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Handcrafted Elements: Materials and Textures to Enhance Home Environments

Handicraft translate the culture of a people and, therefore, carry a strong presence when placed in residential spaces. Through the most varied techniques, it represents traditional methods and acts in the memory of each person who crosses it. Therefore, regardless of the scale at which it is presented - from small art objects to large furniture, or even as a component of architecture itself -, thinking about handcrafted elements can be an important step in improving the aesthetic language of a project.

Terraço Roma / Marc Pascal ODA. Foto: © Maureen EvansCasa dos Gelados / Sena Architects. Foto: © Dave MattuFazenda Campos Gerais / Tadu Arquitetura. Foto: © João DuayerCasa Olaria / NJ+ Arquitetos Associados. Foto: © Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio+ 27

Installations on Show: 15 Examples of Applications in Interior Spaces of Homes

Pipes, wiring and ducts of different materials in walls, ceilings and roofs make up all the spaces we walk through and inhabit. They represent the set of networks and equipment necessary for the development of life in our buildings, providing services such as water, electricity or gas, among many others. According to the regulations in each country and the use defined in each space, the installations can be left visible, giving a certain character and aesthetic to interior spaces.

450 Years of Houses in the United States

The history of architecture is made up of demographic, cultural, and social changes. In its relatively short history, American architecture has evolved with changes in the country, representing the catalog of various cultural influences that make up the United States as a whole. Many elements of American home design have remained intact over the past 450 years, reflecting longstanding American traditions and values that have stood the test of time.

Artes y Oficios (Craftsman) (1905–1930). Image Cortesía de American Home ShieldColonial Georgiano (1690s–1830). Image Cortesía de American Home ShieldFederal (1780–1840). Image Cortesía de American Home ShieldCasas Prefabricadas (1945-presente). Image Cortesía de American Home Shield+ 11

A Floating Home in Canada and a Private Villa in Egypt: 8 Unbuilt Houses Submitted to ArchDaily

Although the design diversity of private homes often relies on how each project responds to the topography, context, and material availability, the most significant factor of residential architecture is users and what they require in terms of spatial needs and preferences. This user-centric approach has long been practiced, Mies van der Rohe once explained that "the architect must get to know the people who will live in the planned house. From their needs, the rest inevitably follows".

This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights private residential projects submitted by the ArchDaily community. From a private family house nestled in the forests of Russia to a reinvention of Colombia's traditional courtyard typology, this round up of unbuilt projects showcases how architects design private spaces that combine nature, functionality, privacy, and locality. The article also includes projects from Kosovo, Spain, United States, and Serbia.

Floating Pavilion by Space Love Studio. Image Courtesy of Space LoveHouse of Courts by Estudio Esmero. Image Courtesy of Estudio Esmero _ By Juan JofreHouse over the Lake by Omar Hakim. Image © Omar HakimHouse of Courts by Estudio Esmero. Image Courtesy of Estudio Esmero _ By Juan Jofre+ 62

Occupying Time within Three Houses by Cazú Zegers

The team at Cazú Zegers Arquitectura gave us an inside look at their three Chilean projects--Ye house, Llu House, and Fire House. The film, completed by ClaraFilms, seeks to capture the human dimensions of the homes and centers on how spaces are inhabited throughout time.

Clara Larraín, one of the team members, wrote the following text to accompany the architect's vision of encapsulating the feeling of the three videos into one poetic montage:

A House on the Lake in Siberia and Floating Villas in the Netherlands: 8 Unbuilt Residential Projects Submitted to ArchDaily

Designing residential projects has become nothing short of a challenge. Whether it being for the housing crisis and its repercussions, the heightened environmental awareness, or the fact that people are spending more time inside their dwellings, architects are now focused on building projects that look beyond the typical house and that provide answers to questions like: how can architects offer residents privacy and comfort while maintaining a connection with the outdoors? And how can these spaces cater to the spatial and functional needs of all family members, especially when the lines between work, play, and rest are blurred? 

