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Mario Botta. The Space Beyond [UK Premiere]

13:01 - 10 June, 2019
Mario Botta. The Space Beyond [UK Premiere],  Mario Botta. The Space Beyond -  A film by Loretta Dalpozzo and Michèle Volontè
Mario Botta. The Space Beyond - A film by Loretta Dalpozzo and Michèle Volontè

Co-directed by Loretta Dalpozzo and Michèle Volontè, Mario Botta. The Space Beyond is a rare and artistic journey into the work of internationally acclaimed Swiss architect Mario Botta.

The film explores Botta’s ever-growing curiosity and his reflections on the contradictions of society through sacred spaces. At 75, Botta is one of the few architects who has designed places of prayer for the three main monotheistic religions. After designing many churches, chapels and a synagogue, he is now designing a mosque in China.

Through his thoughts and interactions with artists, clients and family members, who take the audience from Switzerland to Italy, from

This Architectural Movie Uses an Abandoned Building in Lebanon to Create a Modern Fairy Tale

13:00 - 17 May, 2019

Lebanon-based firm JPAG has created a short architectural movie titled “Coming Back to Life” which uses an abandoned icon from the Lebanese civil war to generate a modern day fairy tale. The Burj El Murr (Tower of Bitterness) has been reimagined in a cinematic narrative loaded with emotional content and dramatic sceneries, in an attempt to generate new understandings of what an architectural concept is.


00:30 - 26 February, 2019

The Architecture & Design Film Festival returns to DTLA March 13-17 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. Presented by Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, ADFF:LA offers a curated program of 24 films, director Q&As, and riveting discussions about architecture and design. Before the festival on March 9th, there is an opportunity to see 24 unique short films during the Short Films Walk at the Helms Design District.

Architecture & Design Film Festival Returns to Downtown Los Angeles

13:00 - 21 February, 2019
Architecture & Design Film Festival Returns to Downtown Los Angeles, Elevation by Marcus Fairs & Oliver Manzi . Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival
Elevation by Marcus Fairs & Oliver Manzi . Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival

The Architecture & Design Film Festival is returning this year from March 13-17 in Downtown Los Angeles. ADFF:LA offers a curated program of 24 films, director Q&As, and a series of discussions on architecture and design. The festival was created to celebrate the creative spirit that drives architecture and design. From events and films to panel discussions, ADFF has become the nation’s largest film festival devoted to architecture.

ADFF. Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival ADFF. Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival ADFF. Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light. Image Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival + 5

This Week in Architecture: Awards Season

07:45 - 13 October, 2018
This Week in Architecture: Awards Season, © Nigel Young
© Nigel Young

The dominating news of the week came courtesy of RIBA and IIT, with the two announcing this year’s laureates of the Stirling Prize and Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, respectively. Foster + Partners were awarded RIBA’s Stirling Prize for their Bloomberg HQ in London. Said jury member Sir David Adjaye, “Bloomberg is a once-in-a-generation project which has pushed the boundaries of research and innovation in architecture.” The project has been a controversial choice, with some citing the tension between the building’s massive price tag and the current UK housing crisis.

Architecture: the Unsung Hero of Your Favorite Film

07:00 - 8 October, 2018
Architecture: the Unsung Hero of Your Favorite Film, Columbus, IN.
Columbus, IN.

How does the built environment--whether fictitious or entirely founded in reality--impact how we experience and process film? From lesser-known indies to blockbuster movies, the ways in which architecture and the built environment inform everything from scene and setting, to dialogue and character development has far-reaching effects on the audience’s cinematic experience. Below, a roundup of everything from recent releases to classic cinephile favorites uncovers the myriad ways in which film utilizes architecture as a means of achieving a more authentic and all-encompassing form of storytelling.

Bêka & Lemoine's Award-Winning Film "Moriyama-San" Explores Japan's Most Influential Contemporary Home

09:30 - 30 June, 2018

"Moriyama-San" - a film by Bêka & Lemoine - has been awarded the 2018 Best Prize at the Arquiteturas Film Festival in Lisbon. Centered around the famous Moriyama House by Pritzker Prize Laureate Ryue Nishizawa, it becomes part of a developing series called “Living Architectures,” in which the filmmakers aim to “put into question the fascination with the picture, which covers up the buildings with preconceived ideas of perfection, virtuosity, and infallibility.” In its unique approach, the film “masterfully combines image, sound, and narrative in a compelling story about a unique character and its relation to his house and music.”

© Bêka and Lemoine © Bêka and Lemoine © Bêka and Lemoine © Bêka and Lemoine + 21

World Premiere of The Disappearance of Robin Hood

05:26 - 10 May, 2018
World Premiere of The Disappearance of Robin Hood

The world premiere of The Disappearance of Robin Hood, produced and directed by the Urban-Think Tank, an evening screening produced by ArchFilmFest London in partnership with LFA2018 and the Swiss Embassy in London.

