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Cultural Centers, Museums, and Galleries: Ancient Buildings Transformed into Art Spaces in Latin America

Many buildings often fall into disuse due to our cities' constant economic, social, and technological changes. The programmatic inconsistency of current times demands great versatility and adaptability from our infrastructures, increasingly leading projects to become uninhabited, and left to abandonment and decay.

Small Bars and Restaurants: 14 Projects Less than 50 m2 in Latin America

When designing spaces with reduced dimensions, adopting an efficient configuration and distribution is crucial for the user experience and the smooth development of activities and tasks to be carried out. In the case of bars and restaurants, numerous architecture and interior design professionals strive daily to meet the needs of clients, employees, and employers, considering everything from necessary installations and technologies to services, atmospheres, and furniture suitable for the type of gastronomy to be consumed.

Exploring Timber and Glass in 11 Contemporary Architectural Designs

Some materials change the course of architecture from the moment they begin to be employed. The initial materials used in construction certainly did so: clay, stone, and wood. The ability to build is the origin of the discipline. With technological development, techniques were also refined, and in the 19th century, industrialization spread the use of other materials, transforming and expanding the realm of construction: iron and glass.

Bamboo in Latin American Housing: 10 Houses Revealing the Future of the Material in Architecture

The use of local materials in architecture is becoming more and more important as there is a growing need to find new, sustainable construction methods that can help address the current climate crisis. Understanding the behavior of different materials and their key construction properties, architects and other professionals in the field are increasingly turning to bamboo, aiming to develop strategies and techniques that enable its use in both the structures of their projects and the various components of spaces.

The Color in Structures and Enclosures: Applications in Contemporary Latin American Housing

Although the use of color can be employed to hide or disguise a specific characteristic, it can also be used to highlight them. Within the Latin American territory, we can observe that shades of red, green, and blue have predominated in residential architecture, aiming to integrate a language appropriate to the context in which it is implemented.

Bogotá Architecture Guide: 30 Places to Discover in Colombia's Capital City

Bogotá is a metropolis that celebrates the convergence of different architectures, reflecting a significant part of Colombia's diverse culture and geography. Limited by the Eastern Hills, it is not only one of the highest capitals in the world, reaching almost 2,600 meters above sea level, but its history dates back to its foundation as the center of the New Kingdom of Granada in the year 1538.

Before and After: the Tropicarium of the Bogotá Botanical Garden

Almost a decade ago, news flooded Colombian media: the announcement of the winning project for the Tropicario of the Bogotá Botanical Garden. Today, we want to bring you all the information we have compiled since then, both about the competition won by DARP and the construction process - up to its inauguration in 2021 and its evolution in recent times.

A Living Capsule on The Moon and a Garden Home in Colombia: 10 Unbuilt Visionary Houses Submitted to ArchDaily

This week's curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights visionary homes by the ArchDaily community. From a prefabricated house to supporting Ukraine war victims, a modular multi-story house highlighted during the Dutch Design Week, and a villa "shaped" by the Dubai coastline wind flow, this round-up of unbuilt projects showcases how architects move forward from the conventional residence concept to project alternative habitational standards in responding to harsh environments, nature, and technology.

The Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize Announces Finalists for the 2023 MCHAP Award

Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) Director Dirk Denison and 2023 MCHAP Jury Chair Sandra Barclay (Barclay & Crousse) have just announced the six finalists for the 2023 Americas Prize. The award recognizes the best-built works of architecture in the Americas completed between December 2018 and June 2021. This represents the latest stage of the fourth cycle of the MCHAP, launched in Venice, Italy, in August 2021. On March 24, 2023, the jury will announce the winners of the the 2023 Americas Prize. The authors of the winning project are set to receive a $50,000 fund for research along with a publication.

Pioneering Women Architects: From Latin America to Spain

What are the stories of the first Ibero-American women architects? This is the main question we seek to answer in celebration of ArchDaily's theme: Women in Architecture.