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Rory Stott

I've been ArchDaily's Managing Editor since July 2014, after starting as an ArchDaily intern and spending around 18 months climbing the ladder. I have a BA in Architecture from Newcastle University, and I am particularly interested in how overlooked elements of architectural culture - from the media, to competitions to procurement processes - can alter the designs we end up with.


Spotlight: Louis Kahn

06:00 - 20 February, 2018
Spotlight: Louis Kahn, Salk Institute. Image © Liao Yusheng
Salk Institute. Image © Liao Yusheng

Louis Kahn (February 20th 1901 – March 17th 1974) was one of the United States' greatest 20th century architects, known for combining Modernism with the weight and dignity of ancient monuments. Though he did not arrive at his distinctive style until his early 50s, and despite his death at the age of just 73, in a span of just two decades Kahn came to be considered by many as part of the pantheon of modernist architects which included Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe.

Salk Institute. Image © <a href=''>Flickr user dreamsjung</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 2.0</a> Kimbell Art Museum. Image © <a href=''>Flickr user grabadonut</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 2.0</a> National Assembly Building of Bangladesh. Image © <a href=',_Jatiyo_Sangsad_Bhaban,_2008,_8.JPG'>Wikimedia Commons user Lykantrop</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 3.0</a> Exeter Library (Class of 1945 Library) . Image via Wikimedia (Image from United States Library of Congress in public domain. Author Carol M Highsmith) + 17

Proposed Bridge in Sweden Will Turn a River Into a Public Amphitheater

15:10 - 13 February, 2018
Proposed Bridge in Sweden Will Turn a River Into a Public Amphitheater, Courtesy of Erik Andersson Architects
Courtesy of Erik Andersson Architects

Kalix, a small town in Northern Sweden, has plans to replace its current bridge over the river in 2019. As part of the process, The Swedish Traffic Administration commissioned Erik Andersson Architects to design an initial study for a bridge that would not only replace the existing bridge's functions, but also add new elements to turn the new bridge into a gathering space and public amenity for the town.

Janet Echelman Suspends Time-Inspired Net Sculpture Over Madrid's Plaza Mayor

11:15 - 13 February, 2018
© Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand
© Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand

American artist Janet Echelman's latest sculpture is currently on display at Madrid's Plaza Mayor. Titled "1.78 Madrid," the piece is the latest of Echelman's suspended thread sculptures, and the newest piece in her Earth Time Series begun in 2010. On display until February 19th, the piece was unveiled on Friday to mark Madrid's 400th anniversary.

© Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand © Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand © Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand © Janet Echelman, Inc., 2018, photo: João Ferrand + 15

Snøhetta Designs Energy-Positive Lakeside Hotel in the Arctic Circle

15:10 - 12 February, 2018
Snøhetta Designs Energy-Positive Lakeside Hotel in the Arctic Circle, © Snøhetta/Plompmozes
© Snøhetta/Plompmozes

Snøhetta has unveiled its design for "Svart," a hotel for sustainable tourism company Arctic Adventure of Norway. Located within the Arctic Circle, on the edge of Norway's Holandsfjorden fjord at the base of the Svartisen glacier, the building is designed to the "Powerhouse" building standard, a system developed by Snøhetta and a group of collaborators for creating energy-positive sustainable buildings.

© Snøhetta/Plompmozes © Snøhetta/Plompmozes © Snøhetta/Plompmozes © Snøhetta/Plompmozes + 5

BIG and Carlo Ratti Associati Reveal Design for One of Singapore's Tallest Buildings

11:10 - 12 February, 2018
© BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group & VMW
© BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group & VMW

Bjarke Ingels Group and Carlo Ratti Associati have broken ground on 88 Market Street, a new skyscraper at the heart of Singapore's business district. Transforming a site which was previously occupied by a parking structure from the 1980s, the 280-meter-tall building will include plentiful greenery both on its facades and internally. Inside, the building will include offices, 299 serviced residential units, and ancillary retail space.

© BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group © BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group © BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group © BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group + 15

David Chipperfield Architects Selected to Design Tallest Tower in Hamburg

13:25 - 9 February, 2018
Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects
Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects has won a competition to design the Elbtower, a 230-meter tall building in Hamburg that will be the city's tallest. Located on the eastern edge of the Hafencity, the sculptural building has a strong presence on the riverfront, forming a counterpoint to Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie to the West. The building hosts office space in the tower, over a podium containing a bar, hotel, restaurant, retail and exhibition areas.

Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects + 27

UNStudio Selected to Design New Cable Car in Gothenburg

10:50 - 9 February, 2018
UNStudio Selected to Design New Cable Car in Gothenburg, © Plompmozes
© Plompmozes

UNStudio has won a competition to design a new, 3-kilometer long cable car in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The cable car's route, which will connect the old city on the south of the river with three locations to the north, will feature a total of six towers which have been designed around an adaptable, asymmetrical structural system intended to mimic the cranes in the city's shipyards. The expected opening date for the cable car is in 2021, with the new transportation system being inaugurated as part of the celebrations of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary.

1 in 7 Women in Architecture Have Experienced Sexual Harassment in Past 12 Months, Reports AJ

12:00 - 8 February, 2018
Courtesy of The Architects' Journal
Courtesy of The Architects' Journal

Around 1 in 7 women in UK architecture practices has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in the past year alone, according to the results of the annual Women in Architecture survey conducted by The Architects' Journal. The poll of nearly 1,500 architects also found that more than half of women have experienced some form of discrimination ranging from bullying to workplace rules that leave them disadvantaged in the same period. The AJ's survey, which in previous years has largely focused on issues such as pay disparity between men and women, focuses this year more broadly on gender discrimination and sexual harassment—a response to the global shift in awareness organized around movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp.

Mexican Architect Frida Escobedo Selected to Design 2018 Serpentine Pavilion

08:30 - 8 February, 2018
Mexican Architect Frida Escobedo Selected to Design 2018 Serpentine Pavilion, Interior render. Image © Frida Escobedo, Taller de Arquitectura, Renderings by Atmósfera
Interior render. Image © Frida Escobedo, Taller de Arquitectura, Renderings by Atmósfera

London's Serpentine Gallery has announced Mexican architect Frida Escobedo as the designer for the 2018 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in Hyde Park. Escobedo, known for her work in activating public spaces, will be the youngest architect to have participated in the Serpentine Pavilion program since it began in 2000. Her design features an enclosed courtyard created by two rectangular volumes positioned at an angle. With its interplay of light and water, the design is intended to evoke the sensation of Mexican domestic architecture, while using British materials and containing references to its London context.

The Rock Is Starring in a New Action Movie Called “Skyscraper,” and it Looks Crazy

12:00 - 7 February, 2018

Fans of absurd architecture, over-the-top action, and wrestling-stars-turned-beloved-actors are in for a treat this summer thanks to the recently-announced film Skyscraper. The movie’s central character is “The Pearl,” an imagined 1,067-meter-tall skyscraper in Hong Kong—although apparently some guy named “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson” also plays a pretty big role with his character Will Sawyer, a former FBI Hostage Rescue operative who lost a leg in the line of duty and now reviews building security for a living.

The plot, as revealed in the trailer and a single-paragraph synopsis on the official website, sees Will Sawyer criticizing the security of the “vertical city” billed as the tallest, most advanced, and safest building in the world. His concerns are immediately shown to be well-founded, as a group of (what are presumably) terrorists set fire to the 96th floor of the building, trapping Sawyer’s family and somehow framing Sawyer for the whole thing. As a result, Sawyer must save his family while running from the law, with the trailer showing a climactic leap from an adjacent crane (we can only assume that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t fit into a ventilation duct). The film has come in for some good-natured ribbing already, with internet jokesters questioning how a 260-pound amputee makes a 15-meter jump off the end of a crane. But of course, closer inspection reveals that these concerns are just the start of the entertaining wackiness of this movie.

Photos Show the Light and the Dark in Zaha Hadid Architects' Vienna Library

09:30 - 21 January, 2018
© Edwin Seda
© Edwin Seda

In Zaha Hadid Architects' description of their Library and Learning Centre at the University of Economics Vienna, they describe the exterior of the building as "characterized by two elements of contrasting colors separated by a glass joint: shell and shadow." For that reason, the building was a perfect subject for architect and photographer Edwin Seda, who says he is fascinated by the effect light has on buildings. "Design is created to work with natural light but is never really in control of this aspect," says Seda. "This set of images therefore explores light as a medium for architectural transformation, a sort of fourth dimension, that only materializes once the building is complete and the seasons begin to change."

Seda's photoset captures the Library and Learning Centre throughout the course of a day: from the daytime when the building's light and dark elements are clearly distinguished; to sunset when one side of the building is closer to orange than the white or black planned by the architects; then to the evening, when the building's internal lights bring an entirely different dynamic to the building's composition. Read on to see the full set of images.

