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Cássio Vasconcellos Captures Chaotic Urban Landscapes in a Series of Articulated Aerial Photographs

Collectives, is a series of aerial imageries by Brazilian photographer and artist Cássio Campos Vasconcellos, made from articulated photos captured during helicopter flights. On-going for almost 5 years, the project consists of large-format works portraying chaotic urban landscapes and exploring “jam-packed situations typical of our civilization”. Aiming to showcase the impact of human activity on the world, the collection of images is a visual investigation of our consumer society.

COLLECTIVES. Image © Cássio VasconcellosCOLLECTIVES. Image © Cássio VasconcellosCOLLECTIVES. Image © Cássio VasconcellosCOLLECTIVES. Image © Cássio Vasconcellos+ 18

URBAN Photo Awards 2020 Selects its List of Best Photographers

The URBAN Photo Awards has made a selection of best photographers, for the 11th edition of the international competition. The list of URBAN 2020 Selected Photographers, is divided by section/thematic area and put in alphabetical order.

Marco Tagliarino - Novecento’s reflections. Image Courtesy of Urban Photo AwardsYasser Alaa Mobarak - Baku. Image Courtesy of Urban Photo AwardsWilliam Shum - Zique Center Hong Kong. Image Courtesy of Urban Photo AwardsFrank L - Love of curves. Image Courtesy of Urban Photo Awards+ 18

Aerial Photographs of Buenos Aires' Empty Streets During the Mandatory Quarantine

© Matias De Caro
© Matias De Caro

© Matias De Caro© Matias De Caro© Matias De Caro© Matias De Caro+ 16

Since March 20, the Argentine government has taken drastic measures to protect the public and curb the spread of COVID-19, including mandatory social isolation. Under these measures, residents and anyone visiting the country must remain indoors and abstain from visiting public spaces until the March 31.

Perhaps nowhere are the effects of the quarantine more notable than on the streets. All cultural, recreational, athletic, and religious events have been cancelled. Public areas like plazas and parks are ghost towns. With the streets closed, balconies have become the new platforms for everything from social interactions and celebrations to protests.  

Empty Cities: Photographers Capture COVID-19's Urban Impact Around the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped urban life, and so too has it left many streets and buildings empty as people practice social distancing. From Times Square to the Place de la Concorde in Paris, photographers are capturing these "empty cities" in a defining moment across the globe. In turn, The New York Times recently published a piece dubbed "The Great Empty", showcasing a new side to urban life in these structures and streets. Now five photographers have been commissioned to photograph Rotterdam during the pandemic.

Bogotá, Through the Lens of Leo Matiz

Bogotá. Image © Archivo de Bogotá
Bogotá. Image © Archivo de Bogotá

Bogota's modernization between 1940 and 1970 is featured in a wide array of books, magazines, and photo albums, as well as in the city's own public and private archives. Every one of these sources reveals a deliberate, as well as critical, approximation of how modern architecture reconfigured the city's center and brought together the new buildings and urban space with the already existing cityscape.

When analyzing the impact of photography from the street, it's impossible not to talk about Leo MatizArmando Matiz, and Hernán Díaz. These three photographers have captured the personalities, events, and urban life of Bogotá. Here, we've compiled some of their most noted works featuring the streets, plazas, crosswalks, and landmarks of Bogotá. Through their photography, modern heritage finds a place on the stage of collective memory, where architecture and urban spaces are the stars. 

In this edition of Bogotá in 10 photographs, we will come to know the legacy of Leo Matiz:

Bogotá. Image © Archivo de BogotáBogotá. Image © Archivo de BogotáBogotá. Image © Archivo de BogotáBogotá. Image © Archivo de Bogotá+ 7

13 Instagram Accounts That Showcase the Diversity of Facades Around the World

Instagram user @serjios (Serge Najjar). ImageZaha Hadid in Beirut
Instagram user @serjios (Serge Najjar). ImageZaha Hadid in Beirut

In recent years, social media (especially Instagram) has become an extremely important tool in the field of architecture. Instagram has become the go-to visual platform for showcasing a wide variety of architectural typologies and styles, city views, and stunning edifices that often go unnoticed. While these buildings may seem ordinary to the everyday passerby, they become objects of art for not only architects but those who stop to take notice of their design.

Below we have selected 13 Instagram accounts dedicated to highlighting facades and walls from around the world, showcasing the diversity of our cities.