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Baker’s Dozen: 13 Sweet Projects Filled with Delight

Few architectural typologies are as timeless as bakeries. A practice spanning thousands of years, the art of baking has diverse roots. Today, bakeries combine areas to gather, socialize, shop, and work. While industrialization and commercialization transformed the art of baking and baked goods, bakeries remain important community spaces for gathering and defining neighborhood identity.

Castle Cabins in France and a Seaside Vancouver Villa: 10 Unbuilt Homes Submitted by our Readers

Housing is a ubiquitous typology ripe for experimentation. Exploring form, view, materials and hierarchies, residential projects center on daily life and retreat. Designed to bring people together and provide space for isolation, homes can be open and inviting, secluded and private, or both at the same time. For unbuilt housing projects, these concepts are designed to rethink traditional forms and spatial layouts in the context of local climates and landscape conditions.

Sheltered Villas in Greece and Floating Terraces in India: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Houses and Villas are the most researched topics on ArchDaily. Putting together a curated selection of conceptual interventions, this week’s Best Unbuilt Architecture focuses on the residential sector. From all over the world, this group presents proposals submitted by our readers.

New Metro Infrastructure is Taking Shape in Athens and Thessaloniki

With the recent completion of several new stations and tunnels, the Athens underground metro expansion and the development of the Thessaloniki Metro system are on a set course to completion in Greece. The construction of a direct connection between the Athens airport and the Piraeus harbour, as well as the development of Thessaloniki’s first metro line, are underway, and images by photographer Pygmalion Karatzas show the new underground infrastructure coming together in the two Greek cities.

PILA Selected to Redesign the Facade of the Abandoned Piraeus Tower in Greece

PILA, an architecture studio based in Athens and New York lead by Ilias Papageorgiou and Christina Papalexandri, was selected as the winner of an invited international competition, to regenerate the abandoned Piraeus Tower and redesign the famous building’s façade. In fact, this structure, the tallest on the port of Piraeus and the second-tallest in Greece, has never been entirely occupied.

History of Architecture: Ancient Greece

As far as written records report, “prehistory” dates back between 35,000 BCE and 3000 BCE in the Middle East (2000 BCE in Western Europe). Ancient builders had a profound understanding of human responses to environmental conditions and physical needs. Initially, families and tribes lived together in skin-covered huts and bone structures. Thousands of years later, human settlements evolved into fortified mud-brick walls surrounding rectangular volumes with pierced openings for ventilation and sunlight. 

An Alternative Museum for Burning Man and a Concrete Lighthouse: 12 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Gathering the best-unbuilt architecture from our readers' submissions, this curated collection features conventional, original and innovative functions. With projects from all over the world, this roundup is a conceptual discovery of different architectural approaches.

A Paralympic Center and an Aquarium in New York: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Ensuring a platform for everyone, ArchDaily is rounding up, every once in a while, a curated selection from our readers’ submissions. With proposals coming from all over the world, our aim is to feature the best Unbuilt Architecture out there.

Best Unbuilt Architecture: 7 Submitted Proposals Exploring Diverse Programs

Part of ArchDaily’s mission to highlight the best Architecture in the world, we are frequently rounding up unbuilt projects submitted by our readers. In this feature, we are focusing on competition proposals, showcasing a vast variety of functions.

Meds Workshop Generates 14 Projects on the Island of Spetses in Greece

Meetings of Design Students or MEDS is an international workshop, taking place every summer in a different country and tackling every year a new thematic. In its 10th edition, MEDS Workshop was held in Greece, on the island of Spetses, bringing together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary approaches, resulting in 14 interdisciplinary projects.

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