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A Psychiatric Hospital and an Alternative Public Workspace: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

Focusing on competition entries, this week’s curated selection of the best-unbuilt architecture from our readers' submissions, highlights projects from across the globe, presented part of international contests. Some are winners, some are not but all of the featured schemes have an intriguing conceptual approach, and a different story to tell.

Tackling diverse programming, the entries include an urban public housing proposal in South Korea, the Dianju Village Library in China and a new Future-Oriented Neighborhood in Finland combining urban and sustainable living. Moreover, the article showcases rare and unconventional functions like a hospital for psychiatry & neurological diseases in Turkey and an intervention on a famed Oscar Niemeyer site.

Partisans Imagines Master Plan for the Next Generation Community in a Small Town in Canada

The Orbit illustrates Partisans’ vision for a cutting-edge community where small town and rural lifestyles are enhanced by the benefits and attributes of urban living. The award-winning Toronto-based architecture studio imagined a new urban fabric that inspires citizens.

Shanghai Nanxiang Neighborhood Center / XYP Design+Technology

© Xun Yu
© Xun Yu

© Xun Yu © Xun Yu © Xun Yu © Xun Yu + 31

Markham Place Neighborhood Walking Tour

The Governor Markham Landmark District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City of Pasadena, and residences included in the District parallel Pasadena’s growth from incorporation as a city in 1886. Ninety-four percent of the homes were constructed between 1891 and 1933. This area became an official Landmark District in 2005 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012, nominated by Pasadena Heritage.

Architecture for Humans Proposes Zero Emission Neighborhood to Address Climate Change

As the demand of a sustainable lifestyle increases, cities are trying to find strategies to create environmentally friendly communities. From passive designs to recycled materials, architects are turning their attention to climate change and trying to find solutions through architecture and design.

The Zero Emission Neighborhood is an eco-village concept proposed by Architecture for Humans in the city of Pristina, Kosovo. The concept ensures optimum sustainability for the entire community through “zero emission” buildings, passive design strategies, active solar systems, and energy efficient appliances.

Courtesy of Architecture for Humans Courtesy of Architecture for Humans Courtesy of Architecture for Humans Courtesy of Architecture for Humans + 32