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White Arkitekter's Design for Nuuk's Psychiatric Clinic Emphasizes Nature in Mental Health Design

The built atmosphere in which we live has a profound impact on our mood and well-being. For those with mental health issues, this fact is particularly important to understand. This raises the question: can architects successfully design a space that has an overall positive influence on the healing process? What integrated elements of the building, in particular, aid in the process while fighting the prejudice and stigma of mental health issues?

Museum Proposal Displays Floating Figurines in Corten Columns of Light

Courtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo
Courtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo

The Kharayeb Archaeological Museum (KAM) was designed by Shiogumo in the agricultural lands of the coastal village Kharayeb, in the south of Lebanon. The site-specific museum was commissioned to preserve and enhance the historical, cultural, and public significance by the directors of the archeological mission and site, Dr. Ida Oggiano (Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico of CNR, Italy) and Dr. Wissam Khalil (Lebanese University).

Courtesy of ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo+ 27

Lit Up: 16 Projects Illuminated by Skylights

North light, south light, warm light and cool light – the diversity of skylights mean they can illuminate any space. Both a window and a ceiling, the hybrid nature of a skylight enables it to be a key element used in architectural spaces. The cool light of a north skylight is instrumental in creating a space to focus and work, while its south-facing counterpart lights up a space with that golden glow. Through its flexibility also come opportunities for expression, from its shape to its angle. Is a skylight a ribbon weaving through a roof panel? Or is it a series of dotted openings creating a mosaic of daylight on the floor? Check out these 16 examples of contemporary spaces lit by this key element below: