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MVRDV+ Local Community Propose Plans for Lost Canals in The Hague

MVRDV has designed with local neighborhood organizations, a proposal to regenerate the canals of the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands. Filled-in during the 20th century, the canals will be reopened in order to revive the historic center and improve the city on the sustainable, economical and infrastructural levels.

After. Image © MVRDV 2018 After. Image © MVRDV 2018 After. Image © MVRDV 2018 After. Image © MVRDV 2018 + 18

MVRDV Designs Facade of Potted Plants along Dommel River in the Netherlands

MVRDV has designed an office and residential building on a corner lot next to the Dommel river in the Dutch village of Sint-Michielsgestel. Made with a facade that takes the form of potted plants, the project uses a gridded “rack” system to cover the building’s entire exterior in a variety of plants. Designed with MVRDV’s co-architect, Van Boven Architecten, the team wanted to create a landmark project for the village while also being socially conscious and environmentally progressive.

Utrecht Creates 300 Bee-Friendly Bus Stops

The City of Utrecht Council, in collaboration with advertising agency Clear Channel, has transformed 316 bus stops across the city into “bee stops.” The adaption involved installing green roofs onto the bus stops, creating bee-friendly spaces for the endangered species.

© Barbra Verbij / Clear Channel © Barbra Verbij / Clear Channel © Barbra Verbij / Clear Channel © Barbra Verbij / Clear Channel + 6

Switching Prisons - Rethinking correctional facilities in context of tomorrow


The definition of crime is culturally subjective. This subjectivity used to help us define law and punishment in a more rational manner in the past. Today, this subjectivity placed against pacing time and increasing globalization is not easy to rationalize anymore.

We see this in many walks of life where assets like gold which used to be the driving force of an economy. Where trade and even countries were valued based on how much gold reserves they had in the past. In today’s context, trade depends on technology and the currency here is information. The millions of gigabytes of data that

6 Steps for Designing Healthy Cities

By some estimates, cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy, and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions: a figure sure to increase as the global migration from rural to urban areas continues. In the pursuit of exploring new models for how healthy cities could more effectively sustain these demands, Dutch design and research studio FABRICations has investigated how cities of the Netherlands can reduce carbon emissions through new design-led approaches.

7 Projects Announced as Winners of 2019 Archiprix International / Hunter Douglas Awards

321 graduation projects designed by 407 young architects, landscape architects and urban designers were submitted for the 2019 Archiprix International / Hunter Douglas Awards. Among 22 finalists announced in December 2018, an international jury selected 7 winning projects which spotlight international trends in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

The World's Most Liveable Cities in 2019

For ten consecutive years, Vienna ranks first in the Mercer survey on cities with the best quality of life in the world. In this edition to the global ranking, eight Western European cities join the top ten, even when "trade tensions and populist undercurrents continue to dominate the global economic climate", as Mercer points out in its report.

Mecanoo Designs the World's Largest Man-Made Nature Park

Dutch design practice Mecanoo has created a masterplan for the world's largest man-made nature park at Nieuw Land in the Netherlands. Last month, the Provincial Government approved the plan with an overwhelming majority. The National Park is located near the metropolitan region of Amsterdam and covers over 29,000 hectares. The new masterplan integrates four nature reserves to secure and protect the future of the National Park.

Nieuw Land National Park. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Nieuw Land National Park. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Nieuw Land National Park. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo Nieuw Land National Park. Image Courtesy of Mecanoo + 9

UNStudio Designs 'World's Smartest Neighborhood' in the Netherlands

Dutch design practice UNStudio has created a new urban vision to create the world's smartest neighborhood in the Netherlands. Located in Helmond’s Brandevoort District, the project was imagined as a flexible grid that will be developed per users’ demand. Dubbed the Brainport Smart District, the project explores ​​social cohesion and safety, health, data, new transport technologies and independent energy systems. The BSD is designed to be a living lab that embraces experimentation and ‘learning by doing’.

Brainport Smart District. Image Courtesy of UNStudio Brainport Smart District. Image Courtesy of UNStudio Brainport Smart District Brainport Smart District + 14

Spaces of Culture

Cultural flagships, from trendy breeding grounds to iconic cultural palaces, form the core of many urban cultural landscapes. Spaces of Culture is about the new construction and redevelopment of cultural buildings in Amsterdam in the period 2000-2016.

In the construction and development of new cultural spaces in the city, the precise location and architecture play a major role in connecting the venue to the changing needs of the public, the makers and the neighbourhood. Using various case studies, Spaces of Culture shows that the cultural sector could benefit from knowledge exchange between urban planners, developers and the world of architecture.

This book

7 International Examples of How the Bauhaus Lived On After 1933

After the dissolution of the Bauhaus due to Nazi political pressure in April 1933, the ideas, teachings, and philosophies of the school were flung across the world as former students and faculty dispersed in the face of impending war. Of the numerous creative talents associated with the Bauhaus, many went on to notable careers elsewhere. Some made a living as artists or practitioners, others either continued or began careers as teachers themselves - and many did both throughout the course of their lives.

