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How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Projects

08:00 - 22 June, 2019
How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Projects, Town House in Antwerp / Sculp[IT]. Image © Luc Roymans
Town House in Antwerp / Sculp[IT]. Image © Luc Roymans

Today, improvements in glass processing technology have made it possible to render specific and effective solutions for a wide range of architectural projects. In fact, there are so many options available that it's almost necessary to research different products and their properties, and how this will impact, for example, the windows and doors that you are designing.

What variables should be considered – and prioritized – when choosing the glass used in a project? How can aesthetics coincide with function and efficiency? We sat down with the experts at Cristales Dialum to delve into the complex world of glass and to better understand the hows and whys of choosing the best type of glass for your projects and ensuring the best results for your clients.

Accordion Doors And Windows: Opening Façades To The Outside

07:00 - 9 May, 2019
Accordion Doors And Windows: Opening Façades To The Outside, © Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

As ingenious solutions for environments that require additional space and ventilation, articulated or accordion doors and windows operate by folding their leafs one over the other and onto the sides of the opening. They moving via upper and lower rails which can be embedded into masonry and allow separation and integration rooms while adding aesthetic value to the project.

This system generates a similar effect to that of a sliding door or window, but it differs in that all its leafs remain in the same plane when they are closed, giving a clean appearance to the façade.

Infographic: The Evolution of Glass

04:00 - 29 April, 2019
Infographic: The Evolution of Glass, © Matheus Pereira
© Matheus Pereira

Glass is so present in our lives that it’s very difficult to think about the amount of work, experimentation and technologies behind each panel or glass object. It’s also impossible to separate innovations from modern architectural projects –from architects such as Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier– from the advances of the glass industry.

We’re following the history of glass, from Mesopotamian artifacts to technological glasses, and we invite you to travel with us.

Pivoting, Sliding, Accordion and Curtain Wall: Different Types Of Windows In 11 Buildings

05:30 - 8 April, 2019
Pivoting, Sliding, Accordion and Curtain Wall: Different Types Of Windows In 11 Buildings, MILU / Qatarchitecten. Image © Luc Roymans
MILU / Qatarchitecten. Image © Luc Roymans

Although all windows have common functions such as allowing the passage of light, providing ventilation, and focusing the different views, these objectives can be enhanced through a series of useful options. Depending on the orientation of the building, climatic conditions, direction of the wind, and architectural point of view, each specific window model can make a difference within a project, improving usability and the spatial and environmental quality of each room.

Below, we present types of windows that can be found in today's homes, specifically in 11 projects previously published on our site.

Headquarters 'Le Duff Group' / Ateliers 2/3/4/ | ArchDaily. Image © Juan Sepulveda Villa RR / Reitsema and Partners Architects. Image © Ronald Tilleman Villa X / Barcode Architects. Image © Christian van der Kooy PIVEXIN Technology HQ / MUS Architects. Image © Tomasz Zakrzewski + 36

How to Design for Visual Comfort Using Natural Light

05:00 - 20 March, 2019
Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda. Image © David Foessel
Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda. Image © David Foessel

Architects are increasingly aware of our influence on the well-being and good health of the users of our projects. Natural lighting –and how it should be complemented with artificial lighting– is an essential factor to consider for the visual comfort of interior spaces. But, do we know how to handle it correctly?

Maison Kochi / Meister Varma Architects. Image © Praveen Mohandas The Heart in Ikast / C.F. Møller Architects. Image © Adam Mørk Scheune Minden / Architekten Stein Hemmes Wirtz. Image © Linda Blatzek Photography ‘Hope’ Lavan’s Studio Apartment / MMGS ARCHITECTS. Image © Ramitha Watareka + 14

Sun-Filled Spaces Created By Skylights In 20 Architectural Projects

07:00 - 6 March, 2019
Sun-Filled Spaces Created By Skylights In 20 Architectural Projects, © Adam Mork
© Adam Mork

Perhaps the most renowned 'skylight' ever built is the Pantheon of Rome commissioned by Marco Vipsanius Agrippa during the reign of Emperor Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) and rebuilt by Hadrian (117-118) around 126 AD. At the highest point of its dome (in this case, the oculus) the sunlight shines, casting its beams over the various statues of planetary deities that occupy the niches on the walls. The light that enters the space symbolizes a cosmic, sacred dimension. In projects around the world, natural light continues to fulfill this scenic role, especially in religious projects.

It is characterized as zenithal illumination as that which comes from above, from the sky (zenith). Very useful for large spaces that can not be adequately lit by windows, skylights are a widely used device for providing a pleasant, diffuse light. Generally, care is taken to prevent direct entry of sunlight; the openings must be well designed so that they do not overheat the space of allow water infiltration. Below is a collection of projects that make good use of this technique.

© Mathias Kestel © Hufton + Crow © Christian Richters © Andrew Lee + 44