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This Device Attaches to Your Smartphone to Let You See Through Walls

14:20 - 30 May, 2017

Looking to mount something or make alternations to a wall, but worried about hitting something inside? A new device, the Walabot DIY, will end those fears forever by giving you the real-life equivalent of Superman’s X-ray vision.

Unlike a traditional stud finder, the Walabot is able to detect a variety of different materials and objects, including but not limited to pipes, wires, conduit, studs and even living creatures like mice. Additionally, the device can even find objects that aren’t directly touching the outer sheetrock or concrete surface, up to 4 inches deep.

II International Ideas Competition Chair CIMC

08:30 - 23 May, 2017
II International Ideas Competition Chair CIMC

The Chair of Innovative Construction Materials (CIMC) with the Higher School of Architecture of Málaga and Financiera y Minera S.A. announce the II International Ideas Competition for architects and students of architecture in their graduation project.

Lanzarote Music Factory

19:30 - 8 May, 2017
Lanzarote Music Factory, Lanzarote Music Factory
Lanzarote Music Factory

The project of the Music Factory of Lanzarote was born as a public initiative that seeks to solve the lack of musical spaces and interpretation of the island bearing in mind the analysis extracted from the area.

A priority objective is a connection with the city and the impulse of the urban renewal in Arrecife. A project that will act as an engine of future activities that seek intervention in urban voids and old buildings adapting them to new uses.

Gothic Construction Techniques Inspire ETH Zurich's Lightweight Concrete Floor Slabs

08:00 - 19 April, 2017
Gothic Construction Techniques Inspire ETH Zurich's Lightweight Concrete Floor Slabs , © ETH Zurich / Peter Rüegg.
© ETH Zurich / Peter Rüegg.

With the intention of maximizing available space and avoiding steep construction costs, researchers from ETH Zurich’s Department of Architecture have devised a concrete floor slab that with a thickness of a mere 2cm, remains load bearing and simultaneously sustainable. Inspired by the construction of Catalan vaults, this new floor system swaps reinforced steel bars for narrow vertical ribs, thus significantly reducing the weight of construction and ensuring stability to counter uneven distributions on its surface. 

As opposed to traditional concrete floors that are evidently flat, these slabs are designed to arch to support major loads, reminiscent of the vaulted ceilings found in Gothic cathedrals. Without the need for steel reinforcing and with less concrete, the production of CO2 is minimized and the resulting 2cm floors are 70% lighter than their typical concrete counterparts.

via Block Research Group via Block Research Group via Block Research Group via Block Research Group +5

7 Architectural Experiments that Failed Spectacularly

09:30 - 13 March, 2017
7 Architectural Experiments that Failed Spectacularly

Experimentation in architecture is what propels the discipline forward. In an ideal scenario, once a project gets as far as the planning stage, large amounts of careful research and collaboration between the architect, contractor, and client contribute to a smooth execution of an exploratory idea, and ultimately a successful end product. But it’s not uncommon for even the most skilled architects to design work that has a misstep somewhere along the line, whether it has to do with shrinking budget, unforeseen contextual changes, lack of oversight, or anything in between. In some way, the projects here all fall into the second category of failed experiments, but some have also become potential models for revitalization of existing buildings, rather than (less sustainable) demolition and reconstruction. Read on to discover what went wrong in these notable disasters.

17 Templates for Common Construction Systems to Help you Materialize Your Projects

08:00 - 5 January, 2017

Earlier this year, Chilean architects and professors Luis Pablo Barros and Gustavo Sarabia from the Federico Santa María University released a book (in Spanish) titled "Sistemas Constructivos Básicos" (Basic Construction Systems)." The book aims to be a tool to help architects translate their plan diagrams into tangible architectural works, as well as to help students learn the knowledge necessary to build what they plan. 

Finishing Touches Applied to Foster + Partners' Apple Campus 2

17:15 - 11 December, 2016

Following an unofficial update in August 2016, Apple's Campus 2 is entering the final stages of construction. A new drone video, captured by aerial videographer Matthew Roberts earlier this month, shows the 'Research and Development' facility nearing full completion and capped by a vast roof plant, the 'tantau roof' on the security kiosk in place, and an epic effort in landscaping taking place both within the "spaceship's" courtyard and across the company's enormous property. Only one crane now remains on site and the solar installations appear to be around 60% complete, suggesting that the scheduled 2017 move-in date remains on track.

© Apple. Image via MacGeneration © Apple. Image via MacGeneration © Apple. Image via MacGeneration © Apple. Image via MacGeneration +15

International Mass Timber Conference

11:15 - 15 November, 2016
International Mass Timber Conference, Courtesy of Unknown
Courtesy of Unknown

The International Mass Timber Conference is a leading conference and expo on the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass timber in global design and construction and is one of the largest gatherings of CLT and mass timber experts in the world. The 2016 event drew 519 industry thought leaders and executives from 11 countries, and 56 exhibitors and 48 international speakers. Interest is high and the conference is expected to be even bigger in 2017.

