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Kengo Kuma Unveils Contemporary Intervention to Preserve Historic Cathedral in France

Kengo Kuma was asked to preserve the western portal of the Cathédrale Saint-Maurice in Angers, France, to protect 12th and 17th century polychromatic sculptures displayed within the historic structure. The proposed design creates a "harmonious dialogue" with a subtle contemporary arched intervention that preserves its medieval architectural heritage and pays tribute to the original builders' regulatory framework and unified proportions. Construction of the new arched portals have begun and are expected to be complete in 2024.

11 Architect-Designed Furniture and Lighting Pieces Displayed at the 2021 Salone del Mobile

After a year-long absence, Milan Design Week has wrapped up yet another year of creativity and innovation. From the 5th to the 10th of September, thousands of design companies displayed their creations to more than 200,000 visitors hailing from different countries, demographics, and industries. And while the design fair gravitated towards the world of interior design, many renowned architects such as Bjarke Ingels, Foster + Partners, and Herzon & de Meuron participated in the week-long exhibition and joined forces with interior and furniture design brands to create signature pieces.

Gu Chairs. Image Courtesy of MAD ArchitectsFlexia. Image Courtesy of ArtemideMedallion Chair . Image © Ken NganEl Poris. Image Courtesy of Artemide+ 12

Top 5 Architect-Designed Installations at the 2021 Salone del Mobile

During the first week of September, Milan Design Week opened its doors to more than 60,000 architects, designers, artists, and craftsmen from all around the world to explore new design innovations and exchange ideas about the interior design, furniture, and lighting. In parallel to the event hosted at the Rho Fiera, interventions by world-renowned architects were installed across the city as part of the Fuorisalone.

The Fuorisalone program took place under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, and started last April with a digital edition under the theme of "Forms of Living", taking a view on the questions that inspire and influence the future of the furniture and design. Read on to discover the top 5 outdoor installations along with their description.

Bamboo (竹) Ring :|| Weaving a Symphony of Lightness and Form. Image Courtesy of Kengo Kuma & OPPONatural Capital. Image Courtesy of Dima Stouhi / ArchDailyVertical Chalets. Image Courtesy of Peter Pichler ArchitectureFreedom. Image Courtesy of Romina Carpentieri+ 15

Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria Samples the Future

In this week's reprint from Metropolis, the National Gallery of Victoria, a thought-leading institution surveys the ever-expanding fields of speculative and critical design in Australia, through the work of Formafantasma.

5 Design Strategies to Improve Mental Health in Shared Workspaces

Burnout syndrome is an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress and emotional tension and has been affecting more and more professionals every day. It is directly associated with each person's daily work life, not only with the operational aspects of the job but also the physical environment.

We spend on average 1/3 of our day in workspaces, so it's no wonder they considerably affect our mental health. Following a period of intense home office activity during the year 2020, now people are returning to collaborative workplaces. These spaces offer a great alternative to escape the domestic environment and create separate places for each function of our lives, a much-needed change after a year of isolation.

Nest / Beza Projekt. © Jacek KołodziejskiThe Coven Co-working Space for Women / Studio BV. © Corey Gaffer PhotographyCo-working utopic_US Conde de Casal / Izaskun Chinchilla. © Imagen subliminalImpact Hub Berlin Office Interiors / LXSY Architekten. © Anne Deppe+ 25

How to Properly Design Circular Plans

Often, when people think of buildings, they default to imagining rectangular structures—or at the very least, structures with orthogonal floor plans and hard angles, certainly not buildings with circular plans. The rarity of the circular plan comes in part from the fact that poor design choices can lead to wasted space and awkward interior arrangements, especially if furniture and appliances are rectangular in shape. However, strongly designed circular planes can have a dramatic effect, generating extraordinary spatial configurations that meet a variety of aesthetic and functional needs, while challenging the material specification process. Below, we list 18 buildings with circular plans, considering their varying strategies of design.

