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Offices: The Latest Architecture and News

Indoor Bleachers: From Offices to Homes

Sede da Unicred / Arquitetura Nacional. Image © Cristiano Bauce
Sede da Unicred / Arquitetura Nacional. Image © Cristiano Bauce

Circulation spaces are often challenging for designers as they are intended—as the name implies—for moving from one room to another. While many take advantage of these areas by using them as storage spaces, Mies van der Rohe at the Farnsworth house reduced circulation to a minimum, creating an open floor plan completely free of hallways. When faced with vertical circulation, the issue is similar. Stairs fulfill the purpose of overcoming the height between one floor and another, but rarely constitute indoor living spaces. Bleachers, in turn, play this role in several projects. Until recently, they were only found in sports spaces or amphitheaters; now the use of bleachers has become widespread and is seen in office spaces, public buildings, schools and even homes.

Discover Lebanese Architecture With These 7 Design Firms

Lebanon is known for its millenary culture, and Lebanese architects are a part of it, using their projects to communicate with the environment and with the current challenges in architecture. To celebrate Lebanon’s Independence Day on 22 November, we have selected seven offices to learn more about contemporary Lebanese architecture.

Casas-torre de Aamchit / Hashim Sarkis. Image Cortesia de Hashim SarkisSaint-Charbel Church / BLANKPAGE Architects. Image © Karam Morcos, Majd AchiN.B.K. Residence (2) / DW5 / Bernard Khoury. Image © Ieva SaudargaiteWadi Penthouse / platau. Image © Wisaam Chaaya+ 9

The Violet Office / Nestcraft Architecture

© Redz Photography© Redz Photography© Redz Photography© Redz Photography+ 40

Sound Treatment in Interior Design: Different Types and Solutions

It is safe to say that living in large urban areas, most of the sounds surrounding us are accidental, and most of them are not very pleasant. According to Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency, sounds can affect us in many ways: physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviorally, reducing productivity in workspaces and even affecting sales in retail stores. Therefore, paying attention to acoustic comfort in the built environment is imperative, not only for engineers and consultants but also for architects.

Barril Restaurant / Paulo Merlini arquitetos. Image © Ivo Tavares StudioRockery for Play—Poly WeDo Art Education / ARCHSTUDIO. Image © Wang NingZadkine Fashion Learning Workshop / Krill-Office for Resilient Cities and Architecture. Image © Frank HanswijkThe Suit / AnLstudio. Image Cortesia de AnLstudio+ 18

Strategic Design Should Reflect a Post-Pandemic Workforce Culture

More than a year into this worldwide experiment of working from home, we have not yet landed on the perfect formula for the workforce being once again in the workspace. Furthermore, not only has the Working From Home (WFH) situation lasted longer than anticipated, it has embedded itself into the way we will work forevermore. As vaccines are rolled out, leaders of all types of organizations must now seriously consider how to handle the return of their employees to the physical office space.

Foster + Partners Transforms Historic Industrial Building into Offices for Acciona in Madrid, Spain

Foster + Partners is leading massive refurbishment works on a historic building in Madrid. The renovation project that will put in place an office building for Acciona, seeks to revitalize an abandoned old industrial building built in 1905, generating over 10,000 square-meters of new spaces.

Campus Park. Image Courtesy of Foster + PartnersView of office interior in existing remodelled power plant building. Image Courtesy of Foster + PartnersNew ground level building and landscaped courtyard. Image Courtesy of Foster + PartnersView of office interior in existing remodelled power plant building. Image Courtesy of Foster + Partners+ 6

Workforce, not Workplace, Is the Key to Innovation and Success

“Change drives innovation. We must continually evolve into what a successful workplace looks like,” said Nicole Senior, director of workplace experience, Tinder. Change, innovation and human connection were topics of prominence in a December 17 Think Tank, hosted by Rapt Studio, and titled “Looking Back, Looking Forward: Workforce Lessons for 2021.”

