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Best Unbuilt Architecture: 7 Submitted Proposals Exploring Diverse Programs

Part of ArchDaily’s mission to highlight the best Architecture in the world, we are frequently rounding up unbuilt projects submitted by our readers. In this feature, we are focusing on competition proposals, showcasing a vast variety of functions.

Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece

Meetings of Design Students or MEDS is an international workshop, taking place every summer in a different country and tackling every year a new thematic. In its 10th edition, MEDS Workshop was held in Greece, on the island of Spetses, bringing together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary approaches, resulting in 14 interdisciplinary projects.

7 Winning Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Every day we receive hundreds of submission forms from our readers, who want to share their work on our platform. Known for our interest in young talent, we encourage people to communicate their ideas, projects, and views on architecture. In order to share more of our readers’ work, we have rounded up in this first article the winning competition entries from the unbuilt section.

Crematorium Design Reinvented for a Competition in Patras Greece

The municipality of Patras in Greece launched a competition for the design of the Crematorium, a highly debated subject in the Orthodox Greek context. The winning scheme was imagined by architects Stelios Andrikopoulos, Konstantinos Grivas, and Alexandra Stratou.

ONOFFICE Awarded First Prize for Botanical Park in Cyprus

Design practice ONOFFICE environmental architecture was awarded first prize in the competition to restore Germanina Estate in Western Cyprus. The competition aimed to rehabilitate the estate and incorporate a listed 19th century agricultural complex into the contemporary urban life of Gerospikou.

Winning Proposal for the New Archaeological Museum of Sparta

MOR-architects and EP Architects were awarded the first position in the competition for the new Archaeological Museum of Sparta. With an architectural concept based on creating an elevated space of exhibition on top of the archaeological site, the winning project generates a constant visual connection between the old and the new.

Petrās Architecture Designs New Greek Archaeological Museum for Sparta

Greek design practice Petrās Architecture have created a new proposal for an archaeological museum in Sparta. Designed for the Peloponnese Municipality, the project integrates an existing listed building with a new museum building and the surroundings archaeological finds. The project aims to bring together architecture, history and landscape into a single narrative and museum experience for Sparta.

Kapsimalis Architects Carve Land from Santorini Vineyard to Create Floating House

Kapsimalis Architects has published details of their proposed Vineyard House on the Greek island of Santorini. The design concept was for a main housing space under a roof of artificial earth, with a perimeter-free view of the landscape. To achieve this, a piece of land is elevated by 2.6 meters to form a living space below and progressively sculpted in the spirit of the natural erosion of volcanic rocks and caves.

Giannis Giannoutsos Designs a White Chapel for Rural Greece

Greek architect Giannis Giannoutsos has created a new chapel design for a small church in western Greece. Sited in Stratos, the project explores the juxtaposition between an existing and a new religious structure in the same space. Rising next to the ruins of a 19th century country church called Asprocclesia, or White Chapel, the design creates a space of introspection and enclosure in the middle of an open field.

Zero Waste Lab 3D Prints Street Furniture from Household Plastic Waste 

The New Raw has launched the Zero Waste Lab in Thessaloniki, a research initiative where Greek citizens can upcycle plastic waste into urban furniture. Part of the larger Print Your City project, the project utilizes a robotic arm and recycling facilitates to create custom furniture pieces that close the plastic waste loop. The initiative aims to use flakes from recycled products to redesign public spaces within the cities.

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