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Brazilian Houses: The Latest Architecture and News

Brazilian Houses: 14 Homes with Wooden Window Frames

Wood is a material naturally associated with beauty, versatility, and comfort and is used in many different ways in architecture, from flooring to roofing. These qualities also stand out when used in window frames.

House in Serra do Cipó / TETRO Arquitetura. Image: © Jomar BragançaHouse CE / Seferin Arquitetura. Image: © Marcelo DonadussiBrazilian Houses: 14 Homes with Wooden Window FramesHouse in the Blue Wild / Studio Carlito e Renata Pascucci. Image © Monica Antunes+ 15

Brazilian Houses: 15 Projects with Gable Roofs

Boreal House / Nommo Arquitetos - © Paula MoraisCavalcante House / BLOCO Arquitetos - © Joana FrançaJordão House / FGMF Arquitetos - © Fran Parente Maestro Residence / Guelo Nunes Arquitetura - © Fran Parente+ 16

The gable roof house is not only a children's drawing of a home, it is also one of the most popular solutions in Brazilian residential architecture. Besides being very appealing and easy to build, this type of roof helps the rainwater flow along its two pitched surfaces that meet at a central line, hence the name duas águas (lit. two waters) in Portuguese.

Brazilian Houses: 10 Residences Using Recycled Materials

According to a survey by the Brazilian Association for Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste (ABRECON), there has been an increase in the recycling of construction and demolition waste (C&D) in Brazil in recent years. According to the 2015 report, 21% of the total C&D was recycled in the country that year, while in 2013 the rate was 19%.

The outlook is promising but not yet ideal, and the growth of recycled C&D materials is still considered small. In Brazil, construction waste can represent between 50% and 70% of the total municipal solid waste. This means, we still need to advocate for a more common practice of material recycling and reuse in architecture, especially in Brazil.

Michelle House / Yuri Vasconcelos Arquitetura. Image: © Alexandre Santos LimaPacheco Leão AL Residence / Ateliê de Arquitetura. Image: © André NazarethHouse in Samambaia / Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura. Image: © André NazarethFlamboyant Residence / Perkins+Will. Image: © Nelson Kon+ 11

Brazilian Houses: 12 Houses With Polished Concrete Flooring

The polished concrete technique is not only suitable for many different environments, but also harmonizes well with various building materials, and has been the material of choice for many Brazilian architects in housing designs in recent years.

The mixture of sand, cement, and water is prepared on-site and the result is a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative when properly and regularly maintained. This finish has become so popular that you can find porcelain tiles and coatings with a similar texture.

Brazilian Houses: 12 Homes With Cable Structures

Structural components can be the main stars in architectural projects, contributing to the understanding of how the building's intrinsic forces are organized and distributed. Cables are constantly being used to steal the scene: they subvert the logic of supporting structures and build stable systems using tension, creating both a sense of strength and lightness in the building.

This kind of element is found in buildings of many different sizes, ranging from the steel cables of large and majestic suspension bridges to the cables on residential roofs. We have picked a series of Brazilian houses that benefit from this delicate and powerful structural component in different ways, showing the versatility of its potential applications.

Do Bomba House / Sotero Arquitetos. Image: © Leonardo FinottiLLM House / Obra Arquitetos. Image: © Nelson KonMorro do Querosene House / gruposp. Image: © Nelson KonCarapicuiba House / Angelo Bucci + Alvaro Puntoni. Image: © Nelson Kon+ 13

Brazilian Houses: 16 Projects with Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are usually multi-pitched and covered in tiles, which make them different from flat and circular shaped roofs. The “pitch” of the roof is directly related to the wind and tile type, it must be able to drain rainwater and shelter the interior of the house.  

Brazilian Houses: 9 Examples of Residential Vernacular Architecture

Wattle and daub house. Image © Pedro Levorin
Wattle and daub house. Image © Pedro Levorin

The regional expressions of a country’s culture are vital in helping us understand the relation between context and specific conditions of social manifestations. These nuances and singularities inside the realm of construction are translated into what can be called vernacular architecture. Although it has always existed, this universe of local exemplars of architecture with their particular materials, techniques and regional constructive solutions came to be well studied in the second half of the twentieth century in Brazil, in a project that traced national architecture history, headed by Lucio Costa.