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The Best Interviews of 2021

From the content universe we made available in 2021, interviews are, without a doubt, among those in which we invested more time and research. Making room for the voice of architects and other professionals in the built environment is a great pleasure but also an enormous challenge, as it requires a lot of research and dedicated time from our team of editors. It is also rewarding as it puts us in contact with some of the most prominent talents in our discipline, who have been discussing issues such as cities, community, environment, democracy, sustainability, building technology and interiors.

"Practice Operations is a New Way of Thinking": Monograph's Robert Yuen on Design and Technology

Technology has begun to radically transform operations in the AEC industries. For Robert Yuen, CEO and Co-Founder of Monograph, he's developed a cloud-based project management application that's tailored to address these changes. Trained as an architect and establishing himself as an entrepreneur, Robert utilizes his background to reimagine what the futures holds for managing design and construction.

Great White Plastic Folded Structure. Image Courtesy of Robert YuenRelaxed Vault: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Meets Kuka Robotic Arm. Image Courtesy of Robert YuenRobert Yuen. Image Courtesy of MonographCasting Unpredictability. Image Courtesy of Robert Yuen+ 12

"The Tenets of Good Design are Timeless": JMZ's Tenée R. Casaccio Explores Building and Planning Today

JMZ Architects is a firm realizing both long-term visions and local spatial needs. With a background in planning and architecture, they are a Women-owned business creating campuses and new structures alike. Practicing from a single office of 23 employees in Glens Falls, New York, they have focused exclusively on architecture and planning for higher education institutions, primarily public colleges, and universities, and state higher education systems.

© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners© David Lamb Photography, Courtesy JMZ Architects and Planners+ 11

"There is a Relationship Between Narrative and Architecture": In Conversation with Emilio Marín and Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Cuartors of the Chilean Pavilion

Among the many topics explored at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, the idea of community has been at the forefront, with several national pavilions exploring its many manifestations, evolution, and its relationship with the future of built environments. ArchDaily met with the curators of Testimonial Spaces, Emilio Marín and Rodrigo Sepúlveda, the Chilean Pavilion at the Biennale, and discussed how the project tackled the question of the future of living together and how they bridged the stories from Santiago to Venice. The interview was conducted in Spanish but is provided with English subtitles.

© gerdastudio© gerdastudio© gerdastudio© gerdastudio+ 16

"The Profession is in Dire Straits": GLUCK+ on the Future of Architecture and Design-Build

Architecture is inherently tied to building and construction. When these processes are aligned, great structures take shape. For architecture, construction and development firm GLUCK+, design and building go hand-in-hand. From designer and builder to owner and developer, the practice has taken on diverse roles to bring innovative projects to life. Looking to the future, Principal Thomas Gluck explores how the firm is creating work in New York City and across the United States.

Bridge, 205 Race, Photo credit: Timothy Hursley. Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Van Sinderen Plaza under construction . Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Harvard University Thesis project, "Anarchitectonics" 1991. Image Courtesy of GLUCK+Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning, Photo credit: Randy Rubin. Image Courtesy of GLUCK++ 14