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Japanese Robot Capable of Installing Drywall by Itself

13:00 - 4 October, 2018

Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute have created HRP-5P, a humanoid robot that can perform common construction tasks, including installing drywall. As TechCrunch reports, HRP-5P uses environmental measurement, object detection and motion planning to perform various tasks. The robot may help in Japan's rapidly aging society where declining birth rates meets a lack of skilled construction workers.

ETH Zurich Uses Robots To Construct Three-Story Timber-Framed House

06:00 - 3 April, 2018
Courtesy of ETH Zurich
Courtesy of ETH Zurich

Digital technology has broken into the timber construction scene at ETH Zurich, where a research team is using programmed robots to construct load-bearing timber modules. These modules are being used to stabilize the top two levels of their DFAB HOUSE project, a three-story residential unit located in Dübendorf, which aims to bring a variety of digital construction methods together under one roof.

Courtesy of ETH Zurich Courtesy of ETH Zurich Courtesy of ETH Zurich Courtesy of ETH Zurich + 10