Fundação Iberê Camargo in Porto Alegre, Brazil / Alvaro Siza

The new building for the Ibere Camargo Foundation in Porto Alegre, designed by Portugal´s Alvaro Siza, is a big rectangular white structure. It has a big central space enclose by circulations and exhibition spaces. Some of this circulations separate from the main body as arms going out through the facade.

I´ve always loved the big white orthogonal Siza buildings, and i think that this form is really informed by brazilian modernists, resulting on sculptural rock in front of the river with an amazing light use, a tradition on Siza´s works.

Pictures by Grazielle Bruscato, plans taken from Fundação Iberê Camargo.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Fundação Iberê Camargo in Porto Alegre, Brazil / Alvaro Siza" 21 Jun 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 18 Sep 2014. <>


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    There are lots of citations on that building, aren’there? Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, Lina Bo Bardi, Mendes da Rocha…

    By the way I love Pedro de Valdivia Norte

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    i’m from Porto Alegre and this building is what all the media and the people are talking about. It’s such an honour to have an Alvaro Siza’s work in our city.

    Thanks for posting and commenting about it.


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    Pedro de Valdivia is a neighborhood in Santiago, Chile. It has several houses from chilean modernists, and lots of architects live and have their offices there. An architect’s neighborhood…

    No idea why it came up on this discussion anyway.

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    Thanks David about my concern.
    I don´t agree completely with sOl Pa toTS about the quotations the architect makes in this building; I would discard Niemeyer, Mendez da Rocha and Le Corbusier.
    This is almost like the child of Siza and Lina Bo
    It´s a mater piece.

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    Great to see our city published around the world with this pics and articles about this amazin building, but please we don´t talk spanish, we talk portuguese, so change this title were is write Fundacion Ibere Camargo to the rigth way Fundação Iberê Camargo or just in the mother lenguege of this publication :). Thanks

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    I think there might be relations in between the authors I suggested. Not linear, but there are analogies

    Le Corbusier… It recalls me Chandigarh with the work on concrete in the ramps from the Ministerial Secretariate, and its openings…

    Picture no p1160181-copy,

    Niemeyer recalls me about the use of curved geometry, I guess it reminded me the Copan builiding façade with its curves…

    About Mendes da Rocha,I mentioned it, only for this easiness at making severe concrete volumes seem to fly, but I agree with you that there is a weak connection in between, and only as an attitude with structures I guess

    The Pedro de Valdivia Norte is a dejà vu, sorry, absolutely nothing to do with the post…

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    You are absolutely right, that window is an undoubtfull Corbusier’s heritage mole.
    I eat my words
    On Neimeyer’s … well, sure he does curves.

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    Bill you’re right it’s too generic to talk about curves, but what about this curves (waves) at the Copan building?
    or even this one compared with the rooftop gesture

    I don’t think Siza wouldn’t take advantage at making a building in Brazil without making a gentleman’s gesture to his colleages in Brazil…

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    Yes, somehow Siza applies here a synthesis between a linear museum – the leaning corridors – (and Guggenheim is a paradigm) and a hall museum – the rectangular flat rooms. Corridors of two natures – flexibility and liberty of own’s choice… And please, Siza’s buildings are not orthogonal! Get to know them, I’m pretty sure you’ll learn something… Instead (and far different from the curves of ‘objectual’ Niemayer’s buildings), they are organic. Very pleased to know good architecture still is an intellectual work made by intelligent persons – continuing/transforming/developing concepts, places and history – joining antagonisms, pushing culture further. Congratulations to Siza’s office…

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    I like Alvaro Siza very much,the pure color,only the light and the relationship between the volumes! The form always cute and naive. And he can take some interesting room to people who use it!

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    this is one of my favorite pieces of architecture. i remember seeing the construction pictures a few years back, and i instantly fell in love with it.

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    This is one of my favorite buildings. I appreciate how tightly controlled the placement and size of the apertures are; even though the site affords beautiful views. It is almost torturous but the views don’t distract from the art and the windows and the views become precious, like works of art.

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    We made a pilgrimage specifically to see this building a few years ago. A dramatic and emotional building. What the photos don’t show, however, is the beautifully finished construction details. Siza puts most contemporary ‘starchitects’ to shame!

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