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Medieval Brutalism: The Entrance of Switzerland's Castelgrande Captured by Simone Bossi

Situated on Ticino's rocky peaks are the historic Medieval Castles of Bellinzona: Montebello, Sasso Corbaro, and Castelgrande. And while all three castles and their fortifications have become part of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, it is not only the ancient walls that leave visitors enchanted, but the gateways that leads to them.

Architectural photographer Simone Bossi decided to solely capture the castle's entrance, displaying how a dialogue between the organic forms of nature and refined man-made walls can be as majestic as a historic fortress.

Federico Covre Captures Barozzi Veiga's Swiss Projects: the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center and MCB-A

Federico Covre’s latest series of photographs showcases two of Barozzi Veiga's projects in Switzerland, the Tanzhaus Zürich Cultural Center, and the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts. The Italian architectural photographer based in Italy and Sweden, who “seeks to achieve a balance between conceptual rigor and functionality” through his images, has captured both projects after a year of their completion.

Tanzhaus- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreTanzhaus- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreMCBA- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico CovreMCBA- Barozzi Veiga. Image © Federico Covre+ 55

The Human Scale: India At Eye Level

The human scale can best be described as the relationship between a body and its surroundings and a body is nothing if not the undeniable connection between our sensorial experience within the material world and how we perceive it within our own minds.  

International Photography Awards Announces Winners of its 2020 Competition in the Architecture Section

The International Photography Awards has announced the winners of its 2020 photography competition. Showcasing some of the most outstanding photographic work from around the globe, this year’s contest gathered a total of 13,000 entries from 120 countries. Discover the selection of winners and honorable mentions from the architecture sub-categories: fine art, cityscapes, bridges, buildings, interior, historic, industrial, abstract, and other.

Sebastian Weiss_HM architecture_The Red Wall. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Paul Mark Sanders_HM architecture_homage Christo. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Silvia Steinbach_HM architecture_Tanks of cocoa beans. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020Rami Yazagi_HM architecture_New York. Image Courtesy of International Photography Awards 2020+ 32

Denmark's Innovative Public Projects Captured by Hufton+Crow: Copenhill by BIG, Tingbjerg Library and Køge Nord Station by COBE

Hufton+Crow has unveiled its latest series of images, capturing Denmark's recent and inventive projects, completed between 2018 and 2019. The photographs showcase CopenHill Energy Plant and Urban Recreation Center by BIG, along with Tingbjerg Library and Culture House and Køge Nord Station, both designed by COBE.

Copenhill. Image © Hufton+CrowTingbjerg Library. Image © Hufton+CrowKøge Nord Station. Image © Hufton+CrowKøge Nord Station. Image © Hufton+Crow+ 45

Erieta Attali and Philipp Valente Explore the Shadows of Germany's Industrial Past

A city's industrial past can leave unsettling imprints on the present. Large abandoned structures and forgotten facilities are very appealing not only to the voracious real estate market but also to the imagination of those who daydream about an unpromising past. Take the Ruhr valley, Germany's most populated urban area, and Europe's largest industrial region.

Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen. Photography & Concept © Erieta AttaliZollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen. Photography & Concept © Erieta AttaliDuisburg-Nord public park. Photography & Concept © Erieta AttaliDuisburg-Nord public park. Photography & Concept © Erieta Attali+ 39

Arquitectura Libre: Capturing Mexico's Self-Built Custom Works of Architecture with Adam Wiseman

© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman+ 34

In Mexico, self-construction has been a topic heated debate between its advocates and opponents; however, this doesn't diminish its prevalence throughout Mexico and the world. Over the past few years, initiatives on the part of architects have driven the creation of instruction manuals for do-it-yourself builders as a way to promote health and safety in self-construction and to also provide insight into building materials and techniques. In many ways, the initiative has improved the self-construction process, a fact evident in the increasingly visible creations seen throughout Mexico.

Ricardo Bofill's La Muralla Roja Photographed Through the Lens of Sebastian Weiss

Marking the 80th birthday of architect Ricardo Bofill last December, photographer Sebastian Weiss recently captured the designer's iconic La Muralla Roja in Calp, Spain. The housing project references popular architecture of the Mediterranean and was inspired by the tradition of the casbah. The striking colors that cover the outer and inner facades are selected to both contrast nature and complement its purity.

© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss+ 18

New Metro Infrastructure is Taking Shape in Athens and Thessaloniki

With the recent completion of several new stations and tunnels, the Athens underground metro expansion and the development of the Thessaloniki Metro system are on a set course to completion in Greece. The construction of a direct connection between the Athens airport and the Piraeus harbour, as well as the development of Thessaloniki’s first metro line, are underway, and images by photographer Pygmalion Karatzas show the new underground infrastructure coming together in the two Greek cities.

© Pygmalion Karatzas© Pygmalion Karatzas© Pygmalion Karatzasregenerated public square. Image © Pygmalion Karatzas+ 18

Compose the Void: Simone Bossi

© Simone Bossi
© Simone Bossi

When we talk about natural or man-made spaces, the void immediately comes into play. This is understood as that matter that is untouched and that allows living the experience of inhabiting.

The photography of the artist Simone Bossi narrates the qualities of the space creating atmospheres that allow a new reading on the emptiness.

Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero): "Architectural Photography Needs to Loosen Up Its Language"

You have only to look at Miguel De Guzmán and Rocío Romero's portfolio to know that the duo have succeeded in capturing a wide array of panoramas and sharing the ideas attached to them. Through their Madrid and New York based photography and film studio, Imagen Subliminal, document the latest happenings in the world of architecture in an effort to give their audience a taste of the energy and creativity that drives it.

We sat down with the duo in honor World Photography Day, where they shared how their work has changed through the years and photography's contemporary and future role in architecture.

Futuristic Architecture of the 70s: Photographs of a Modern World with a Twist of Science Fiction

Bolwoningen / Dries Kreijkamp (1980-1985). Image © Stefano PeregoIlinden / Makedonium / Jordan Grabuloski + Iskra Grabuloska (1974). Krushevo, Macedonia. Image © Stefano PeregoPart of a Casa Futuro / Matti Suuronen (1968). Image © Stefano PeregoKihoku Tenkyukan / Takasaki Architects (1995). Kanoya, Japan. Image © Stefano Perego+ 8

The Manifesto of Futurism, written by Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909, was the rallying cry for the avant-garde movement driven by the writers, musicians, artists, and even architects (among them Antonio Sant'Elia) in the early 20th century. After the manifesto's publication, Futurism quickly came to the forefront of public conscience and opened the way for many other cutting edge movements in the art world and beyond.

While the movement would undergo a significant decline in the years following World War II, it reinvented itself decades later during the Space Age, when faith in technology and industry were at a fever-pitch and the world's powers were racing to put humans on the Moon. All of a sudden, humanity had a new cultural panorama that inspired every facet of society--from musicians, to scientists, to architects. With the combination of engineering and art, not to mention the bountiful scientific achievements of the time, works of architecture turned into works of science fiction.