Henning Larsen Wins Competition for a Mixed-Use Development in South Korea

Henning Larsen’s proposal for Seoul Valley was selected as the winner of the Central Seoul Development Competition. Seeking to become a new home for the public in the center of the city, the mixed-use developmentmerges Seoul’s global commercial profile with an ecological return to downtown pedestrian life”. Other entries included schemes by MVRDV and SOM.

Courtesy of Henning LarsenCourtesy of ProloogCourtesy of ProloogCourtesy of Henning Larsen+ 16

Post-COVID, More Office Designs Include Permanent Outdoor Workspaces

For years now, designers have been emphasizing natural lighting, ventilation, and connectivity to nature as ways to improve employee health and wellness. Now that the coronavirus is much more likely to be transmitted indoors—the risk is nearly 20 times greater, according to one study—a strong case could be made for moving some office work completely outside. “The benefits of light and fresh air are pretty self-evident, and the pandemic only reinforces that,” says Christopher McCartin, managing director of design and construction at real estate developer Tishman Speyer, which has been including “significant outdoor space” in all of its office developments nationwide.

SOM and Fender Katsalidis to Design High-Tech Towers in Sydney's Central Business District

SOM and Fender Katsalidis have won an international design competition for Central Place Sydney, a commercial development that will introduce new transformative public space and high-tech towers. Located in Sydney's Central Business District, Australia, the proposed project seeks to transform the western edge by introducing innovative buildings and public realm improvements.

Courtesy of SOM | Fender KatsalidisCourtesy of SOM | Fender KatsalidisCourtesy of SOM | Fender KatsalidisCourtesy of SOM | Fender Katsalidis+ 5

7 Design Guidelines for a Safe Post COVID-19 Transition

In order to ensure a proper transition into post COVID-19, architects, public health experts, and engineers are generating design guidelines to provide people with new secure, and efficient resources. Finding a balance between optimizing operations and keeping people safe, the strategies tackle the built environment that surrounds us, from restaurants and outdoor dining, to streets, offices, and retail.

Addressed to city officials, owners, and employers, the tools developed help to reopen the world, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, promoting social distancing standards, and enhancing wellbeing. Discover in this article a roundup of design guidelines securing a safe post coronavirus transition.

A City for E-Commerce is Under Construction in Dubai

P&T Architects and Engineers have designed a free zone development, “dedicated to the growing e-commerce market in the Middle East”. Entitled Dubai CommerCity, the award-winning project puts in place three main clusters spread over 530,000 square meters: business, logistics, and social.

Courtesy of P&T Architects and EngineersCourtesy of P&T Architects and EngineersCourtesy of P&T Architects and EngineersCourtesy of P&T Architects and Engineers+ 12

Best Office Awards 2020 – Call for Submissions

OfficeNext announced the launch of its 11th annual international competition for best corporate interior projects.
Best Office Awards has been held since 2010 and it is the main Russian professional award in the field of corporate interiors design. Russian and foreign office projects are denoted with this award and the prize is given to the office architect and customer tandem.
Every year more than 150 projects take part in the Award. Since it was established Best Office Awards — considerate prestigious and important event for a lot of top russian and international companies like Microsoft, Unilever, Sap, Google, Pernod Ricard, YE, Raffaizenbank,

Factors that Transform a Workplace into a Happy Place

It is truly odd how we always find ourselves in a bad mood at work and our productivity keeps decreasing as the week passes by. To be fair, we can’t keep blaming our colleagues, clients, or Monday for our rough day; sometimes it’s the chair we are sitting on, the fluorescent lighting above our computer, or the constant “chugging” sound of the printer near the desk.

Other than the fact that people spend about 70-80% of their time indoors, almost 9 hours of their day are being spent at work; and studies have indicated that the environmental quality of an office has short and long term effects on the comfort, health, and productivity of the people occupying it. While research on the comfort conditions of workplaces is still relatively minimal, we have put together a list of factors that have proved to be highly influential on the comfort of individuals in workplaces.

© Yevhenii Avramenko. ImageHey Banda / balbek bureauBIG Offices. Image Courtesy of Laurian Ghinitoiu© Luc BoeglyArup Sydney Offices / HASSELL. Image © Earl Carter+ 9