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Evolution of the House Plan in Europe: from the Industrial Revolution to the Interwar Period

The introduction of new techniques and materials, along with innovations in indoor plumbing systems, resulting from the industrial revolution, paved the way for vertical living. Investigating specifically a period of time where a flux of population was driven to cities, and social class divisions were being questioned, this article looks back at the evolution of the house plan in Europe between 1760 and 1939.

Felixx and Orange Design New Housing for an Artificial Island in Amsterdam

Landscape and architecture studios Felixx and Orange Architects have designed a new housing development in the heart of IJburg, Amsterdam. Rising atop an artificial island, the project is organized around the surrounding marina to provide family housing. The new residential building will include commercial and social programming, as well as new areas for the public realm.

Powerhouse Team Wins Competition for "Urban Woodland" in the Netherlands

Powerhouse Company has won the competition to transform the Alo-location and neighborhood in Groningen, a city in the Netherlands. They teamed up with Houben/Van Mierlo, Vector-i and landscape architect DELVA to create the proposal. Dubbed HOLT, the project was developed with MWPO, Nijestee and Nijhuis Bouw. The plan for a new green and healthy neighborhood looks to the future of healthy living in the city.

A Beach House on the Aegean Sea and a Hybrid Housing Development in Norway: 12 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Focusing on the different typologies of houses, this week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights conceptual projects submitted by the ArchDaily Community. From urban developments to tiny homes, this article explores the topic of residential architecture and presents approaches from all over the world.

"Let's Change the Culture of Construction": Creating New Ways of Building with Superuse Studios

Like natural systems, great architecture is the product of circular processes. For Jan Jongert, a founding partner and architect at Superuse Studios, sustainable design is rooted in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse. Viewing re-use as a circular design strategy, the studio is developing strategies for cities to connect different flows and integrate these systems into the existing urban environment.

KCAP Designs Three Round Towers for the Netherlands

KCAP Architects & Planners have designed a proposal for three round, residential towers on the former Brabantbad site in the Netherlands. The team's project includes slender volumes atop transparent plinths adjacent to Prins Hendrikpark in 's-Hertogenbosch. The park embraces the IIzeren Vrouw, a former sand extraction lake, while also aiming to improve upon the current zoning plan.

A Social Distancing Plaza in the Netherlands and a City without Cars in Italy: 10 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Looking at the urban environment, this week’s curated selection of the Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights interventions in public spaces, submitted by the ArchDaily Community. Suitable for this monthly topic, the article underlines worldwide approaches that tackle the challenges of these areas through the introduction of innovative solutions.

SeARCH Designs Sustainable Timber Housing for Amsterdam's Haveneiland Island

Architecture and urban design practice SeARCH has unveiled a design for a new timber housing project on Amsterdam's Haveneiland, IJburg. The team is working with care institution Amstelring, sustainability specialist DGMR and healthcare real estate investor Apollo Zorgvastgoedfonds on the sustainable development. The energy-neutral residential building, entitled Eyckstaete, will be the first timber residential building to offer sustainable housing for the elderly on IJburg.

ZJA Designs Underwater Museum for a Shipwreck in Amsterdam

ZJA Architects has designed a project for an underwater museum around a ship previously beached in the English town of Hastings. The proposal would see the shipwreck preserved and moved to the city of Amsterdam, its namesake, within a fully enclosed dock with transparent windows. The proposal would allow researchers to investigate the wreck, and at the same time, the public could experience the ship and treasures within.

Mecanoo Designs New Scenic Maritime Center for Rotterdam

Architecture and design practice Mecanoo has created a new vision for an iconic Maritime Center along the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. Located in the middle of the water, the project includes an undulating, organic building form made to contrast with the industrial nature of the surrounding port. Partly underwater, the design features a triple helix and is made as a place for maritime entrepreneurs, science and culture.

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