Main building of the former Black Mountain College. Image via Wikimedia under public domain Gropius House. Imagevia Picryl under public domain Ulm School of Design building by Max Bill . Image © <a href=‘'>Flickr user alphanumeric</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 2.0</a> Barn at Pond Farm. Image © <a href=‘'>Wikimedia user MikeVdP</a> licensed under <a href=‘'>CC BY-SA 4.0</a> + 11

OMA's Stacked RAI Nhow Hotel Tops Out in Amsterdam

The OMA / Reinier de Graaf-designed Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel has topped out at its 91-meter height. The main hotel for the RAI Amsterdam convention and exhibition center, the scheme will offer 650 hotel rooms across 25 floors. Formed of three shifting triangular volumes, the scheme draws from a triangular advertising column on the Europaplein that once stood prominently on the site.

OMA was chosen ahead of eleven practices to design the project, which will operate as a hub for business travelers, tourists, and Amsterdam locals. The project has been 15-years in the making, as a larger 800-room proposal was once rejected by the city a few years back.

Construction update. Image © Walter Herfst courtesy of OMA Model photography. Image © Frans Parthesius courtesy of OMA Facade close up. Image © OMA night landscape view. Image © OMA + 12

ODA Tapped to Expand Rotterdam's Historic Post Office

ODA New York has been selected to redesign the historic post office of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The iconic Postkantoor has sat vacant for more than a decade, and now the adaptive reuse project aims to bring new life to the city center. Built in 1916, the post office was one of the only original structures still standing after the Rotterdam Blitz aerial bombardment in 1940. The city of Rotterdam hopes to re-energize the neighborhood by activating the site with residential, retail, and hospitality.

The POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes Massie The POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes Massie The POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes Massie The POST. Image Courtesy of Forbes Massie + 18

Dutch Designers Create a New Vertical Village for the Netherlands

A team of Dutch design studios have won the competition for a new high-rise development next to the Leidsche Rijn station in Utrecht. Architekten Cie, Karres en Brands, KCAP and Geurst & Schulze joined together to create a development of three towers with over 1,000 residences. Mixing social housing with medium to high rent apartments, the project weaves together collective spaces around sustainable urban living. Redefining high-rise design, the vertical village aims to bring Utrecht's landscapes into the sky.

MARK Vertical Village. Image Courtesy of de Architekten Cie. Karres en Brands, Studio A2 MARK Vertical Village. Image Courtesy of de Architekten Cie. Studio A2 MARK Vertical Village. Image Courtesy of de Architekten Cie. Karres en Brands, Studio A2 MARK Vertical Village. Image Courtesy of de Architekten Cie. Studio A2 + 11

The Dutch Pavilion for Expo 2020 Creates a Temporary Biotope in the Desert

The Dutch pavilion for Dubai EXPO 2020 has been unveiled, designed by a consortium, made up of Expomobilia, Kossmann.dejong, V8 Architects and Witteveen+Bos. The scheme has been designed “as a closed-loop climate system in which private and business visitors will enjoy an intense sensorial experience.”

Based on the Netherland’s chosen theme of “uniting water, energy, and food” the pavilion will be built using a construction method prioritizing closed-loop circularity, local materials, and a post-use recyclable agenda.

via V8 Architects via V8 Architects via V8 Architects via V8 Architects + 6

UNStudio Designs a City of the Future for The Hague

Dutch architectural practice UNStudio have created a new urban vision for the City of the Future, a Central Innovation District (CID) test site in The Hague. Dubbed the "Socio-Technical City", the design covers a 1 square km area in the center of the city. The proposal aims to transform the site into a green, self-sufficient district of housing, offices, urban mobility and public spaces over the existing train track infrastructure.

City of the Future. Image Courtesy of Plompmozes City of the Future. Image Courtesy of UNStudio City of the Future. Image Courtesy of Plompmozes City of the Future + 14

MAD Architects Design Panoramic Viewpoint for Historic Warehouse in Rotterdam

MAD Architects has unveiled images of their proposed panoramic viewpoint for the Fenix Warehouse in Rotterdam, commissioned by the Droom en Daad Foundation. The scheme represents MAD’s first public cultural project in Europe, which sees them tasked with uncovering the forgotten history of what was once one of the biggest warehouses in the world.

The viewpoint is to form part of a restoration project of the historic warehouse itself, to be led by Rotterdam-based Bureau Polderman. The scheme is situated on the site of one of the oldest Chinatowns in Europe, on the southern banks of the port of Rotterdam.

RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon's Monumental "Deltewerk //" is a Tribute to the Majesty of Dutch Flood Defenses

Amsterdam-based RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon have completed an imposing Dutch monument paying tribute to the country’s centuries-old flood defense systems. “Deltawerk //” appropriates the enormous decaying test models in the Waterloopbos national monument, a former Dutch Hydrodynamics laboratory.

Deltawerk //, which opened September 27th, is envisioned as a “tribute to the majesty and seemingly indestructible power of the Dutch delta works,” shedding new light on the “practice of preserving cultural heritage.”

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