This documentary explores the origins of and ideas behind Robin Hood Gardens, the London social housing complex designed by architects Peter and Alison Smithson in the late 1960s. Produced by the Urban-Think Tank, which aims to open discussion around the housing crisis that London faces today, the film presents us with the history of the building and its community as intertwined with contemporary urban narratives of the city.

Call For Submissions: [TRANS-] media

12:56 - 21 March, 2018
Call For Submissions: [TRANS-] media , Call For submissions: [TRANS-] journal
Call For submissions: [TRANS-] journal

[TRANS-] media is looking to the architecture and related fields for research and creative work that addresses the concept of media. Print media, radio, film, television, and the internet have conditioned our perception of physical and social space. Media specific to architecture has also influenced the convergence of material, space, and content, charting new directions in culture, society, and architectural discourse. In the fourth issue of [TRANS-] journal, we seek to understand the effects of media on the creation and interpretation of design and creative work by asking how media produces knowledge and theoretical discourse about architecture design and the

A Trip Inside Álvaro Siza Vieira's University of Alicante Rectory Building in Spain

09:30 - 17 February, 2018

In 1998, Pritzker Prize-winning Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira completed the University of Alicante Rectory Building in Alicante, Spain. Twenty years later, ArcDog captures the building in their latest film. The Rectory Building fights the harsh Spanish heat with its fortress-like form. Two carefully proportioned courtyards become the focus of this design and, consequently, of the film.

'Tuscanyness' Film Explores the Detachment of Modern Italian Architecture and the Fight to Restore Faith in Design

06:00 - 16 February, 2018

Following the evolution of architecture in Tuscany, this documentary maps out the decline of the region in the shadow of Brunelleschi and Alberti. From the 14th century onwards, Italy underwent a cultural rebirth that changed the entire world, bearing the architectural mastery of the Renaissance. However now, there appears to be a detachment within modern architecture and little work for the many architects who are being forced to emigrate.

Architecture On Screen: Illustrated Plans From 6 Award-Winning Films of 2017

09:30 - 31 January, 2018

Why does a film garner critical acclaim? Is it captivating performances from its actors? Stunning tableaus and cinematic moments? Or, could it be the intricate sets where tales of drama, laughter, love, and loss play out? 

Following her stunning watercolor prints of last year’s Oscar nominees and the Netflix sensation Stranger Things, architect and illustrator Boryana Ilieva provides a glimpse into the elaborate sets of 6 stand-out films from 2017. With the Golden Globes broadcasted earlier this month and the Academy Awards only a few weeks away, the homes in these award-winning motion pictures deserve as many accolades as the Hollywood stars who inhabit them.

© Boryana Ilieva © Boryana Ilieva © Boryana Ilieva © Boryana Ilieva + 9

The Best Music Videos for Architecture Fans in 2017

08:00 - 31 December, 2017
The Best Music Videos for Architecture Fans in 2017

The old adage "writing about music is like dancing about architecture" (it's stupid etc.), loses some of its impact when architecture becomes the backdrop for both music, and dancing. Ever since video killed the radio star, famous houses, quirky spaces, and history's great buildings have provided beautiful, unique and dramatic settings for music videos of all types. So which of 2017s music videos have capitalized on the wonderful world of architecture? have compiled a list of the best music videos for architecture lovers for 2017. Here are a few of our favorites and a few additional videos we think deserve a mention.

Explore Peter Zumthor's 1986 Shelter for Roman Ruins in Quiet Solitude

04:00 - 22 November, 2017

In 1986, Peter Zumthor completed one of his first projects: a shelter over an Ancient Roman archaeological site in Chur, (Graubünden, Switzerland). Now over three decades old, this film by ArcDog captures the building and the preserved excavations that it sits around with a quiet sophistication. With only timber lamella to allow in light and ventilative air, the project stands as a testament to Zumthor's sensitive architectural approach.

Inside the Production of the Massive Miniature Models Used to Film Blade Runner 2049

08:00 - 20 November, 2017

You may not have guessed that the dystopian state of Los Angeles filmed in Blade Runner 2049 is a real place, just smaller. The scenes, from Los Angeles to the Trash Mesa and Wallace Tower were built to scale in Wellington, New Zealand by Weta Workshop, the massive ‘miniature’ sets were then filmed by cinematographer Alex Funke.

Travel to Russia (and New Heights) From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

08:00 - 11 November, 2017

Drones help us see architecture in new ways. Explore Moscow, Georgia, St. Petersberg, and Russian supertall skyscraper Lakhta Center through Timelab’s lense. With the help of drones, Timelab Production’s vimeo profile showcases a wide variety of professional video content. Travel to new places (and new heights) from the comfort of your own home by watching the videos below.

AIA Announces People's Choice Winner for the 2017 I Look Up Film Challenge

08:00 - 3 November, 2017

“How do you bring architectural stories to life?”—this is the question the AIA asks annually in their I Look Up Film Challenge. This year’s theme, Blueprint for the Better, challenges architects and filmmakers to collaborate and tell the stories of architects making a positive impact on the community.