Ravi Naidoo from Design Indaba Elaborates on the Purpose of Design in reSite Podcast

Design and the City is a podcast by reSITE, raising questions and proposing solutions for the city of the future. In the final episode, Ravi Naidoo from Design Indaba discusses the purpose of design. Aiming to define the field, the founder of Interactive Africa, a company based in Cape Town, and the design platform Design Indaba shares his personal thoughts on empowering people to create a better future through creativity.

Courtesy of Design Indaba© Tomas PrincCourtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design Indaba+ 8

Design Indaba 2020 Releases Program as it Celebrates a 25-Year Milestone

The globally acclaimed Design Indaba Conference and Festival, first established in 1995, is a multidisciplinary platform guided by the principle of “a Better World Through Creativity”. Running at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town from 26-28 February 2020, and via simulcast in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Potchefstroom, the acclaimed event celebrates 25 years of cultural invention.

Courtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design IndabaCourtesy of Design Indaba+ 16

YACademy Courses Offer Immersive Design Experience

Bivacco Bredy is the title of the project designed by Claudio Araya, Natalia Kogia, Iga Majorek and Maria Valese, a young team of architects who attended the latest edition of YACademy’s course in Architecture for Landscape.

The Daylight Award 2020: Open for Nominations

The Daylight Award 2020, a dual prize for research and architecture, is now open for nominations. The Daylight Award is a great opportunity for the global community of architects and researchers to consider and nominate their colleagues who have expertise in advancing outstanding daylight research and the unique use of daylight in architecture.

The Top 10 Design Cities of 2019

Design trends are often the result of foreign cultural influences, avant-garde creations, and innovative solutions for people's ever-evolving needs. Although the design world seems like one big mood board, some cities have managed to outshine the rest with their recent projects.

As part of their annual Design Cities Listing, Metropolis Magazine has highlighted 10 cities across 5 continents with intriguing projects that have harmonized contemporary urbanism with traditional and faraway influences.

How To Calculate How Much Wallpaper You Need

Utopicus Clementina cowork / Izaskun Chinchilla Architects. Image © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Utopicus Clementina cowork / Izaskun Chinchilla Architects. Image © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Once the construction of an architecture project is finished, it's time to install the claddings that will make up the visible faces of the interior spaces. Wallpaper –an efficient way to bring color and design into rooms – is generally specified according to the square meters we want to cover, so we must start by calculating the area of each surface with great precision.

This task can be easy on clear walls with standard dimensions, but it can generate mishaps or unnecessary expenses in more complex designs. We present some tips to make an estimate as accurate and efficient as possible.

Modern Sampran Wangprom Office / Apostrophy's. Image © Sitthisak NamkhamAncestry / Rapt Studio. Image © Jeremy BittermanUtopicus Clementina cowork / Izaskun Chinchilla Architects. Image © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)Snow Hotel / 1990 uao + Archigroup MA. Image © Sun Namgoong+ 18

John Pawson on Making Calm, Simple Spaces

This article was made in partnership with Design Indaba, a website and annual festival that uncovers innovation for good. Click here to learn more about the annual event.

It took a few years and multiple failed career attempts for renowned minimalist designer John Pawson to truly enter the world of architecture. Though he’d cultivated an interest in design from a young age, he’d initially shied away due to his beliefs that he needed to be good at math and that design was an innate skill rather than something that could be taught.

17 Bauhaus Instagram Feeds to Follow

Celebrate Bauhaus 100 through the world's number one visual storytelling platform, Instagram. An essential tool for designers, Instagram is a constantly growing digital database of market sharing and stimulation. Social media has changed not only how we gather precedents and market our designs, but also our designs themselves. "Instagram Culture" drives designers to create more shareable moments. As we continue to seek these dynamic encounters, let us not forget our forefathers of user experience design and the Bauhaus school.

Michelle Mlati's Afrofuturist Approach To Spatial Planning

With an academic background that includes social sciences, curatorship, and architecture, Michelle Mlati's trajectory is an interesting one; more so for the way her current work dabbles in these areas simultaneously.  

Describing herself as an afrofuturist critical spatial designer, Johannesburg-based Mlati’s practice investigates elements of the city, from sustainability through to social dynamics, architecture to aural and visual cultures.