Call for Submissions III International Congress on Sustainable Construction

14:58 - 27 September, 2016
Call for Submissions III International Congress on Sustainable Construction

The Higher Technical School of Seville, University of Seville, and the Architectural Constructions I Department is pleased to invite researchers and construction agents to the III International and V National Congress on Sustainable Construction and Eco-Efficient Solutions, which will take place on 2017 in Seville.

Biodesign Competition

14:15 - 23 August, 2016
Biodesign Competition, Biodesign

The Biodesign competition is a a two week long sprint, seeking bold and innovative visions for the future of construction at the intersection of the physical, the digital and the biological.

We seek radical visions for the following categories:

  • A. Spaces for living – Single family home in the suburbs – Multi-family apartment in the city – Informal settlement or slums in the context of an emerging economy – In situ revitalization of abandoned buildings in the context of cities with declining population.
  • B. Spaces for learning or healing – Visions for primary or secondary schools – Novel typologies for wellness institutes.

Bridges & Highways Engineering & Maintenance Summit

14:10 - 23 August, 2016
Bridges & Highways Engineering & Maintenance Summit

Bridges and Highways infrastructure development have rapidly escalated in recent years in Asia Pacific, constituting 60% of the global market. Demand is largely driven by the availability of government road building funds, urbanization growth, and the need to replace or repair aging infrastructure. The Engineering and Maintenance components play a vital role in bridges & highways development as they are key to overall safety, project management and delivery of bridge and highway project and on a larger scale, a reflection of the country’s infrastructure plans and reputation.

Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2017

14:02 - 23 August, 2016
Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2017

Year on year, we are seeing Asia drastically outperforming all other regions in Skyscraper construction. For example, in 2015, 81 of the 106 completions were constructed in Asia.

A direct consequence of Asia’s Economy Growth, Rapid Urbanization and a Tremendous Appetite to build the Smartest, Most Asthetic and Tallest Buildings in the world, going forward it looks like it is no different as another record breaking year of skyscrapers completion is expected to take place in Asia.

Be sure not to miss out Equip Global’s leading Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2017.

Construction Contracts - Show Me the Money

13:49 - 23 August, 2016
Construction Contracts - Show Me the Money, For over 13 years we have been delivering the latest updates and practical know-how training to compliance, law and professional service firms.
For over 13 years we have been delivering the latest updates and practical know-how training to compliance, law and professional service firms.

This course will look at the mechanisms contained within the most widely used standard forms of contract used in the UK construction industry (JCT and NEC3) where money is required to change hands.

The day is aimed at guiding delegates through a thorough review of the money related provisions, relevant legislation and/or case law that underpins the mechanisms adopted. This course is aimed at practitioners with some knowledge and/or experience in this area to assist them in developing their skills further.

Watch: How to Build a Primitive Hut

04:00 - 4 August, 2016
Watch: How to Build a Primitive Hut, via Primitive Technology
via Primitive Technology

The notion of the "Primitive Hut" has been part of the architectural discourse for decades; indeed, history suggests that it provided the Ancient Greeks with direct inspiration for Doric Order. But how do you build a wattle and daub hut, or create tiled roof, or develop primitive underfloor heating—all from scratch—today?

Best of Detail: Facades

07:48 - 3 August, 2016
Best of Detail: Facades, Courtesy of Unknown
Courtesy of Unknown

Architectural highlights from DETAIL

Spatial Transformation Workshop - Back To Life

12:53 - 18 July, 2016
Spatial Transformation Workshop - Back To Life, Workshop BACK TO LIFE Spain 5-15th September
Workshop BACK TO LIFE Spain 5-15th September

Blanca, a small town huddling at the foot of Peña Negra, a volcanic black rock, is reinventing parts of its structure, helped by impulses from artists’ platform AADK Spain. Part of this process is the rediscovery of the actual potentials of a shrunk city. The workshop Back To Life will be an integral step in further developing these impulses.

Projects in Planning: New York Wheel

16:05 - 21 June, 2016
Projects in Planning: New York Wheel, Image © Perkins Eastman, S9 Architecture
Image © Perkins Eastman, S9 Architecture

Join Open House New York for a presentation by Jonathan Cohn, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Perkins Eastman; Navid Maqami,AIA, LEED AP, Principal, S9 Architecture; and Richard Marin, President and CEO, New York Wheel, on the design and execution of the New York Wheel. Currently under construction in St. George on the northern shore of Staten Island, the 630-foot tall wheel will be one of the tallest observation wheels in the world, offering visitors unparalleled views of the New York Harbor.

Watch SANAA's Grace Farms Come to Life in this Time Lapse

12:00 - 7 February, 2016

Grace Farms by SANAA perfectly illustrates the firm’s sinuous, elegant style, combining their understanding of glass and structure to create spaces so fluid that they’re hard to believe from just a photo. A new time lapse by Work Zone Cam shows the construction of this project in HD, capturing a period between September 2013 and October 2015. Work Zone Cam worked with Project Manager, Paratus Group, to document Grace Farms’ construction, including its central piece “The River”: a ribbon-like roof that blends seamlessly with the landscape. Watch the entire construction of the project in just 180 seconds after the break.