From a Matrix-inspired housing compound in Saudi Arabia to the world's first steel 3D printed structure of modular houses in Sardinia, this round up of unbuilt apartments showcases how architects have reimagined the traditional residential typology, and looked into how these structures can cater to their users, the site, and the environment. This round up also includes projects from the Netherlands, Siberia, Sweden, and Italy.

LAM Residential Complex by MAS MX. Image © MAS MX ArchitectsRanco Luxury Apartments by Zein Engineering. Image © Zein EngineeringRobin Wood by Marc Koehler Architects, ANA Architects. Image © Marc Koehler Architects, ANA ArchitectsHouse by the Lake by Brusnika. Image © Brusnika+ 103

How Far Should Your Sofa Be From The TV?

There are a series of multiple factors to take into account when deciding where to place a TV, including —but not limited to— the dimensions of both the furniture and the TV, image resolution, height, design, and so on.

In this article, we share some recommendations to achieve the comfort and well-being of the users avoiding possible problems of visual fatigue or unfortunate body postures.

Aerial Photography of Houses in Ecuador: Visualizing a Building From Above

Capturing aerial photographs allows raising awareness of a project feature usually complex to capture using traditional methods. Based on the technological opportunities offered by small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, architecture photographers have begun to explore new ways of capturing a project in order to expose design decisions such as implantation, dialogue with the environment, or the relationship with nearby buildings.

Building on the Past: Get to Know The Work of Carl Gerges Architects

Last year, Archdaily inaugurated its first edition of Young Practices, an initiative meant to highlight emerging offices that pursue architectural innovation. Carl Gerges Architects is a Lebanese practice whose body of work is a careful consideration of culture, context, and heritage. Villa Nadia and Batroun Boutique Hotel are two of the studio’s unbuilt projects that showcase the assemblage of architectural tradition and contemporary design, informed by a poetic sensibility and a deep understating of the local social, environmental and historical landscape.

Batroun Boutique Hotel . Image Courtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsCourtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsCourtesy of Carl Gerges ArchitectsBatroun Boutique Hotel . Image Courtesy of Carl Gerges Architects+ 42

Bêka & Lemoine Wander through the Futurist House of Giacomo Balla in their Latest Film

Commissioned for the exhibition “Casa Balla - From the house to the universe and back” at MAXXI museum in Rome, Italy, Bêka & Lemoine’s have released their latest film OSLAVIA. The cave of the past future, a tour inside the house-atelier where Giacomo Balla, prominent Futurist painter and major figure of the avant-garde of the early 20th century lived. The Futurist house where the artist lived and worked from 1929 until his death will be open to the public for the first time during the time of the exhibition.

Courtesy of Beka & LemoineCourtesy of Beka & LemoineCourtesy of Beka & LemoineCourtesy of Beka & Lemoine+ 23

A Luxurious Condominium in Cambodia and 3D Printed Micro Homes in the United States: 9 Unbuilt Projects Submitted to Archdaily

Housing is one of the core functions of architecture, circumscribing numerous typologies and encompassing a variety of issues. This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights different forms of housing submitted by the ArchDaily Community. From urban developments to micro homes, from a deep connection with the landscape to high-end technologies, this article explores the topic of residential architecture, presenting different approaches from around the world.

Featuring a strategy to refurbish the typical urban block of Barcelona to accommodate senior housing, a net-zero energy tower in Italy and a poetics-infused villa in Greece, the round-up spans a multitude of scales and housing scenarios. In addition, a concept for 3D printed micro-homes addresses the housing shortage, while an urban development in India recuperates the values of traditional villages. The following projects reveal various ideas surrounding residential architecture in its numerous forms.

