courtesy of Arup and C40+ 5

Sid Lee Architecture's Les Ateliers Cabot Wins the C40 Reinventing Montreal Competition

Sid Lee Architecture's Les Ateliers Cabot has won the 2nd edition of Montreal's C40 Reinventing Cities, a competition that "aims to encourage carbon neutral urban regeneration and to implement the most innovative ideas for transforming underutilized sites into hotspots of highly sustainable development and resilience, and to serve as a model for future developments". The winning proposal reimagines traditional development objectives, replacing economic profitability with the benefits derived from the relationship between man and the planet.

Courtesy of Sid Lee ArchitectureCourtesy of Sid Lee ArchitectureCourtesy of Sid Lee ArchitectureCourtesy of Sid Lee Architecture+ 7

Future-Proofing Cities Against Climate Change

Recent extreme weather events and the acceleration of climate change, paired with decarbonization efforts that are not on track, make climate-related disruption unavoidable for urban environments, raising the issue of climate-risk adaptation. Moving past what can be done to prevent climate change, there is a strong imperative to develop strategies to prepare urban environments to cope with inevitable challenges such as sea-level rise, floods, water scarcity or extreme heat. The following discusses how cities can build resilience and adapt to undergoing and expected future climate threats.

Bryggervangen and Sankt Kjeld’s Square in Copenhagen. Image © SLAThe Oasys by Mask Architects. Image Courtesy of Genc Design StudioLinear park regenerates Mexico City's historic Grand Canal. Image © Onnis LuquQunli Stormwater Wetland Park In  Chinaby Turenscape. Image Courtesy of Turenscape+ 7

Studio Gang and the Community Builders Win the C40 Reinventing Cities Chicago Loop Competition

Studio Gang and The Community Builders have won the City of Chicago’s C40 Reinventing Cities, a competition that seeks to “transform underutilized sites or buildings into beacons of sustainability and resilience and act as a showcase for future zero-carbon urban developments”. The winning proposal will create 207 residences for the downtown workforce earning as little as minimum wage, revitalize Pritzker Park, and add community spaces and amenities to the Chicago Loop.

© Aesthetica Studio© Aesthetica Studio© Aesthetica Studio© Aesthetica Studio+ 9

Jakob + MacFarlane Design Retractable Timber Exhibition Hall for Paris

Paris architecture firm Jakob + MacFarlane has designed a retractable wood and glass exhibition hall for the Saint-Denis area of Paris. As a winning project in the C40 international "Reinventing Cities" competition, the project was made to reflect the historical industrial heritage of the surrounding context. Dubbed Odyssee Pleyel, the hall aims to showcase thought-leadership in carbon-neutral development and the global clean energy transition.

U.S. Mayors Join Coalition for New Buildings to be Net-Zero by 2030

Cornell Tech Campus. Image © Iwan Baan
Cornell Tech Campus. Image © Iwan Baan

A coalition of 19 U.S. mayors have joined together with C40, a group dedicated to climate action. The coalition has proposed a plan to ensure that all new buildings be net-zero by 2030. The cities are joining forces with the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) to achieve their emissions goals. All cities in C40 have signed the pledge to ensure new buildings will be required to produce as much energy as they consume by 2030. The initiative is part of a larger plan to make all buildings net-zero by 2050.