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The Gastro Safe Zone: A Public Space Proposal that Considers Social Distancing Measures

HUA HUA Architects has imagined a proposal that can reconcile people and public spaces, post Covid-19. The Gastro Safe Zone program aims to awaken stagnant gastronomic businesses by regulating outside eating and ensuring the required social distancing measures. The first prototype has been already installed in the streets of Brno in the Czech Republic.

© Hary Marwell Photography © Hary Marwell Photography Courtesy of MISS3 Courtesy of HUA HUA Architects + 8

People to Reclaim Streets in Milan in Post Covid-19 Vision of the City

The city of Milan has announced its Strade Aperte plan or “Open streets” plan that favors pedestrians and cyclists over cars. In order to reduce car usage, the Lombardy area will repurpose 35km of roads, over the summer, after the coronavirus lockdown, transforming them into people-friendly streets.

An Emergency Housing Complex and a Museum in Helsinki: 7 Unbuilt Projects Submitted by our Readers

This week’s curated selection from our readers’ submissions focuses on some of the essential components of our present-day cities.

Featuring the best-unbuilt architecture, the article highlights adaptive reuse projects that transformed abandoned warehouses and factories, a street design in Luxembourg, a regenerative master plan in Seoul, and an emergency family accommodation to temporarily house those in need. Moreover, the roundup distinguishes a library in South Korea and an extension of a museum in Helsinki, because the cultural aspect is an integral part of our urban environment.

Urban Design Tool Streetmix Assists Users in Designing Hypothetical Streets

Used in Mexico City and in Reno, Nevada, Streetmix allows users to experiment and participate in the design of their streets. This bottom-up approach is a participatory tool that can include everyone in the decision making, without particular technical knowledge.

Courtesy of Streetmix Workshop in Colombia. Image © Claudio Olivares Medina Workshop in Colombia. Image © Claudio Olivares Medina Workshop in Colombia. Image © Claudio Olivares Medina + 9

The Bench 2017 - International Design Competition

THE BENCH is an idea based design competition open to all ages and backgrounds. The challenge of the competition is to design and install a temporary structure on a street to transform the street environment to a form of public space. The challenge of THE BENCH 2017 is to design a seasonal seating- space along the street edge(s) defined by the competition. The competition will unfold in two phases: selection by jury and installation for seasonal use. Multiple entries will be chosen as winning entries and will be constructed for public use during the 2017 WINNIPEG DESIGN FESTIVAL.

Clarks Originals Design Studio / Arro Studio

Courtesy of Arro Studio Courtesy of Arro Studio Courtesy of Arro Studio Courtesy of Arro Studio + 39

  • Architects: Arro Studio
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2015