Oudong Residence by Architectural Engineering Consultants. Image © AEC in collaboration with MOZBOOMER AGE. WONDER AGE by MDBA. Image © beta visualsTHE CTRL + P HOME by Oliver Thomas of PIXEL + Amey Kandlgaonkar of Ameyzing_architect. Image © Amey KandlgaonkarVilla Aquatica by KRAK. Architects. Image © KRAK. architects+ 69

Gabled Roofs Experience a Revival Across North America

Nova Scotia–based MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects has built several steel-clad gabled houses like the East Dover House, shown here, because the material blends in with cliffside landscapes, rusts to fit geology, and needs zero maintenance.. Image Courtesy of James Brittain Photography
Nova Scotia–based MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects has built several steel-clad gabled houses like the East Dover House, shown here, because the material blends in with cliffside landscapes, rusts to fit geology, and needs zero maintenance.. Image Courtesy of James Brittain Photography

In this week's piece by Metropolis, author Kelly Beamon explores in her original article "the patriotism associated with pitched roofs and shares how architects are reimagining this staple of suburban house styles". According to its definition, a gable roof is a classic roof shape, usually in cold or temperate climates, consisting of two roof sections sloping in opposite directions and placed such that the highest, horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridge. Emblematic of the US, this article discusses its return to the urban fabric.

"I Wanted to Dance Here!": In Conversation with Antoine Predock about Bahías, a Community of 13 Houses in Costa Rica

Vladimir Belogolovsky speaks with Antoine Predock about the soon-to-be-built Bahías, a community of 13 houses in Costa Rica, inspired by a vision of manmade foliage.

© BINYAN, courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo© BINYAN, courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo© BINYAN, courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo© BINYAN, courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo+ 14

Natural Stone in Residential Projects and Interiors

Ancient builders had deep knowledge about environmental conditions and the physical needs of humans in their search for shelter. Regardless of technological advances and the evolution of our perception of the world around us, this kind of knowledge and relationship with our surroundings can still be applied today and adapted to our current context. Natural stone, when used in architecture shows just that, as we explore its many different styles and applications.

Ex Richaud Factory House / Richaud Arquitectura. Image © Manolo R. SolisGreenHouse / OTTOTTO. Image © Alexander BogorodskiyResidence in Livadia / PALY architects. Image © George AnastasakisJordi & Anna interior renovation / Hiha Studio. Image © Pol Viladoms+ 16

Finnish Pavilion Presents the Country's History of Prefabricated Wooden Houses at the 2021 Venice Biennale

For the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, Finland's Pavilion revisits a moment in local history when a refugee crisis led to new ways of building and a reconfiguration of domestic space, which ended up influencing different places around the world. Titled New Standards, the exhibition curated by Laura Berger, Philip Tidwell and Kristo Vesikansa presents the story of Puutalo Oy, an industrial enterprise specialized in prefabricated wooden buildings that set new standards for residential design in the 20th century and created Finland's most widespread architectural export.

Assembling a Puutalo house. Image © ELKA ArchivePuutalo brochure 1940. Image © ELKA ArchivePuutalo House in Helsinki. Image © Juuso WesterlundPuutalo houses in Nekala Finland in the 1940s. Image © ELKA Archive+ 6

"The House is the Most Flexible Space Ever": Interview with Pippo Ciorra and André Tavares

"The house is among the first concepts shared by society and architecture", states André Tavares and Pippo Ciorra, curators of the exhibition called At Home: Projects for Contemporary Housing, on display at Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural Belém, in Lisbon. The show, which is the unfolding of another one previously held at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, gathers pieces from the huge collection of the Italian institution and seeks intersections with contemporary Portuguese architectural production. Its main topic – the house, the home – has never been more discussed than right now.

Bringing together houses of different scales, built in diverse locations by various methods and techniques, and designed by Italian, Portuguese and international architects, the exhibition gathers, in groups of three, projects from which it is possible to weave relationships that go beyond geographies and materialities and foster reflections about the future of housing and what the home of tomorrow will look like.

We had the opportunity to talk with Tavares and Ciorra about the exhibition, its motivations and expectations with its opening in the physical venue of Garagem Sul. Read below.

"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova"At Home" exhibition at Garagem Sul. © Courtesy: Garagem Sul, CCB, 2021. Photo: Tiago Casanova+ 12