© Edwin Seda © Edwin Seda © Edwin Seda © Edwin Seda + 9

Inside the Rock 'n' Roll Life of Mexican Architect Michel Rojkind

09:30 - 20 January, 2018

Today, Michel Rojkind is widely known as one of Mexico's most successful, and at times flamboyant, architects of the 21st century. But in spite of his success, his path to architecture was never straightforward; before founding Rojkind Arquitectos, he spent over a decade as a drummer in pop-rock band Aleks Syntek y La Gente Normal, an experience which he actually credits with sparking his interest in architecture. An article released this week by Surface Magazine offers an extensive profile of Rojkind, from his childhood, through his days as a drummer, to the difficulties he experienced on his architectural work--including the disastrous opening of Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional in 2014. Read some excerpts from Surface Magazine's article after the break.

Spotlight: Thom Mayne

08:00 - 19 January, 2018
Spotlight: Thom Mayne, Emerson College Los Angeles. Image © Iwan Baan
Emerson College Los Angeles. Image © Iwan Baan

The principal architect of LA firm MorphosisThom Mayne (born January 19, 1944) was the recipient of the 2005 Pritzker Prize and the 2013 AIA Gold Medal, and is known for his experimental architectural forms, often applying them to significant institutional buildings such as the New York's Cooper Union building, the Emerson College in Los Angeles and the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters.

Emerson College Los Angeles. Image © Iwan Baan Perot Museum. Image © Iwan Baan Cooper Union Building. Image © Iwan Baan Bill & Melinda Gates Hall. Image © Roland Halbe + 16

TED Talk: Christian Benimana of MASS Design Group on Founding a Design School for Africa

09:30 - 30 December, 2017

Are we going to follow a model of unsustainable building and construction similar to what I witnessed in China—or can we develop a uniquely African model of sustainable, and equitable development? I'm optimistic we can.

In this recent TED TalkChristian Benimana talks about his journey as an architect—growing up in Rwanda, studying in China, and finally returning to Africa to see the beginnings of a building boom very similar to what he witnessed in Shanghai. Given this background, he then explains why he and MASS Design Group founded the African Design Center, a school and innovation center that intends to be a catalyst for positive urban development on the continent.

These GIFs Compare Cities' Metro Maps to Their Real Life Geography

12:00 - 29 December, 2017

Metro and subway maps can tell us a lot about cities. For example, by comparing metro maps from different cities, you might be able to understand those cities' relative size or level of development. Or, by comparing a metro map to an earlier version from the same city, you can learn about the pace of development being experienced in that city. What these "maps" rarely tell you with any reliability, though, is the actual geography of the city itself.

In a fascinating series of posts over at /r/dataisbeautiful earlier this year, Reddit users created GIFs comparing the official metro maps of cities around the world with the real geography those maps correspond to. The results show the incredible changes that cities are subjected to in the name of visual clarity: in cities such as London, Tokyo, and Berlin, transit maps expand the urban core, masking the density at these regions' centers; in other cities such as Washington DC, shortened lines hide the extent of the city's suburbs; while in some cities, entire neighborhoods are moved to the other side of the city to make the map layout more attractive (we're looking at you, Prague). Read on to see 11 of the best creations by Reddit users.

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial Approaches Closing Date

12:00 - 28 December, 2017
2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial Approaches Closing Date, © Tom Harris
© Tom Harris

The 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial is drawing to a close next week after almost 4 months of exhibitions, discussions, tours, film screenings, and other events. The second edition of the event, which opened on September 16th and is based upon the theme of "Make New History," will round out with two final events before the exhibition finally closes on Sunday, January 7th. Read on for more about the remaining events.

Can You Guess the Names of These Architects From the Emoji Clues?

08:00 - 28 December, 2017
Courtesy of What Building?
Courtesy of What Building?

Is your knowledge of the world's most notable architects the best of the best? Can it stand the test of cryptic emoji-based clues? In lieu of their usual daily building identification quiz, online architecture quiz What Building? has created a fun knowledge test, converting the names of 20 famous architects into strings of emoji. Covering architects both past and present, the quiz is a great test of both architecture knowledge and lateral thinking. How many can you get?

Architecture "Snowflakes" Created from World-Famous Building Plans

13:55 - 27 December, 2017
Architecture "Snowflakes" Created from World-Famous Building Plans, Courtesy of Maria Spada
Courtesy of Maria Spada

In the foyer of their London offices, architecture firm Allies and Morrison is displaying "Archiflakes," a series of snowflake designs inspired by the floorplans of famous structures from around the world. Developed by staff member Maria Spada, the series was a response to an internal competition to design the office's seasonal decorations.

Courtesy of Maria Spada Courtesy of Maria Spada Courtesy of Maria Spada Courtesy of Maria Spada + 14