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BIG Reveals Updated Design for Vltava Philharmonic Hall in Prague

After winning the international competition for the design of the Vltava Philharmonic Hall in May 2022, Danish studio BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group has now developed the design into a detailed architectural study. The project continues the central concept of the competition, that of connecting the riverbank with the venue’s rooftop via a meandering path that expands the public space and invites visitors to engage with the new building. Construction is expected to start in 2027, after completing the project documentation for the building permit and selecting a contractor. The Philharmonic Hall is expected to open in 2032.

Elevating Urban Connectivity: The Spirit of Pedestrian Bridges in Cities

In a city, celebrating the act of walking has become a form of non-traditional planning. In the age of cars, challenging the dominance of vehicular transportation by championing the pedestrian experience is not very common. For this reason, pedestrian bridges worldwide stand as symbols of connectivity and architectural ingenuity. These soaring structures embody the urban experience for its core user: the pedestrian. Although the structures began as practical solutions to traffic management, they have evolved into iconic landmarks and pivotal components of city planning.

A Recycling Center in Zurich and a Resilience Hub in Arizona: 8 Unbuilt Projects That Champion Adaptive Reuse

As the landscape of architecture and urban development adapts to the modern climate, the traditional notion of construction has been significantly modified and adjusted. Specifically, principles of reuse, recycling, adaptive reuse, and the power of transforming existing structures into something more meaningful and sustainable have gained much traction. Looking at these curated collections of unbuilt projects, one can begin exploring a different way of looking at buildings and heritage, which is significantly more sensitive to the built environment.

First Look at Expo 2025 Osaka: Previewing Sou Fujimoto's Masterplan and the Initial National Pavilion Designs

The city of Osaka, Japan, has won the bid to organize the 2025 World Expo, an international event expected to draw in millions of visitors. Set to commence on April 13, 2025, and conclude on October 13, 2025, this marks Japan's second occasion as host, the prior instance being in 1970. Throughout their history, World Expos have been the place where new technologies and products are showcased and popularized, leading to technological advancements and innovative designs. For this event, Osaka has chosen the overarching theme of "Designing Future Society for Our Lives," with three subthemes further developing the concept: Saving Lives, Empowering Lives, and Connecting Lives. Architect Sou Fujimoto was selected as the Expo Site Design Producer, taking on the responsibility of creating the master plan and providing guidance to designers from participating countries.

A Caravan House in Greece and an Ecological Oasis in Mexico: 9 Unbuilt Residences Designed Around Nature Submitted by the ArchDaily Community

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the relationship between nature and design has taken on a renewed significance. Residential design projects that intertwine with natural elements are shown to encourage a sense of tranquility in the inhabitants and the surrounding environment. Moreover, the integration of greenery, specifically through gardens, flourishing landscapes, or complete forest and hillside integrations, can be a powerful testament to the coexistence of human habitation and the natural world.

Iwan Baan’s "Prague Diary" Showcases a Raw and Unedited Version of the City

In the summer of 2022, Iwan Baan completed an urban pilgrimage through the unique streets of Prague. For 7 days, the photographer photographed the city on foot, on a bike, and from a helicopter, capturing the essence of the urban fabric, from the center to the periphery and the landscape along the Vltava River. Presenting the city as a raw and often neglected entity, Iwan Baan showcased his exhibition “Iwan Baan: Prague Diary” this year at CAMP.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Wins Competition to Design Primary School in Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic

CHYBIK + KRISTOF has just won an architectural competition to design the new primary school in Stara Boleslav in the Czech Republic. The school will allow up to 900 children from sixteen neighboring towns to attend. Furthermore, the design is based on a flexible methodology that will enable the school to change in the future to meet new demands. The building's green atrium opens views of the city's primary local and historical structures. Moreover, the school is designed to become an educational and cultural hub for the town and the neighboring public.

The Pavilion of the Czech Republic for the 2025 Osaka Expo Explores Movement and Spirituality

Apropos Architects has won the competition to design the Czech Republic Pavilion at the Universal World EXPO 2025 in Osaka, Japan. The architecture of the intervention prioritizes movement as a crucial component of preserving physical health.

The Czech Pavilion Addresses the Issue of Precarious Working Conditions at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale

The National Pavilion of the Czech Republic presents the exhibition “The Office for a Non-Precarious Future” at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition investigates current pressing issues faced by the architectural profession and especially by young practitioners by asking the initial question: ”How can architects design a better world if they themselves work in a toxic working system?.” The pavilion is commissioned by Helena Huber-Doudová and will present the works of exhibitors Eliška Havla Pomyjová, David Neuhäusl, and Jan Netušil. As the Czech ad Slovak Pavilion at the Giardini della Biennale is under reconstruction, the Czech Republic will exceptionally use the Arsenale in the Artiglierie section as its exhibition space. The Czech and Slovak Pavilion in Giardini will serve only as a digital hub to complement the main presentation.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Transforms Heritage Textile Factory Into Art Gallery in the Czech Republic

CHYBIK + KRISTOF architecture studio has been announced as the competition winners for a new cultural landmark that will transform and re-activate public space in Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic. This former textile factory will be converted into a multifunctional cultural hub available to the public. The newly revitalized building will contribute to the existing cultural infrastructure, located near the main square of the city.