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A Dynamic Hub Dedicated to Youth and a Villa Complex Inspired by Rice Fields: 8 Unbuilt Resorts Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Long celebrated as havens of relaxation and luxury, resorts offer guests an escape from the mundanity of daily life. These sanctuaries seek to offer lavish accommodations, scenic locations, and comprehensive experiences. From sun-drenched beaches to mountain retreats, or secluded spots in the wilderness, resorts can take a variety of forms, each offering a unique experience. The history of architects designing resorts is intertwined with the development of the hospitality industry and the concept of leisure travel. In the realm of architecture, resorts allow designers to meld functionality with luxury living, creating spaces that offer experiences beyond just residences.

How to Build on a Sloped Terrain? 5 Modern Residential Projects Shaped For Their Environments With Split-Level Exteriors

Sloped terrain offers a tantalizing prospect for developers. With breathtaking views over either natural or urban landscapes, often without the realistic possibility of being overlooked by future development, a parcel of land on a slope provides a high reward. However, whether it’s the extra excavation involved to cut and fill or cantilever out on a flat surface, the complications of water drainage, or the loss of light and difficulty of access at the front of the property, building on sloped terrains is not without its difficulties.

Foster + Partners Begins Construction on "The Grid" Office Development in Athens, Greece

Construction is currently in progress on “The Grid,” a new office complex by Foster + Partners. Located in Marousi, an established business hub that boasts connectivity to central Athens, the project spans an entire city block. The project features modern, adaptable workspaces, along with landscaped green areas that integrate with a public park. The scheme hopes to revitalize Marousi and attract new business to the existing area.

A Burning Man Temple Concept and a Pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka: 8 Competition Proposals Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

In the world of architecture, competitions serve as catalysts for innovation and creativity. By promoting the architectural community to contemplate a given theme and intervene in well-defined spaces, they provide some of the best platforms for experimentation, allowing architects and designers to explore new concepts, challenge conventions, and address pressing societal needs, all while comparing the wide variety of emerging solutions. This week's curated roundup gathers examples of worldwide competition proposals submitted by the ArchDaily Community.

A Hotel on Montenegro's Coastline and a Restaurant in India: 8 Unbuilt Structures In and Around Water Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Water, fluid and dynamic in its nature, has long been an inspiration for architects and designers. From ancient civilizations to modern metropolises, the presence of water has shaped architectural schemes and urban landscapes. This elemental force provides aesthetic and sensory inspiration to the buildings that are built around it. Additionally, it poses challenges and different opportunities for problem-solving, particularly as rising sea levels demand a revaluation of coastal developments.

Athens Plans to Grow Its Metro Infrastructure by a Third to Reduce Automobile Traffic

The project for implementing a fourth metro line in the Greek capital began in 2021, with the purpose of reducing the need for automobiles in the crowded city. As the 15-station new line is estimated to transport 340,000 passengers a day, up to 53,000 cars could be taken off the roads each day. While the opening of the line may be five years away, work has now begun to refurbish seven urban squares which will become stations. Despite public support for the initiative, the project has also led to some controversy, with residents fearing gentrification.

A Hospital in Belgium and an Airport in NEOM: 8 Unbuilt Structures That Feature Organic Shapes Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

In constantly changing industry of architectural design, the rebirth of organic shapes stands as a testament to the power of design. “Following years of linear, clean-cut, and refined spaces, curved silhouettes were revived, became one of the dominating interior design trends across the world.” Aiming to redefine the boundaries of physical spaces and conventional forms, these curves are often times inspired by nature. In fact, organic architecture symbolizes a departure from the static, reflecting the essence of our technological age.

A Stacked Residence in India and a Science Museum in Rome: 8 Unbuilt Winning Proposals for Competitions Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

Architecture competitions are platforms where innovation meets imagination, where the boundaries of what we know about design and architecture are relentlessly pushed. Serving as spaces for architects and designers to realize groundbreaking ideas, competitions challenge our conventions and shape our future environments. While countless creative concepts are proposed, only a handful are realized. In fact, these winning designs stand as a showcase for the creativity of architects, redefining our future built environments.

A Recycling Center in Zurich and a Resilience Hub in Arizona: 8 Unbuilt Projects That Champion Adaptive Reuse

As the landscape of architecture and urban development adapts to the modern climate, the traditional notion of construction has been significantly modified and adjusted. Specifically, principles of reuse, recycling, adaptive reuse, and the power of transforming existing structures into something more meaningful and sustainable have gained much traction. Looking at these curated collections of unbuilt projects, one can begin exploring a different way of looking at buildings and heritage, which is significantly more sensitive to the built environment.

BIG Unveils Design for New Residential Development in Ellinikon, Europe’s Largest Urban Regeneration Project

Bjarke Ingels Group has revealed the design of Park Rise residences, a new development the Little Athens neighborhood of Ellinikon, featuring modern homes, greenspace, retail, office, and hospitality. The Ellinikon is an ambitious urban regeneration project that reimagines the grounds of Athens’ old international airport and transforms it into a 6.2 million-square meter smart city. Within this development, the Little Athens neighborhood aims to become an integrated part of Ellinikon’s smart urban ecosystem and bring over 1100 new residences to the northwestern coastline of the development.