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RCR - IV International Workshop of Scenography

14:57 - 9 April, 2019
RCR - IV International Workshop of Scenography

Creativity must be at the origin of the concept, present at the initial moment where we give answer to the question we are asked, and should be shared by all Scenography creates ephemeral spaces that due to their short life must express, without concessions to doubt, an intention, an idea. Space expresses, in short, a way of understanding a human story.

Registration deadline 12/04/2019

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP RCR 2018: III International Workshop of Scenography

19:30 - 18 April, 2018
INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP RCR 2018: III International Workshop of Scenography

The International Workshop RCR is born of a way of understanding Architecture and Landscape from a humanistic spirit. The coexistence in a space and time of different creative disciplines creates synergies for mutual enrichment between the parties.

The workshop is designed following four main ideas that articulate the program:

- Competition Format: Closed exercises that condense a complex process within a specific time frame
- Transversality: An integrative interdisciplinary approach
- Sharing: Shared creativity fostering the capacity for dialogue
- Experience: Understanding derived from observation, participation and experience

The Program consists in

- Creative Atelier. The workshop offers a brief approach to the elements that surround scenography:

How the Auditorium at Marrakech’s Yves St Laurent Museum is Designed for Maximum Flexibility

16:00 - 17 December, 2017

Theatre Projects consultants, together with the architectural office Studio KO, have recently designed a multipurpose auditorium of 115 seats, with the aim of hosting conferences, screenings, concerts, theater, and cinema.

The auditorium is part of the new Museum Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech –inaugurated on October 2017 in Morocco – and incorporates a series of elements and technologies that allow for high-quality sound and lighting, as well as ensuring total flexibility of the room to adapt to all required uses.

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